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Dear Ryan Murphy: An Open Letter For My Sanity

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/06/2013 5:18 am
Dear Ryan Murphy: An Open Letter For My Sanity

Deanne Cooper

Staff Writer

Dear Ryan Murphy, After Glee, we are never EVER getting back together. I know…it seems kind of harsh, but I really mean it. When Glee began, I was with you. Actually, I hadn’t been that excited about a new TV show in quite a while. And the first season was amazing. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The characters were interesting and dynamic and fun and complex, and then musical numbers were absolutely brilliant.

Then the second season came, as did the Warblers, and my love just grew even more for this little show that could. The issues that were dealt with in this show, and how gracefully and tactfully they were handled gave me hope and made me proud to be a Gleek.

And then season three came, and I wish it hadn’t. It was like you gave up on Glee. It felt like you had found a shiny new toy to play with and Glee was just the old worn out box that you didn’t need anymore. But at that point, I had invested so much of my feelings and my fangirl heart into Glee that I couldn’t walk away. No matter how many bad stories there were, how hokey most of the musical numbers felt in comparison to the past two seasons, or how many GOOD stories were just left by the wayside unused and unloved, I still stayed.

Season four is here now, and I’m still watching. Not because I think Glee has returned to its former glory, but because at the end of the day, I wish for it to…and I guess I feel like if I stop watching, I’ll never know. I wish you hadn’t jumped ship, Ryan. I wish I could. But no good fangirl ever can. And that’s why, when Glee is done, and it is no more, we are NEVER getting back together. I cannot invest myself in another one of your shows and take the chance that you’ll have writer’s ADD and move along after a season or two because you found something more interesting. My heart can’t take it. I wish you had loved Glee as much as me. If you did, there’s no way you could have done this to it.


. I’ll never forgive you for abandoning the Warblers. NEVER. I hope those beautiful blazer clad boys with their a capella tunes haunt you from now until eternity. To quote Warbler Trent, “THIS IS A KANGAROO COURT!”…and you, Ryan Murphy, are GUILTY as charged. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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