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LGBT / YouTube PopWrapped | LGBT

Exclusive: An Interview With YouTuber Kaitlyn Alexander

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

08/05/2015 8:14 am
PopWrapped | LGBT
Exclusive: An Interview With YouTuber Kaitlyn Alexander | Kaitlyn Alexander
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A quick glance at the YouTube channel RealisticallySaying  shows the variety of content Kaitlyn Alexander and friends provide to their 27 thousand plus subscribers. Subscribers can find videos where they explain various things from farting discreetly to reciting original poetry, covers of different songs, and, of course, the "Gin-terviews". So, where did the channel name come from? I can tell you this because 

I got the incredible opportunity to talk with Kaitlyn Alexander about their channel, some of their favorite things about YouTube and their upcoming plans for Couple-ish.

Realisticallysaying started four or five years back,” Kaitlyn explained. “I think I watched a Harry Potter movie or something and somebody in the movie was crying. But it was fake crying… like a beautiful one tear and I was like ‘That’s not how things happen in real life! That’s not realistic at all!’ So I created this channel. The first video I ever did was called “Like the movies” and it was this comparison of how things in real life actually are versus the way they’re portrayed in movies. It included ugly crying and texting at night, you know where in movies people wake up and go ‘Oh I love you,’  but in real life you go, ‘Oh god I can’t see anything! NO GO AWAY!’ I don’t know how it turned into what it is. It’s totally different and now my username makes no sense. And all of my social media is realisticallysaying and I’m stuck with it now.”

Even if the name doesn’t make much sense, one cannot deny that Kaitlyn has found their niche in being themselves on their channel.

“My favorite thing is simultaneously the most terrifying thing and that is just being able to be myself in front of a camera,” they say. “It’s so nice, especially with acting, where I’m used to putting on different personalities. On YouTube, I could literally just be myself. It’s a weird double-edged sword because it’s like I’m putting myself out there going, ‘Please don’t hate me, World!’”

Before it was their turn to have fans, Kaitlyn was as big a fan of YouTubers as any other person. Kaitlyn was lucky enough to meet Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart two years ago. They, a fan of the Holy Trinity, but Mamrie’s “You Deserve a Drink” takes the crown of Kaitlyn’s favorite channel. Other favorites include Tyler Oakley and Ashley Mardell as well as a recent appreciation for Miranda Sings.

“I binge watched ALL of her videos from the beginning and I watched it evolve into the Miranda that it is today,” Kaitlyn said with a laugh. “It took something like six hours of marathoning and I feel like I’m such a better person for it. She’s so talented. As an actor, I literally want to learn and study how she [Colleen Ballinger / Miranda] does it so well. I remember watching a performance of her singing “Defying Gravity” originally as Colleen. Then, halfway through, she put on the outfit and there was a second and then she was Miranda. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Their own experience as a fan helped prepare Kaitlyn for how intense things could get for a person with their own fandom. Kaitlyn plays biology major/unofficial truth speaker LaFontaine, in the series Carmilla, which is based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella. Despite having personal experience and knowledge of how intense or strange fandoms could get, Kaitlyn was still surprised by the strong reception of Carmilla  by fans.

“I didn’t expect it at all,” they admit. “After we filmed the first season of Carmilla, I was like ‘Cool, That’s a thing. Maybe a few people will watch it.’ And then it kind of exploded and I was like ‘Holy Sh*t.’ I went through and deleted like half my Twitter stuff. Then people started watching my YouTube channel and then I was like ‘What?! What’s going on?!’”

Carmilla has not only given their channel a surge in viewers but also was the beginning of one of the best dynamic duos to ever grace the Internet: Shartlyn.

Shartlyn is the combined hilarity that is Kaitlyn and their friend Sharon Belle. Sharon, who plays Danny Lawrence in Carmilla


will be co-starring in Kaitlyn’s next project and is also part of the reason that the infamous Gin-terviews on Realisticallysaying began.

“I had Sharon over and I was like ‘Listen, I asked if people wanted to know answers and if she wanted to have an interview [on the channel],” Kaitlyn said. “She said sure, so she came over and we were both really nervous so she brought the gin. And that’s how it happened. It literally wasn’t a

plan and I had no idea what it would turn into. It was a complete mistake – blame Sharon.”

The Gin-terviews have featured quite a few of their cast mates from Carmilla, with each different interview having its own dorky, hilarious nature. If you’d like to see the Gin-terviews for yourself, you can find the very first video here

Since there are a couple people who are opposed to the idea of Gin-terviews starting because of gin, Kaitlyn justifies that the gin part of the title could refer to the fact that they’re a ginger…which is temporarily false.

Currently, Kaitlyn is sporting a blonde look, but it was done for their next project: Couple-ish, a new LGBTQ+ series. It was written by Kaitlyn, combining the idea of odd living situations and the possibility of people fake-dating their roommate just for a show.

Since the project was launched on Kickstarter with the initial goal of $15 thousand Canadian dollars in June, it has surpassed that goal with a final total of $29,967 Canadian dollars. The series will be filmed later this year and Kaitlyn is excited for their idea to come to life. They will not be involved with the editing process, just focusing mostly on their roles and doing the project because its something they care about.

“It’s gonna be fun,”  they said of Couple-ish. “We’re crazy because we’re doing it in SEVEN days. It’ll be 22 episodes in seven days. It’s really nerve-wracking, but I’m pumped. I have to kiss Sharon A LOT. Sharon and I can’t take each other seriously so the outtakes are going to be the worst.”

Couple-ish is expected to be released on YouTube in September.

For more on Kaitlyn Alexander and company, you can find them on

their YouTube channel, Tumblr and Twitter.


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