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Destroy The Alpha Gammas "There Will Be Blood" Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/26/2013 12:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Destroy The Alpha Gammas
Media Courtesy of Destroy The Alpha Gammas

Sarah Goddard

Content Editor

Welcome Back Destroyers, and welcome to Episode 5, “There Will Be Blood” No time for reflection, this week’s episode picks up right where last weeks left us. Carrie and Adam have been surprised in their rooms by their respective exes… Let’s see where this is all heading shall we. Scott is still holding that bunch of flowers from episode 4. He’s apologising to Carrie, he screwed up (no shit), he can’t stop thinking about her, telling her she has the right to hate him, blah blah blah. Truth be told I wasn’t really listening, he’s a jerk, let’s move on. There’s a similar situation happening in Adam’s room. Adam’s "reminding" Mary that she is the one that broke up with him because he “wasn’t bringing her closer to Jesus” (I could insert a really really dirty comment here, but for the sake of my dignity and common decency, I will refrain). Mary manages to get Adam on the bed and straddles him, letting him know that she was wrong and that she was silly to say those things because the actual fact is that Jesus “wants” them to be together (of course he does). Back with Carrie and Scott, and Scott is still pleading his case. He and Autumn aren’t even “hanging out” anymore (oh well that’s good, that completely absolves him of all his wrongdoings). Meanwhile, Adam just wants to know what the hell is going on. And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment I personally have been waiting for since the DAG Twitter account tweeted a link to this song on their soundcloud …. Carrie (Leah McKendrick) and Adam’s (Jon Hall) rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”. The song begins with Scott’s hand gently cupping Carrie's face, he leans in and Carrie pulls away (atta girl). Mary appears to have taken up residency on Adam’s lap and is trying her darnedest to kiss him but he keeps manoeuvring himself out of her way (atta boy) and picks her up off of him and dumps her on the bed. Carrie gets close to Scott, Adam leans down above Mary and then, bam, chorus. Nope… None for you! Carrie is singing and dancing around in her bedroom, while a very bewildered Scott looks on, she looks so happy, so free, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Back at Adam’s and Mary is STILL trying to kiss him but he’s having none of it. Adam takes over the lead on vocals for a minute and gets very forceful and dominant (in a "you are going to listen to every word I am saying" kinda way) with Mary, placing her on the bed continuing to refuse her advances. Now it’s Carrie’s turn to show her dominance when she literally pushes Scott out of her room and down the hall. Once she has deposited him at the end she turns and struts (yes, struts) back down the hall, turning to remind Scott what he can’t have, it’s over. All the while, Adam is keeping Mary at arm’s length and as the song comes to an end, both Carrie and Adam are free, free from their exes and free to “breathe for the first time” and move on, but not before Mary asks Adam “Is this about that slut Carrie? (Woah, hold up! You my dear Mary are the one who showed up in Adam’s bedroom wearing nothing but some sexy lingerie. And Carrie’s the slut?…) Aw, poor Mary, she doesn’t look happy. Adam’s just walked out on her, (mind you, out of his own room, THAT’s how much he wants to get away) so she dejectedly begins to leave but something catches her attention, it’s Adam’s laundry basket. She hurries past, grabbing one of his shirts out along the way (What? Why? Why would she need one of his shirts out of the dirty laundry, I don’t underst…. Oh shit) Back at the Delta Pi house, Carrie and Jessie are in the kitchen looking at a book, (one could assume the Alpha Gamma’s "Holy Bible of Victory" that they acquired in last week’s ep) when Ling comes running in “Oh my God! Guys! Oh My Gosh! Guys! We have a problem!” Uh oh. Someone has reported the DP’s to the board saying that they have been breaking Chapter by-laws, and that Mrs Andrews is going to be visiting them next week for an evaluation. (Breaking laws? Who? The DP’s? Never! They haven’t "broken" anything per se they just haven’t done anything, well anything besides plot to Destroy the AG’s which in itself is proving to be very time consuming.) It’s safe to say that Ling is freaking out… Oh God! What if they revoke their charter? What if they kick them off campus? They’ll be