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Empire: 02x03, Fires Of Heaven

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/09/2015 4:34 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 02x03, Fires Of Heaven | Fires Of Heaven
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On this week’s episode, “Fires of Heaven,” the lion is loose... Roxanne is still out to put Lucious behind bars for the rest of his life, but he walks out of court a free man, as arrogant as ever. The man has the nerve to call himself a god. Ew. He does a press conference within minutes of his release, with his minion (Jamal) but his side. There’s actually a crowd watching and cheering him on, too. Hakeem performs on Sway’s radio show (hmm, Jamal did that first, didn’t he?), and Cookie is obviously proud of her youngest. My, how the tables have turned. Sway actually calls Lucious on his cell phone and puts him live on the air. Lucious cuts the call short when Sway mentions Hakeem leaking his album. Hakeem starts talking about his girl group Mirage A Trois (Lord help him), and Sway recommends him bringing them on his show. Cookie tries to talk him out of it, but Hakeem doesn’t listen. Of course. Jamal invites the whole family to the house for dinner, and it is the tensest atmosphere ever. Lucious claims Cookie will be sorry for competing with Empire, and suggests she dismantle Lyon Dynasty and he’ll forgive. Who does he think he is!? “No, Lucious. I doubt Jesus Christ could save you without burning His hands,” is Cookie’s response. Cookie, done with it, walks out, but not before dragging half of the food onto the floor. Because, why not? Annika goes to Leviticus to see Lucious, who apparently invited her. He needs her help (?!) to get rid of Lyon Dynasty. She hates him, but she’s not exactly a fan of Cookie’s either, as we all know. Will she take his side and do his dirty work? We’ll see. Hakeem and Cookie are butting heads over producing a song for this “girl group.” Valentina is being a diva, of course, because she wants to go solo. This is going to crash. and. burn. (I will say, though, they sound good!) Lucious and Andre meet up for lunch (again...what is going on here?). Andre promises he has a good deal for Empire to own most of the urban radio stations in the country; he’s determined to get back into the company. Lucious wants something bigger before he hands out his “forgiveness.” Lucious plans on signing Frank’s daughter Freeda, but he isn’t in the office when she shows up to talk about her contract, and she doesn’t trust Jamal or Becky. When Lucious finds out that Freeda walked out, he blames Jamal. Lucious informs him that he wanted to revive a hip hop label, and Freeda was the key. Jamal doesn’t feel like he’s getting the attention he needs from his father, unlike Cookie, who was always there for him. Hmm, maybe you should man up and leave the devil then, Jamal. Annika goes to Cookie and tells her about the deal Lucious tried to make with her. Lucious wants all of the music from Lyon Dynasty. However much Annika hates Cookie, she hates Lucious much more. And Cookie can work with that. This is going to be one interesting duo. Lucious is throwing himself a welcome home party (rolls eyes). The only plus? Jamal is performing (with Pitbull) and killing it, as always. I want to be mad at him, but that voice! Cookie crashes the party (yas!), and makes it her own, introducing Hakeem to perform. And who’s backing him up? TIMBALAND. Hashtag winning. Mirage is about to implode, because Valentina is determined to run things and the other girls are NOT having it. Andre tells Cookie he still wants Empire back, and he’s not stopping. He tells her about the baby, too; she’s excited, and wants to know if he told Lucious--a grandchild would soften him up right away. But Andre won’t use his child as leverage. Rightfully so, if you ask me. Andre shows up to see Lucious again. He made his decision. Lucious’ reaction? He wants to know if Andre is worried that the baby will have bipolar disorder too. Another mental flashback confirms that Lucious’ mother had it--he’s terrified. Go figure. Lucious hugs and congratulates him. But he says that he realizes exactly why Andre is telling him about the baby. Andre denies it, but if it’s one thing Lucious isn’’s stupid. He rejects his son...again. Freeda is in a rap battle in her neighbourhood when Lucious shows up. The guy she’s up against insults her father, and she pulls out a gun. Lucious stops her from using it while the crowd runs off. She leaves with her friends before the cops show up. Jamal is having an issue with every producer Lucious sends him. Becky calls him out on his nonsense (I love her); he can’t make music without his mother, but he’s too stubborn to call her for help. Aw. Lucious pulls up outside Dynasty and catches Jamal about to go inside. He admits to Lucious that those producers aren’t on the same level as Cookie and he needs her. Lucious claims Cookie, as a woman, can’t relate to Jamal. Jamal insists that he wants to be Lucious’ first priority, and his father agrees...but I don’t trust him. Mirage has a huge performance, and Valentina hasn’t shown up. Lucious appears instead. The radio deal Andre talked about came through. When Valentina walks in, Lucious also reveals that he signed her to Empire. Did no one see this coming? Womp. That was cold-blooded, Valentina. Until next week, y’all!


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