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Brandon Jay McLaren Shares Insight, Changes For Jakes On USA's Graceland

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

09/18/2016 11:56 am
Brandon Jay McLaren Shares Insight, Changes For Jakes On USA's Graceland | Brandon Jay McLaren
Media Courtesy of Jeff Daly/USA Network

PopWrapped caught up with Brandon Jay McLaren this week, who talked with us from the set of USA Network’s hit summer drama Graceland, currently in its third season.

In the season three premiere, fans were surprised to find a somewhat domesticated Jakes, who had also taken on a more involved leadership role in the house.

Even though the first two episodes of Graceland haven't seen Jakes completely submerged in the craziness, there's no doubt that it's only a matter of time before Jakes is chest-deep in the twisted madness of a case.

PW: Does Jakes recognize himself as the ethical stability in Graceland and is this a role he wants to have? Is he going to continue to keep this sort of leadership role in the house throughout the season?

BM: Well I don’t know if he wants to have it, I think he has no choice. I think his Plan A is trying to get back his son, and sort of have that type of life that kind of just fell flat. So I think he’s just kind of latching on to the next best thing, the only thing that he has, which is now the house. If you remember in season 2, he really wasn’t into the idea of the house and often had the kind of sentiment that it was just a job; he was just there to work. And now you see him coming in and he’s very much sort of buying into the idea of what the house is and what it means. But I don’t know if that’s a choice; I think he just has nowhere else to go.

PW: We see in the first two episodes that Jakes had checked up on Johnny’s Tecate operation, and Jakes did make the decision to trust Johnny and let him handle it by himself. But we know now that Johnny made a deal with Sid behind his back. Will he feel betrayed by Johnny? Is that betrayal going to conflict with his desire to have a more stable Graceland?

BM: I’m not sure how much expectation Jakes has in Johnny. I think at this point he’s not expecting Johnny to change. I think he’s just trying to manage Johnny in the best way he can so that things don’t get so out of control that they can’t be reeled in. I don’t think Jakes is close to giving up on him yet, but I think deep down…he cares about him. 

PW: It’s been great to see Jakes change into this leadership role where he is checking up on his roommates and caring more about the unity and collaboration within the house.

BM: Yeah, and that’s what’s so great about each season. The roles do change in the house and people take on different responsibilities. They do different things and they sort of occupy a different space each season, and that’s going to continue on in this season. By the end of season three, there are going to be a lot of changes, some of them being irreversible – there’s a good ending to the season this year.

PW: We don’t have too much of a plot arc for Jakes so far this season, which makes me think that he’s going to play a crucial role later this year. I know you had posted some pictures on Instagram from the Everglades earlier this year. Is it likely that Jakes is going to go help Charlie with Germaine?

BM: Yeah, he does help. But just like what happens in the show is that usually everybody’s first plan doesn’t go as planned and then each case takes on its own life and turns into something else that probably couldn’t have been predicted. Jakes does go with Charlie and help her, but from that grows a whole other… another thing outside of the initial reason why he went to help. That sort of becomes Jakes’ storyline for the remainder of the season.

PW: I’ve also heard rumors that Jakes might be getting a new love interest this season. Are you able to comment on that at all?

BM: What?! Who told you that?! Haha, there might be some love in the horizon for good ole’ Jakes. He hasn’t had a lot in the first two seasons. That would be a nice thing to see; I’d like to see that.

PW: What else can Graceland fans expect to see from Jakes in season 3?

BM: I think with what’s going on in the house and all of the craziness and all the secrets, I think what you’re going to see in season three is people really drawing a clear line in the sand with what they’re ok with and what they’re not ok with. They’re really kind of standing their ground and not moving from that position. And that will result in a lot of conflict and people…are reacting accordingly.

What are you most excited to see from Jakes in season 3?! Let us know in the comments below! 

Catch up on Graceland season 1 & 2 currently on Netflix and be sure to tune in Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network for new episodes this summer!


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