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Donald Trump - President Or Dictator?

Mary Kiser | PopWrapped Author

Mary Kiser

Staff Writer
08/01/2017 6:02 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Donald Trump - President Or Dictator? | Donald Trump
Media Courtesy of Associated Press

President Trump is obviously not a dictator.

He has suspect qualities, though. Between his attempts at silencing the press to pushing a ban on transgender soldiers, he clearly wants his agenda enforced without any setbacks. He just feels entitled to his way, and not the highway. What's more? He encourages praise for any of his decisions; he craves constant approval and applause. "He is in essence - a dictator. He sure does act like one. Like in the cabinet meeting where he forced a room full of imbeciles to bend at the knees in praise of his accomplishments," an article expresses.

While every president pushes what he desires, Trump goes against the grain, like when he fired James Comey, a respected man who worked for the FBI. Why? Because Trump wanted his secrets kept secret; Comey threatened his position of authority, demeaned his status, and challenged his values. Comey worked on behalf of the United States, and not one man, after all.

But Trump exercised his dominance even before the Comey-conflict came into play. 

His odd relationship with Vladimir Putin raised serious questions, and gut-wrenching rumors of him hiring prostitutes to pee on hotel beds just exacerbated the entire ordeal. Whether the hearsay is true remains a mystery. However, his depravity runs much deeper than disturbing gossip. Even before his presidency, Trump treated people around him like pawns, especially if they looked pretty (e.g., "Grab them by the pussy.") Seriously? A billionaire, who disregarded women like objects, got elected into office. His elevated status now only reinforced his bizarre, egotistical behavior. 

No positive changes emerged.

Trump's dictatorial lifestyle blossomed after his inauguration. Who knows what will happen next? From healthcare drama to North Korean missile launches, one thing remains very, very clear. People, American or not, brace themselves for the worst, even though they hope for the best.


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