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"Don't You Feel Me?" Is the Question True Blood Explores This Week

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/24/2013 11:24 pm


Erika Rivera



Hello my Truebies! This week’s episode was definitely a doozy as we saw that the game has changed for all involved. If you do not want to be spoiled, I suggest you keep it moving as we said goodbye to some characters in this episode. You have been warned. 

As Comic Con took up much of my time this week, I’ll spare you a detailed recap and just get down to nitty gritty with what all went down in Louisiana this week.

Major plot points for this week’s episode:

  1. Bill gets told off by Lilith after he gets put into a coma. Bill ends up drinking Warlow’s blood that has been altered. He is able to walk in the sun after taking it. His first order of business after becoming a daywalker: going to the Governor’s house and ripping his head OFF! Adios, Guvnah!
  2. Warlow ends up saving Sookie and blasts Sook’s dad out of Lafayette. Sookie takes him to a safe place on the fairy plane and ties him up. Sookie, after much talk with Warlow, decides to cave to the inevitable. She exchanges blood with him and proceeds to boff the guy while he’s tied up! So much for doing something different! And what was up with the glowing light of orgasm?
  3. Eric and Pam don’t end up killing each other. They end up killing the soldiers, and this Truebie learnt that Pam can fly. The Guvnah, before meeting the true death, one ups Eric and injects Nora with a fatal dose of Hep. V. As she begins to die, he summons Willa to help free them. They get out, but not before Willa wants to go save Tara, Jessica, and Pam. Eric, on his way out, finds out that they are spiking the new batch of True Blood with Hep. V, thus wiping the vamps if they succeed!
  4. Sam decides to do the right thing and hand Emma over to her Grams. Luckily, he did it before Alcide finally found him and threatened him. Alcide almost wolfs out on him but changes his mind and instead tells him to leave town for good. Daddy Herveaux shows up to stop Alcide but doesn’t need to as Alcide finally does the right thing this season.
  5. Jason makes into the LAVTF, where he meets back up with Sarah. He threatens her and makes sure she knows that he’s there for Jess (guess he does love her). Sarah gets him back later on, though, when she sets him up to watch vamp sex, with Jessica being one of the subjects (that’s so foul). Jessica, luckily, doesn’t do anything as the other subject doesn’t want to rape her and risks the true death to not hurt her. Sarah’s turning into one evil bitch!
  6. At Chez Bellefleur, Andy finally names his last remaining fae daughter, Adaline Brailine Charlaine Danica, in memory of her sisters. As for his cousin Terry, he gives Lafayette a key to his safety deposit box. Holly tries to alleviate the situation by suggesting that Terry gets glamoured. Arlene manages to get someone to do it, and all is right with world for like 2.5 mins. Terry unfortunately forgets that he hired someone to off him and meets his tragic end when his friend takes him out in one shot (CRIES). RIP Terry Bellefleur, one of the sweetest souls in Bon Temps and on the show!

There you have it, fangbangers! No more Guvnah, no more Terry (whimpers) and possibly no more Nora (cheers). Until next week, keep those fangs out!


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