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Drake Bell Takes On Beliebers In Twitter Trolling Feud!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2013 5:50 am
Drake Bell Takes On Beliebers In Twitter Trolling Feud!

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

Twitter. It’s a great way to stay connected to other people, especially celebrities. People are constantly on Twitter talking about their lives, their dogs and what they just had for lunch.

It’s also home to wars. Fan wars. I once had a teacher who said that social media would eventually destroy all of us because we’d get so addicted we would fight over simple things.

That’s how the great feud between musician and Nickelodeon star Drake Bell and Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers” began. Drake made a simple comment about Justin’s music and the teen girl tyrants attacked him with everything they had.

Instead of getting mad, Drake Bell pulled an internet classic: he began to troll them, noting their lack of proper grammar, use of profanity and said that Bieber’s music “must be full of hate and rage because that’s what his believers are filled with.”

Here’s a screenshot of the conversations:


While a majority of the tweets just made fun of Bell, one girl may have taken things a bit too far when she tweeted a picture to him of her holding a very large kitchen knife.


It took Justin himself getting on Twitter and calming his semi-psychotic fans down.


While things simmered down, Drake Bell is still receiving these tweets on an almost daily basis.

Personally, I applaud him on his trolling. Bieber fans are some of the most crazed fans that exist simply because most of them are young girls who still have dreams of being world famous performers. They see Justin as their key and will do anything to get his attention. But sending death threats to another celebrity because he disagrees? That’s extreme, no matter what.

Bieber, you might want to tell your fans to calm down and read a book or something. Please, just stop the torment of innocent people.

Instagram: PopWrapped


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