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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Damien: 01x03, The Deliverer

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

03/26/2016 8:36 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Damien: 01x03, The Deliverer | Deliverer
Media Courtesy of Jan Thijs/A&E

The third episode of Damien, entitled “The Deliverer,” opens with an update on Detective Shay, a character who was introduced in last week’s episode. Shay is filled in on the biblical scholar’s death and notices Damien has been involved in a lot of recent “freak” accidents. As Shay grows increasingly suspicious of Damien, a vicious black dog is seen watching Shay.

Meanwhile, Damien does not seem phased by Ann’s shrine of him and, instead, demands more answers to his questions. Through Ann, we learn that many people worship Damien while just as many want him dead. He’s seen as a holy figure due to his uprising meaning the return of Christ. As Ann speaks, she looks at Damien as though he’s all she’s ever wanted -- and that is terrifying. Ann expressed a desire to be with Damien since he was a child while revealing his father killed his governess when he was trying to rid the world of Damien’s unholy presence. Damien questions Ann’s intentions, and she states all she wants is to be by his side. Ann’s devotion to Damien remains the true scare of the series, and I’m interested to see just how far Ann’s obsession extends.

Damien leaves with the intention of not returning, but Ann knows Damien has nowhere else to go. Simone goes to Father Esparza with Kelly’s notes, and he believes Simone is trying to cope with her sister’s death in her own way. Simone storms off in frustration and happens to see a holy statue begin to bleed. She brings Father Esparza over and notices there’s no blood, which makes her seem like she’s crazy. The effects used for this scene were not that impressive.

Damien tries to obtain his birth records, but he finds out the hospital he was born in was burnt down. Damien doesn’t have time to dwell on the situation, as Amani shows up and informs Damien he’s seen Kelly’s research and the video she shot. When Amani tells Damien he’s seen the video, I thought Amani would believe Damien when he says the old woman appeared in all his photos. Much to my confusion, Amani doesn’t seem to believe Damien. Amani informs Damien that they’ve been fired -- Damien has bigger things to worry about, so he heads out and pays John Lyons a visit in order to obtain more information on Ann.

Damien became acquainted with John when he was adopted by the president following his dad’s death. John, at that time, was the chief-of-staff and quickly befriended a young Damien. John warns Damien about Ann and even implies Ann is responsible for killing John’s friend's family -- she apparently burned down their house. Damien mentions the hospital where he was born was also burned, making him wonder if Ann is responsible for both incidents.

Simone tells Amani she thinks Kelly is trying to send her a message. Meanwhile, Damien is trying to find information on the dagger of Megiddo while he’s parked near Ann’s workplace. Speaking of Ann, it turns out she and John are working together, and John is very aware of Damien’s nature. Poor Damien; it seems as though he can’t trust anyone. John removes Ann from Damien’s case and, instead, assigns a man named Troy. John wants to speed up the process of Damien’s awakening due to the mysterious presence of the old woman in Syria. Ann warns John against forcing Damien and seems displeased with being told to stay away from him.

Ann becomes aware of the fact that Damien is keeping an eye on her, and she uses that to her advantage. She leads Troy outside to “talk” about Damien and, instead, shows how truly insane she really is. She throws herself to the ground and begins to cry and shout, making it appear as though Troy was harassing her. Damien runs towards Troy, and Ann tells Troy to run because he’s coming for him. As Troy takes off, Ann tells Damien Troy wants to harm him. This leads to a chase scene that ends with Troy dying. Damien cuts his pursuit of Troy short in favor of saving the life of a child who was knocked down onto train tracks due to Troy’s reckless run through the subway.

John and Ann learn of Troy’s death, and John quickly realizes Ann isn’t leaving Damien in anyone’s care. Detective Shay is attacked by a black dog just as he’s getting ready to leave work, but he is not killed. Shay shoots the dog and is baffled and alarmed by what just happened to him. The episode ends with a scene between Damien and Ann. Damien discusses the awful sights of war he’s seen, and Ann reveals he’s the cause of all evil deeds. Damien refuses to take the blame for actions out of his control, and he asks Ann to leave. Ann decides to “freshen up” before heading out by carving a 666 into her thigh.

As Ann gets ready to leave, Damien mentions the woman in Syria and shows Ann the 666 birthmark that’s on his head. Once Ann leaves Damien’s place, she’s giddy with an overwhelming amount of excitement and seems … ”pleasured” by the mark of the beast. Ann continues to creep me out with her behavior, and I find myself feeling increasingly sorry for Damien for there’s no happy ending in store for him.

What did you think of this week’s Damien? Let us know in the comments down below!


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