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SDCC: DC Announces "The Judas Contract" Animated Film

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
07/30/2016 4:49 am
PopWrapped | Movies
SDCC: DC Announces
Media Courtesy of DC

This is going to be an animated DC film of purely epic proportions. 

During the San Diego Comic Con panel for DC's new feature The Killing Joke, they announced a few additional animated installments we have to look forward to - most importantly, the Teen Titans storyline titled The Judas Contract! DC has found major success and dedicated fans as their animated films have been released throughout the years with more and more becoming excited about potential films. In the post credits scene for the film Justice League vs Teen Titans, there was a glimpse at the character Terra headed towards Titans Tower which was clearly a sign that we'd finally be getting to see the story in some capacity.

The announcement was made before the screening of The Killing Joke which was met with a loud applause from thousands of DC lovers, and the DC spokesperson giving us an unspecific release date aiming for spring of 2017. For those of you who may not be familiar with the Judas Contract story, we are introduced to one of the most complex Teen Titans (Terra Markov) a young woman who charms Beast Boy and gains the trust of the others with ease.  Eventually, we learn that Deathstroke (the Titans major nemesis) plays a part in the motives of Terra cause a battle of epic proportions.

While Terra is often viewed as a villain to DC readers, the character has always been one of the most captivating characters of the Titans and an underappreciated gem of DC - so it would be spectacular to see them take a more diverse approach to her character. In different DC titles it was eventually revealed that Terra was heavily manipulated by Slade Wilson and even drugged to go insane, so after years of being absent from the DC extended universe a more complete story with other facets of Terra should be shown to give people a broader perspective of how the geo-manipulator is a necessary hero. Keep up with PopWrapped for more on the Judas Contract film as it is announced!


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