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Darren Criss Concert Survival Guide!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/26/2013 3:54 am
Darren Criss Concert Survival Guide!

Stephanie Walsh & Tarra Matthews

Lead Events Editor & Managing


Hello PopWrapped Readers!

With summer nearly upon us, it means time for summer concert and festival season to start and with so many amazing tours and concerts on the horizon Stephanie & Tarra wanted to share some of our ‘tips of the trade’ from our combined decades of concert attendance and countless hours in lines. Whether you’re going to Darren Criss, Justin Timberlake or Fall Out Boy this summer, whether this is your first concert ever or your 15th, hopefully we can shed some insight on the whole process!

So you have your tickets and are ready to head out to the concert venue – let’s make sure you have everything you need before you go. It’s no secret that diehard fans will be queuing for hours to assure a prime spot in the crowd for a general admission show. Let’s get you ready to join them!


Tickets/Show info



COMFORTABLE Shoes & Clothing!

Earplugs (If they are good enough for Darren Criss, they are good enough for you!)

Camera (*MAKE SURE – you check with the venue to make sure your camera fits their camera policy guidelines. Most venues don’t allow ‘professional’ cameras inside without a press pass. Professional cameras are usually classified as having detachable lenses!)

Camera Battery


Water/Snacks (Bring this stuff to eat in line, put it in disposable containers!)





Bulky ‘furniture’

Big blankets

Giant bags/backpacks

View Obstructing Signs

*Remember: Everything & anything you bring with you is STAYING with you inside the venue or getting chucked out.

So you’ve packed your small bag of essentials and are dressed appropriately. Let’s head out to the venue. Give yourself a good amount of time to get there and find parking if you need to – make sure the place you are parking will be valid the whole time you are inside the venue and in line! Next go find the line, if there are already people there that should be easy, just make sure you are joining at the right spot – ASK if you aren’t sure! Once you are a part of the line, here are the things you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do:


Scope out the area: where are the bathrooms? Where can you get food if needed? Is there a variety store nearby?

LISTEN TO THE VENUE STAFF! If they tell you to move, you move. They are there to do their job, which includes the well-being of the talent and the audience members

Become line friends with the people in front and behind you. That way if any conflicts arise you’ll have allies! But if you are friends, there shouldn’t be any of those!

Pack up your stuff BEFORE doors open, you won’t be scrambling and you won’t hold up the line!


Have one person saving the spot of a BIG group that’s coming later. Saving a spot for one person arriving shortly after you do is fine but it isn’t fair to others if you invite your 20 friends to cut in line with you

DO NOT cut or allow people to cut the line you and the people around you in line have been waiting a fair amount of time, you should be rewarded with a good spot in the crowd

Bring/make signs that are going to obstruct views once inside the concert. Darren KNOWS you are there to support him & show him love, a giant sign is not required!

Other Do’s & Don’ts:

DO NOT buy from scalpers until right before the show if you absolutely have to. People’s plans change so extras will pop up!

DO NOT push people around or try to sneak your way to the front. Space will already be tight, no need to make people uncomfortable

DO make sure you have enough water to drink, getting dehydrated SUCKS

For the 21+ (or 19+ in Canada): DO watch how much alcohol you’re consuming & watch your drink, just in case!

We hope these tips help you have the BEST concert experience! And if you have any more questions join us this SATURDAY APRIL 27th @ NOON EST for a Google Hangout!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For a link to the Hangout & submit any questions/comments to us on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter!


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