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Double Recaps: The New Normal Gives Us Twice the Fun In the Finale!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2013 12:01 am
Double Recaps: The New Normal Gives Us Twice the Fun In the Finale!

Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Managing Editors

The end of season 1 of The New Normal is upon us and that leaves us with 2 big questions, WHEN is Baby Bravid coming and how fabulous is this wedding going to be! Let’s check out what went down on last night’s hour (yes, that means 2 episodes!)  of The New Normal to find our answers.

Finding Name-o

As the title suggests, a focus in the first half of the finale is on finding a suitable baby name for their son, but as we know, David and Bryan have trouble agreeing on things from time to time. This instance is no exception.

Besides that major decision, there are over 900 wedding-related decisions to be made, from cake to candles! And the couple isn’t getting very far on those either. But their wedding planner offers them some pretty sound advice, compromise on the small decisions, so when the big ones come around they can work through them together. In the realm of larger requests on David’s list is that Bryan’s mother comes to the wedding. And judging by sequence of Bryan tied up and being poked in what looks like hell, I’d say he is less than keen on the idea. But, David turns on the charm and reluctantly agrees; which makes up wonder what the tensions are between the pair. 

On the topic of names, we also find out how Shania got her name, and how she was conceived coincidentally.  Turns out that she was named after Shania Twain because “(That Don’t) Impress Me Much” was the song on the radio when Goldie and Clay were getting busy – in a bathroom stall at work! It seems that Shania is rather offended by the whole idea, and insists that she be called Sara instead. And while we’re on the topic, Goldie is thinking about dropping her married name of Clemens and going back to her maiden name, Forest. Confused yet?

Bryan’s mom Colleen arrives and yeah, I can see why Bryan doesn’t want her around much. When she broaches the topic of baby names it’s like she is poking a beehive, doesn’t look like Bravid’s ‘united front’ will stay that way long. Side note: why is everyone on this show obsessed with having a name all picked out before the baby is even alive? Don’t they know that a large section of the population waits to see the baby before settling on a name? Anyway, she practically seems to salivate at the chance to cause tension between the two men, asking them to offer up their choice of baby names and then slamming Bryan’s while embracing David’s. To further try and prove that they are really united on everything they invite Colleen to their appointment with the wedding planner, nothing could possibly go wrong right?

One thing in that whole scene that really irked me was when Colleen asked, ‘Are you sure you’re both even gay?” Now I’m guessing she’s referring to David’s sexuality (considering Bryan is her son). Since she knows that Bryan can be pushy and come off as overbearing I bet this was her way of saying, that Bryan wanted him so much he convinced David to be gay? Whatever the meaning I thought it was a bit weird but whatever.

At the wedding appointment everything is going fine until the topic of cake arises. Now Bryan has requested a burnt almond meringue over David’s Red Velent (seen as a cake that would be served at a hipster wedding attended by Mumford & Sons) and so in her roundabout way Colleen gets the cake changed and then demands David tell her what else he has had to give up. 

In an effort to dispel any more conflict on the wedding, and to get back at Bryan’s mother for her under minding behaviour, Bravid decide just to throw the choices in a hat and let fate decide. The ‘problem’ with this is that all of David’s choices happen to turn up. Making me wonder is Momma Collins is behind this whole thing. The baby’s name even ends up in the hat, with once again, David’s choice being the winner. That sends Bryan over the edge and gives us the best freak out ever on this show, with Bryan completely losing it on everyone!

Later on in the night, Bryan and his mother have a heart to heart with Brian finally telling his mother off about her behavior. She retaliated with letting Brian know that he exhausts her, and that she spends most of her time defending him to her friends. All she wants is to hold her grandson and to be proud to show off Brian’s new family (aww). Brian and she finally make amends, with each of them thanking the other for being a part of the wedding. Colleen does make a good point to Bryan by telling him to give in a little with David’s choices; he will be a better person for it.

With that in mind, Bryan goes to David the next and tells him that his favorite choice was David asking Bryan to invite his mother. The boys dance around to Hootie and the Blowfish while deciding to let fate make the choice of the baby’s name. They both then focused on the baby’s Sonogram’s “Baby Sawyer Collins” label and have an “Ah Ha!” moment of clarity. Sawyer Collins is chosen as the baby’s name!  YAY!

Back to the Clemmons family, Shania reverts back to her name (no more Sarah) and after a night of bowling, Clay takes a stroll down memory lane and asks Goldie to remarry him, telling her that he will even take her maiden name as long as they still get to be a family.  Goldie is stunned and speechless while Shania overhears them and doesn’t look to pleased…..Cliffhanger!

