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Dark Horse to Release Comic Series of Lucas' Original 'The Star Wars'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/03/2013 1:51 am
PopWrapped | Comics
Dark Horse to Release Comic Series of Lucas' Original 'The Star Wars'


Clare Sidoti

Staff Writer

It’s either feast or famine if you’re a Star Wars fan, and at the moment we can rejoice as we are certainly in the middle of a feast. Hot on the heels of all the Episode VII news that seems to be coming out weekly, Dark Horse announced over the weekend that they are releasing a comic series of George Lucas very first complete draft of Star Wars, known at the time as “The Star Wars”.

As fans of the franchise know, the original draft (written some three years before what has become Episode IV was released in 1977), while similar, has quite a number of elements that didn’t make it into the original trilogy. For starters, the hero was called Annikin Starkiller, Han Solo was a lizard alien, Luke Skywalker was a General and is travelling with a nameless princess and Yavin is inhabited by giant furry aliens, who ride bird-like creatures. In addition, lightsabers are called “laser swords” and the Rebel’s fly around in “devil fighters”. Sounds intriguing.

Writer and executive editor at LucasBooks, J.W. Rinzler recalls that it was while he was researching in the Lucasfilm Archives that he came across George Lucas’ original rough draft. He described the script as “hallucinating to read – mind blowing”. Rinzler approached Lucas a few years ago about adapting the draft, but Lucas was a bit apprehensive. Leaving it for a few years, Rinzler kept the idea on the backburner. However, it was only after teaming up with Dark Horse, he approached Lucas again, this time with ammunition… “a few drawn and colored pages of what it might look like”. Following that meeting, Lucas greenlighted the project.

Rinzler is working with artist Mike Mayhew on adapting the script. The 8-issue comic is set for release this September. However, we were gifted with some early panels for you to enjoy and speculate over:


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