degenerates and Ling will end up on the Maury Povich show! (Wait! What?) Ding-Dong, someone’s at the door… Jessie opens the door and it’s, oh, Mary. What could she possibly want? She asks after Carrie but Jessie informs her that she’s far too busy to be coming to the door (and definitely not for her anyways) so she hands over a shirt to Jessie and tells her to make sure Carrie gets it so she can return it to Adam, and Mary is very quick to point out that she wore it so it smells like her “cause he’s kinda into that” (you didn’t wear it, you stole it! What a fucking bitch!). Mary, being the kind, sweetheart she is (not) wants Jessie to know that she really hopes that the DP’s don’t get into trouble with the board, ‘cause that’d suck (well at least we know now who contacted the board) Outside and presumably later, Autumn and two of her AG sisters are heading to their car when they hear catcalls and wolf whistles in the dark. Car headlights illuminate them and we see Carrie and two of her own DP sisters leaning against the car. Autumn doesn’t seem very impressed to see the DP’s and Carrie asks Autumn “is it that time of the month?” Autumn says it isn’t but haha, yeah good one, and then, splat, the three AG ladies are hit with something. Something red. Something red and blood looking. “Menstrual Blood!” is shouted (and ok, EW!) but no, calm down it’s not, it’s regular pigs' blood (I maintain my previous EW!) Oh, Oh Dear, Autumn informs Carrie and her sisters that they will regret doing this to her but as Carrie and her fellow DP’s continue to pelt the AG’s with pigs' blood, Carrie utters to the three retreating Alpha Gamma’s “I doubt it”. Ok, I’m just going to stop here and say that Carrie dumping pigs' blood on someone is making my brain spin off into another dimension, because, Carrie – Pigs' blood – Stephen King – Carrie, ah, you get the idea. Anyways, back at the DP house, Adam is sitting on the front steps; he sees headlights approach and gets up to greet Carrie. Adam casually asks if they are still on for the movies but Carrie tells him she’s not into his act and lets him know that she got his shirt. Oh good, because Adam’s been looking for that, shame he didn’t think to check at the AG house. Why would he check the AG house? He didn’t even go to the AG… Oh! Adam asks if Mary gave Carrie the shirt. Carrie wants to know if its “All coming back to you now” (I guess she thinks Adam hooked up with Mary). Adam tells her that he and Mary used to have a thing, but he didn’t hook up with her (I, we, the audience, knew that) Carrie wants Adam to know that “if you’re into dumpster diving, that’s your deal” (so, Carrie doesn’t think too highly of Mary, who’da thought?). Adam is now a little pissed off, which fair call, Carrie’s mostly not listening to him, and he lets her know that this “War” is between the AG’s and the DP’s, it has nothing to do with “us”. He likes her, but Carrie tells him he barely knows her. He thinks she’s above all this “petty shit” but Carrie asks “Are you sure about that?” and heads inside, leaving Adam to sadly mope away (no! this isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. Last week there was kissing, stop the fighting and go back to the kissing damn it!). We hear Bex’s voice in voiceover saying “We had a deal. You give us Intel and nobody has to know you’re a closet trekkie.” And we now see, Jen tied to a chair being interrogated in a windowless room with a single, solitary light bulb, swinging from a chain overhead (which looks totally awesome by the way). Carrie wants to know if Jen’s holding out on them, surely there’s something more that Jen knows, Autumn is the devil, Autumn is the killer of dreams, there’s no way that the only dirt they can have on her is that she wore a fur coat to prom… 4 years ago. Carrie magically produces a set of hair clippers and threatens to shave Jen’s eyebrows off (!) if she doesn’t come up with something else. When suddenly, whaddya know, Jen magically remembers something. Apparently Jen saw Autumn sucking face with her Professor. Carrie smiles. Fade to black. And that’s it for this week and can I just say that this episode was awesome. I really enjoyed seeing Carrie’s, what shall we call it, darker side? And I cannot wait to see what Carrie does with this newly acquired piece of information and what will become of Carrie and Adam (let’s hope it’s more kissing) Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday at 10am, on the Destroy the Alpha Gamma’s YouTube channel and hopefully we’ll get the answers we are looking for. Stay cool Destroyer’s… Until next week.


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