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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Evil Is Awakened On This Week's "Resurrection"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/01/2014 9:30 am
PopWrapped | Television
Evil Is Awakened On This Week's
Media Courtesy of ABC

Samantha Stratton

Staff Writer @SammyDavisIAm

If Pastor Tom had any doubts left about these resurrections, they were all definitely erased tonight. Rachel is the third person to return to Arcadia. We learn that Tom used to love her. Their relationship only ended because Rachel willingly drove her car off a cliff. (Kind of a deal breaker, don’t ya think?) Tom let her stay at the church for the night, and tells his wife that she’s returned which, of course caused some drama. Helen, the annoying board member who wouldn’t let the resurrected back in the church, comes over the next morning, noticing that the church had broken into. She’s very insistent that she see what Tom is hiding in the basement, but much to her disappointment, Rachel was no longer there. (I see Helen becoming a full-fledged Dolores Umbridge for these Arcadian people.)
Photo courtesy ABC
It also looks like Agent Bellamy was right. Caleb did rob a bank the day he died, and when he returned he killed the man who spent all the money. (Really, it wasn’t the man’s fault. How could he expect that Caleb would return?) After the sheriff, Maggie, and Agent Bellamy realize they have found their murderer, another bank robbery goes down. This time Caleb does it alone, and kills another man in the process. While Ray calls in their father’s attempted escape, Elaine has a hard time believing her father is capable of robbing a bank. Meanwhile, Jacob’s growing appetite and lack of sleep is concerning Lucille, and after a complete workup nothing is found wrong with the boy’s body. Maggie does point out that he and Caleb both have this insatiable hunger, and that it’s probably somehow connected. We also learn that Caleb and Jacob are somehow connected physically. Jacob tells Maggie that he can “feel” Caleb, and they find him in an old factory just where Jacob said he was. We’re left with Caleb’s creepy words: “It’s only just beginning. More are coming. More than you could ever imagine.” Wow. I’ll be eagerly waiting for next week’s Resurrection, and I’m hoping that none of the others that have returned will become evil like Caleb. Also, the FBI is sure to get involved soon. Three people that have returned from the dead aren’t exactly inconspicuous. Need to catch up? Watch full episodes on

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