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Politics PopWrapped | Politics

Donald Trump Continues Questionable Behavior In CNN Interview

Ashley Perna | PopWrapped Author

Ashley Perna

07/26/2015 11:31 am
PopWrapped | Politics
Donald Trump Continues Questionable Behavior In CNN Interview | Donald Trump
Media Courtesy of Credit: CNN

Donald Trump appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday morning(July 22), and responded to questions about his campaign.

Trump insisted that as President "I'll change my tone," and continued the interview in his usual one. He claimed to be provoked into handing out Senator Lindsey Graham's cell phone number earlier this week, saying:

I didn't start it with Lindsey Graham. I couldn't care less about Lindsey Graham. He's registered at I think zero in the polls. Lindsey Graham called me a jackass. So am I supposed to say, 'Oh, it's OK'? I'm called a jackass. You have to fight back.

It's disturbing that something as minor as being called a name by a member of his own party provoked such a potentially dangerous reaction. It's worrisome to wonder what will happen when it's worse than just a bad name.

Trump insisted that people are only opposed to him until they hear him out, citing his ability to turn the polls around after campaign stops. He claims that "every time people listen to me, all of a sudden it becomes very favourable." It's merely the political reports that carry negativity, according to him. He added that "60, 70 percent of the political media is really, really dishonest."

Faith was also a topic of discussion. Cooper asked Trump about earlier comments he made, referring to communion as having "a little cracker" and saying "I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness."

Trump said the audience wasn't offended, and that "the whole room was laughing." He thinks "repenting is terrific" but that he's "not making mistakes" and doesn't need to ask for forgiveness.

Trump really doesn't apologize to anyone for anything. Is that really such a great quality for a leader to have?


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