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Dancing With The Stars Latin Night Recap: Another Couple BURNED By Elimination

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

03/31/2015 9:34 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Latin Night Recap: Another Couple BURNED By Elimination | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of Hidden
Would Rumer and Val continue their hot streak?? The remaining contestants on this season of "Dancing with The Stars" turned up the heat tonight for Latin Night, but someone was going to get burned with an elimination. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews (looking HOT in a gorgeous red gown) kicked things off and then quickly got the night started with the first routine of the night. 1. Rumer Willis & Val  - Salsa Disco salsa? Sure why not!! Explosive right out the gate, Rumer and Val attacked the salsa and yours truly loved EVERY SECOND of it!! Rumer has really shown in just 3 weeks that she's the front runner and everyone else needs to keep a serious eye on her. The judges all loved the routine, with Len even calling it the best dance of the season yet. And can we talk about Rumer's outfit/body ?! The couple scored three 8's and a shocking 9 from Len!! 2. Charlotte & Keo - Rumba Okay, so last week was an improvement, but this week felt like a giant step back. The gorgeous model really seemed stiff with every move Keo threw at her. With the romantic setting, and music, it also didn't even seem like there was much chemistry between them during the routine. Charlotte really looked out of place during the number, and the judges weren't impressed. Len didn't even want to talk about Charlotte's footwork. Two 6's.....and two 5's. 3. Michael Sam & Peta - Salsa Anyone else LOVING the chemistry between these two? The lifts were out in full force during the hot number, and time to be a little honest? Michael seemed out of it during portions of the number, but some of it really worked. Have to echo Bruno's words though and mention that his timing was way off. Was it because of his constant worrying that he may hurt Peta? Probably. By the way, if Carrie Ann is the lift police, Julianne is the foot police. They went on to score four 6's. 4. Riker Lynch & Allison - Salsa Another stellar performance from our young rocker!!! Yours truly loved the performance, the crowd love the performance, and Carrie Ann was DAMN impressed, finally calling a male finalist a contender for the Mirror Ball trophy! Len wasn't overly impressed however, but did say that Riker has a ton of potential in the competition. Julianne and Bruno loved the performance as well, and the couple received three 9's (!!!) and a freaking 7 from Len. Seriously? 5. Suzanne Somers & Tony - Samba Can I get a collective LOL at Suzanne's head piece? The 68 year old bombshell once again surprised everyone with her crisp moves and footwork on the dance floor. Suzanne's energy is infectious and I can't help but smile every time she performs. One tiny misstep was hardly anything to critique, but of course Julianne and Bruno had to call it out. Len loved the performance while Carrie Ann wanted more depth from Suzanne. Three 6's and a 7 from Bruno. 6. Chris Soules & Witney - Argentine Tango Can our beloved Bachelor bring the passion for the tango? DAMN STRAIGHT!!! Chris poured this connection into the performance and it came across like a completely different man than we've seen the past few weeks. Him and Witney were incredible and yours truly thoroughly enjoyed it!! They received four 7's from the judges. 7. Robert Herjavec & Kym - Rumba This performance reminded us all that Kym is a former champion. Absolutely breathtaking from start to finish and Robert really owned every single step. You could tell there were a few moments where he was still in pain (which we saw in rehearsals), but he really dug deep and pulled it off. Three 7's and an 8 from Julianne! 8. Patti Labelle & Artem - Cha Cha Hearing the QUEEN say "Bye Felicia" was the best part of the entire night!!!! The legendary performer/singer once again gave it everything she had, although she didn't exactly live up to what she gave us by going "In Da Club" last week. That's not to say this wasn't entertaining as HELL but something was lacking. The judges scored them two 6's and two 5's. 9. Willow Shields & Mark - Paso Doble Tthere were a lot of struggles for the youngest competitor this season in rehearsal, but you wouldn't have known it in their explosive Paso!!!!  Willow really showed that age is nothing but a number in the Fire Vs Ice number, and I must commend Mark for his brilliant choreography. There MAY have been a tiny misstep but Willow powered through it, so I'm not sure it was legit. The judges all loved the routine and praised Willow's growth. Four 8's!! 10. Noah Galloway & Sharna - Argentine Tango I have to say first off, that Sharna Burgess is an incredible dancer/choreographer. Attempting to work with Noah, who was trying out a prosthetic arm for the first time, was proving too difficult and they scrapped the idea. This man is absolutely incredible, as he even threw in some lifts in the routine. WITH ONE ARM. He held Sharna with what seemed like ease and it garnered a standing ovation in the ballroom. They went on to receive two 7's and two 8's! 11. Nastia Liukin & Derek - Samba They soared to the top of the leader board last week (blah blah blah) so would they recapture it? Yes it was good. Yes it was amazing. YES Derek will probably win again this season. That's all. Oh, and they received two 8's and two 9's. I actually expected a 10. Tom then informed the gymnast and Derek some happy news..... They were safe! The bottom 3 couples were revealed to be Charlotte/Keo, Noah/Sharna and Chris/Witney. Tom and Erin announced that Noah and Sharna were safe...... Charlotte and Keo were eliminated. Not trying to be a jerk......or maybe I am..... But this result was just fine. Charlotte just couldn't reach the level of the others after 3 weeks, and it was time to say goodbye! What did you guys think of the show? Who could be in trouble next week?


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