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Doctor Who Recap: Hide

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Hello my fellow Whovians! So far we’ve bee sucked in the world wide web, saw a collapse of a planet being and fought Ice Warriors on a Russian submarine.

This weekend we go into a very Gothic and spooky Doctor Who. Paranormal investigators, ghosts, very misty places; it is definitely like the Doctor and Clara got transported to another world.

“I am the Doctor. And I am afraid.” 

…The real question here is simple.

Just what kind of thing is the Doctor facing to make him admit his terror out loud? 

Let’s find out. 


We open to the pair of paranormal investigators in the seventies. Pity I was hoping for bellbottoms or some feathered hair. They talk about a “she” and how lonely “she” is. While she asks to talk with the spirit…something does happen. The machines go crazy and there is a CGI EFFECT! AAAAAAHHHH!

They hear several knocks at the door. They open the door and there is the Doctor and Clara, the “Ghostbusters”. The Doctor looks thrilled to be sent here in order to check out the exploration of Doctor Alec Palmer and Emma Grayling. Amazingly, he seems to be the fan of both them detailing how “fantastic” they are. Happy Doctor is a fun Doctor.  It is revealed that Emma is a powerful empathic psychic. Doctor Palmer tells the story of the “Witch in the Well”, a ghost who is seen always screaming. Clara notes, and shows how astute she is, that the ghost is always in the same screaming position in every picture.

Doctor Palmer states that so called “objective” equipment will not work. Not without a presence of a powerful psychic aka Emma. Emma freezes instantly and says that ghost knows she is here.

“Help me.”

The Doctor and Clara go off together. After a cute moment, where the Doctor dares Clara to come with him and no takesie backsies. Emma, knowing what they are about to do, tells them the music room is the heart of the house. Clara and the Doctor go off with a lit candelabra to hunt the ghost themselves. Ignorance drives the Doctor insane.

We get a charged moment between Emma and Doctor Palmer as they discuss if the Doctor is really from the Ministry. I want them to kiss.

The Doctor and Clara reach the music room, the heart of the house. The Doctor has trouble working with the sonic screwdriver, which is odd. He also senses out the classic trope of a “cold” spot within a drawn circle. Clara says that she is not happy as the Doctor runs off. The equipment goes wacky and the circle starts to rise. The candles blow out and the whole house gets much, much colder.

(And I get creeped out because I hate horror movies. I get up to turn the lights on and hug my stuffed TARDIS.) 

A very loud banging noise in the house, which leads to the Doctor to ask if Clara is making it. The Doctor grabs Clara’s hand in fear. Then a very strange black circle appears and starts cracking. While on the other side a white figure appears. The figure screams “HELP ME” before Emma collapses.

HELP ME also appears on the wall. The strange black circle also disappears at the same time.

Emma is drinking a very strong glass of whiskey, “the eleventh most disgusting thing ever evented”. She also looks a little sick. The Doctor fanboys over the past missions Doctor Palmer had completed. The Doctor asks why Doctor Palmer is at the house to look for ghosts. He says that it is because that he has a killed and sent people to their deaths. He’s looking for something.

I love it when the Doctor meets a parallel people.

Clara and Emma have some girl talk about Doctor Palmer. Clara assures Emma that there is a spark there and not what she wanted.

The Doctor asks what Doctor Palmer would say to the dead. He would thank them. The Doctor is disappointed that this didn’t turn out to be “fun”.

Emma tells Clara not to trust the Doctor because he has a “sliver of ice in his heart”.

Clara and the Doctor meet outside. Clara tells the Doctor she doesn’t think the TARDIS likes her very much. The Doctor compares “Sexy” to a cat. Then he scolds Clara for making the TARDIS wet as he shakes the umbrella out.  The two start go about six billion years back in time and move forwards in order to see just how the ghost came to be.

The ghost also appears near Doctor Palmer and Emma, looking for the Doctor’s “car”, moving toward them.

Seriously. This ghost may be in my nightmares tonight. Right next to that freaky ass puppet from Saw.

Clara’s empathy makes her ask why the Doctor. She kind of gets it right on the end with Doctor by stating that ultimately “they all become ghosts” to him. The Doctor says that they are not that. The Doctor says “You are the only mystery worth solving”.

I just don’t know if he means Clara or humanity. But it’s still a very emotional and touching scene between the pair. The Doctor and Clara come back. Clara tells Emma that she saw “everything ends”. Emma says that love never ends.

The Doctor tells them that the ghost is not a ghost. Instead the ghost of Caliban House is a time travel stuck in a pocket universe. Emma is a lantern to Hila guiding her home. There is something chasing her within the pocket universe that the Doctor doesn’t know what it is.

He knows how to get her home using Emma. Doctor Palmer tries to convince Emma not to do so. Emma asks Doctor Palmer to look at her and tell her what she’s thinking. 

The Doctor tells Clara that sending a TARDIS into a pocket universe would bleed the power sources. He uses Emma to help open the pocket to go in a rescue Hila from the parallel universe. The doorway to the pocket universe opens, a wormhole.

In the Doctor’s words: “Geronimo”.

Well the pocket universe doesn’t look all that pleasant. I wouldn’t vacation there.

The Doctor runs through the creepy and dark forest looking for Hila. However, there is a monster running around incase you all forgot. Hila follows the Doctor as the run through the collapsing universe. Well I think Hila is not long for this world.


The Doctor and Hila run to where Emma is calling for them. She creates a echo house in an echo universe. The monster follows them. Emma calling that she’s not strong enough. The Doctor has Hila go first except he doesn’t go with her. Staying behind to tie himself in with his bowtie. He also figures out the mystery of the noise. However, the door closes before he can get out.

Well…this sucks.

“Oh dear” indeed Doctor.

The TARDIS seems to sense his distress and starts banging. Clara yells for them to save the Doctor.

Emma and Doctor Palmer have a very very very sweet moment together. Emma feeling revitalized. She tries to reopen the pocket universe.

The TARDIS uses Clara’s image (because apparently Clara is either vain or the TARDIS is jealous). Together the two enter the pocket universe just as Emma opens up the portal herself.

The Doctor figures out who this “Bogeyman under the bed”. He wants to its victims to be afraid. The Doctor admitting that he is afraid.

Wow. This villain is a totally asshole.

The Doctor challenges and taunts the thing, who needs to piggyback across using the Doctor. The thing tackles the Doctor and it’s…ugly. I don’t even know how to describe it. So I’m just going to call it Ugly Mofo.

Ugly Mofo is not having a very good day. It lost two snacks/rides across the universe.

Emma screams out just as the TARDIS comes back across.

It’s sunny and lovely the next day. The Doctor needed a word with Emma about Clara. Clara to Emma is a “perfectly ordinary girl”. Hila, the Doctor and Emma engage in a hug. Hila ends up being the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Emma and Doctor Palmer.

The Doctor realizes something about the monster. It needs its companion.

So the ghost story turns out to be a love story of amazing proportion.

The Doctor takes the monster to his girlfriend, reuniting them.

Yay! There’s a happily ever after!

Check back next week when we take a “Journey Into the Center of the TARDIS”.


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