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Death Takes Another "In The Evening" On This Week's True Blood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/31/2013 2:01 am
Death Takes Another


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello, my fellow Truebies! I hope you’ve all had your True Blood (the drink) before watching this week’s episode because it was nothing short of craziness and sadness combine. So many storylines were wrapped up, while others finally picked up some speed. As always, spoilers lie ahead so if you haven’t seen it, go back into your coffin until you do. 

This week’s major plot lines:

  1. Starting with the least important: Sam and his adventures to piss off Alcide even more. Sam did promise to stay away from Bon Temps but then he got word about Terry’s death (RIP the sweetest soul on that show). Sam tells Nicole that he is off to Bon Temps but not before he gets in a quickie with her in the shower (hello?! What about Luna?!). Sam sends Nicole packing with her mom (played by Valerie Pettiford) and looks like he’s headed back home. Too bad, Nicole isn’t safe anymore as Alcide’s pack gets a hold her and her mom before they make it home. Alcide eventually shows up to tell his pack that Sam and Nicole are no more when his Number One Bitch, Ricky, calls him out on his lie, and has turned the pack against him (I need her to go already).
  2. Chronicles of Sookie and Warlow continue as they both revel in their romp from last week’s episode. Sookie still won’t agree to be his and leaves him as she hears Arlene’s agony. Sookie goes to comfort Arlene and helps Lafayette find out what Terry left in the safe deposit box (only after Arlene attacks him). Turns out, Terry took out a life insurance on himself, clueing everyone in on the fact he planned the whole thing. Sookie faces other problems as she and everyone else freaks out when they see Bill walking in the daylight. Bill asks her to bring back Warlow as they need him to save the others from the compound. Sookie hesitates as Bill leaves her.
  3. Jason also has his hands full this episode as he tries to rescue Jessica. They are reunited but Jessica rejects him and asks him to help her get the other vamp that tried to help her before. He agrees and gets the guy, and Jessica ends up hooking up with him as she has never been with other vamp before (she’s turning super slutty!). Things continue to go downhill from there for him as Sarah, coming back from discovering the Guvnah’s head and covering up his death so she can have power, lets him know he no longer has anything over her. She orders the other guards to cut him up and toss him into Gen Pop with the starving female vamps. Tara saves him from being dinner but not before the female vamp that’s been bothering her claims Jason to be hers. Cat Fight!
  4. Eric, out of everyone, has the biggest trial to deal with in this episode. He manages to escape with Nora and leaves Willa to warn Pam and company about the True Blood being contaminated with Hep V. Eric goes straight to Bill’s house and begs him to heal Nora. Nora refuses his blood at first, leaving Eric crushed. Later on, Eric begs Bilith again, telling him that he believes that Bill is a god. In return, Eric promises to help Bill save the others. Bill agrees to help Nora but his blood doesn’t work. He goes to fetch Warlow while Eric watches over Nora. Back at Vamp Camp, Willa warns Pam and the rest while Pam decides to take matters into her own hands and messes with her shrink by turning him on and getting him to agree to put her in Gen Pop. Back at Bill’s, Eric desperately begs for Godric’s help and we are treated to a flashback on how Nora and Eric met in London in 1665. Turns out, Nora was dying off the plague, and Eric, decked out in Lestat gear, promised to save her and help her live a full life by taking her to Godric. Eric begs Nora to fight and keep living, feeling hopeless and guilty that he didn’t keep his promise to her. She comforts him by telling him that he did; she lived a full life as he promised, not immortality like he thought she wanted. She dies in his arms, turning into a pile of black blood goop, leaving Eric howling and devastated (damn him and his tears…always get me).

Quote of the night: Pam, in response to her shrink’s question about her being sexual all the time, “I was a whore in my human life; it wasn’t a coincidence.”

There you have it, my fangbangers. Adios, Nora (I was sad for Eric; not so much her) and hello to Alcide being in deep trouble. Only 3 more episodes left in this season! Who else will be meeting the True Death soon? And can I get an AMEN for Sarah Newlin (the wonderful Anna Camp) for being the ultimate Big Bad this season?! Until next, Sunday: keep those fangs out and sharpened!


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