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Do You Know YOUR Glow?

Thanks to our special Guest-Reporter, Stephanie Walsh for this awesome write-up!

Do you know your glow*? After spending a day at a Glow* workshop, I know mine! Glow* was started by four women from Starkid Productions, Julia Albain, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Denise Donovan, and Lauren Lopez. In February of 2012, they came together to form what has become a community for girls and women to empower one another. The four founders created the website, and have daily blog posts and a forum for people to share and discuss personal stories.

On December 1, they partnered with Kick Butt Girls (KGB) in Andover, MA for two workshops on female empowerment. In the morning, with snow falling down, a group of forty entered the Old Town Hall on Main Street. After signing waivers (to be in pictures and stating our understanding that no one in Glow* is a health professional), we were told to start out by creating a superhero name for ourselves to put on our name tags, and to form a circle. During introductions we ran to the middle of the circle, shared our superhero name, and struck a pose while others cheered. The following activities were both inspiring and insightful.

We shouted three things about ourselves that we like, we wrote our problems on paper and crumbled them up and tossed them in the trash (Dump Yo’ Junk!), and we mixed and mingled with one another in smaller groups. One activity was called The Quest, in which we were on a quest for answers. We were divided into four groups of ten, and each group came up with a question to pass on to the other groups. We discussed each question, wrote the best answers, and at the end we all shared them. What we discovered was that everyone in the room had the same concerns. Stress, judgment, peer pressure, and bullying were the main themes of the discussions. Everyone shared personal stories, some offered advice on how to overcome these things. When the group Lauren Lopez moderated was discussing stress, she reminded us that, “Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but you never get anywhere.”

The final activity was making Glow* boxes. We wrote inspirational messages to one another on colorful post-it notes and put them into little boxes. The boxes are to remind you of the positive if the negative is getting you down.

It was an afternoon of acceptance and inspiration. Not only did Julia, Lauren, Jaime, and Denise offer great advice, but the participants did too. Seeing a group of strangers come together in a judgement free zone was fantastic. If you have the opportunity to go to one of these events in the future, make it a priority.

The Glow* girls are hoping to bring events like this to other cities. The following is posted on the Glow website: “The best way to bring Glow* to your area is to find a community group or organization that you can work with as a co-host for this event.  Do you have a school group that would love this message?  A girl scout troop?  Maybe you just have a big group of friends that want to help make an event like this happen… that’s what we’re looking for!”

If you’re interested, email with the heading “Booking”.  Remember to include the following information:

-Do you have a venue or location in your area that you KNOW you can use?

-Do you have a potential date or time frame that you would like to bring us out for?

-Do you have a group or organization you are working with? Or do you KNOW that you have at least 15 or more attendees?” (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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