The Big Day is Here! Part Deux!

Taking over the second half of TNN recap is yours truly, Erika, and the big day for Bravid has arrived! The guys have decided to hold the wedding at their home, which seems pretty ideal to me. So far, the perfect wedding seems on the horizon. Only one thing is keeping it from being completely amazing in Bryan’s eyes and that is Father Michael’s refusal to marry them (bully for the Catholic church). They go with Gary from the donor clinic instead (this ought to be interesting). Bryan’s mother, meanwhile, snatches him from David’s side as she thinks it’s bad luck for the grooms to see one another. This leaves David to deal with his own mother as she has her own ideas about the wedding (oh dear).

On the Goldie-Shania front, Goldie still hasn’t decided whether she wants to accept Clay’s proposal. Shania, wearing one of Goldie’s creations (a smartly designed tux), has told her mother that she is not thrilled about her dad proposing and hopes her mother really considers turning him down (she is so not a normal kid!). 

Goldie and Shania arrive at the wedding only to find out that Nana has been telling everyone about the proposal (bully for Nana). Goldie tells her to knock it off while Nana tells her she has some news for her on the Brice front (is there a possible third wedding on the horizon?). Brice, on the other hand, has some words for Goldie about the proposal. He thinks that she will be taking a step back if she accepts (why does he care? I still think he has a thing for her). All these talks have Goldie so confused.

Back to Bryan and his mom, she wants to walk him down the aisle as she thought this day would never come, and she laments the fact that his father is not around. Bryan tries to reject her idea but ends up caving in as she really lays on the guilt thickly (mothers are so good about doing that). David is having his own issues with his mom. She wants David to wear his grandfather’s suit. David, like Bryan with his mother, tries to reject her idea but ends up wearing the suit out of guilt (there goes their ideal wedding!). 

Ceremony finally gets underway with both moms walking their sons down the aisle (David’s mom is totally milking her moment, BTW). Gary is doing a bang up job in his role of officiating priest. Too bad, not much gets done as Goldie goes into labor in the middle of it all (how cliche). 

Cue the montage of Goldie delivering Baby Sawyer Collins: Nana helping, Shania and Clay waiting, Bryan and David watching, etc…The song choice here is really lovely though, and we finally get to meet the baby boy. He’s precious!

Fast forward to two weeks later, Shania and Goldie are having a moment when Nana stops by to talk to Goldie. Goldie thinks Nana is here to tell her that she’s marrying Brice, which isn’t the case at all. Nana has made a big commission and tells Goldie that they finally have it all and that Goldie should stay here and not be with Clay. She also thanks Goldie for changing her life for the better. Shania seizes this opportunity to run away from Goldie (that girl! ).

Back at the baby central, Bravid’s house is a train wreck (naturally). The dads have decided to take 30 minute turns holding the baby (how cute). Goldie rushes in though to ask them if they have seen Shania, which they haven ‘t. Rocky traces Shania’s phone to the beach where Goldie and her first decided to change their lives. 

Goldie and company rush over and ask Shania why she ran away. She just wanted her mom to remember the day they arrived and how she wanted to change her life. Goldie tells Shania that she is turning Clay’s proposal down, and that they are staying put (YES). Bryan and David seize this moment to stage yet another wedding as Bryan tells David this is all he ever wanted: just them together, no frills (AWW).  

The gang grab surfer boards and other items and put up a makeshift wedding altar and grab a hobo to sing for them. Everything is almost ready but they still need someone to marry them. Apparently David has that covered as Father Michael shows ups to marry them, having changed his tune (can I just say that I love John Benjamin Hickey?). Sawyer, David and Bryan are officially a family now as the episode ends with them exchanging rings and sharing their love with their friends. So many good feels all around!


Nana’s speech to Goldie:"I want to say thank you Goldie for changing my life. Look at what you’ve done. You came here, you got this incredible apartment for you and your daughter. You started your own business. You showed me how to be an independent woman. And now I’ve got green in the bank and a black friend named Rocky. I don’t ever want to go back to the way things were. Why would you?" (I cried! Damn you, Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler!).

Father Michael after marrying the boys: “Well,” he says, looking up at the sky. “No lightning bolts….” (priceless!)

Rocky complimenting Shania on her wedding attire: “You look like a little Janelle Monae, only whiter and taller” LOL

Until next season, I hope, as TNN has yet to be renewed as of this writing. If it doesn’t  get renewed, it ended on a really amazing note!

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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