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Darren Criss Is The Best Part Of Girl Most Likely (Duh)

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/21/2013 12:41 am
Darren Criss Is The Best Part Of Girl Most Likely (Duh)

Stephanie Walsh
Lead Events Editor

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re interested in Girl Most Likely because of the adorable Darren Criss.  For Darren Criss fans, this film has been much anticipated, and will have fangirls of all ages racing to the theaters.

While he’s not the main character, Lee (Criss) is easily the most likable person in the film, a definite win for Darren and his legion of loyal fans.  

Hopefully his participation in this film will launch a more diverse film career for the Glee cutie. Too bad Girl Most Likely will not do the same for any of the other stars.  

Girl Most Likely is the story of Jersey-born failed playwright, Imogene Duncan (Kristen Wiig). After her boyfriend leaves her, she freaks out and ends up having to return to her home in Oceanside, to the family that she’s been avoiding most of her adult life.

Her mother is a gambling addict, her younger brother is socially awkward, afraid to venture away from their hometown, and has an affinity for hermit crabs. In addition to the family, her mother is sleeping with an eccentric CIA agent who goes by the name “George Boosh” (Matt Dillon), and 20-something Lee is renting out Imogene’s old room. 

Throughout the film, the audience is supposed to sympathize with Imogene, but the character comes off as selfish, whiny, delusional, and a bit lazy. She hasn’t been writing, and the only excuse that she gives is that she messed up a grant that she had been awarded ten years ago. She has a series of unfortunate events occur and instead of rising above them, cries about it and wallows in self pity. Lee is there to pick her back up and encourage her. For most of the movie she treats him poorly, but he continues to pursue. After an unbelievable and rather random plot twist, the movie concludes pretty predictably. 

It is a cute story, and worth seeing if you are a fan of anyone in the cast, but Darren Criss is by far the breakout star. Lee is adorable and immediately seems like he’s someone you want to know better. He’s well educated, talented, and enjoys life. His optimism is a nice contradiction to Imogene’s pessimism. Wiig plays the part well, but the character is not enjoyable, and rather annoying. Matt Dillon’s character is obviously comic relief, and he’s funny but otherwise kind of pointless. Maybe if Annette Bening had been in the movie longer, there would be more chance to bond with Imogene’s mother, but most of Bening’s screen-time consisted of her muddling a Jersey accent and fawning over Dillon.

Girl Most Likely runs just under two hours and is playing in select theaters nationwide.


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