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PopWrapped | Technology

Fellow Torrenters, The Jig Is Up: Anti-Piracy Software Is Coming!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


Updated 05/16/2013 6:04pm
Fellow Torrenters, The Jig Is Up: Anti-Piracy Software Is Coming!

Erica Wong-Den

Staff Writer

Cinavia Level 3 has officially been introduced. What that means for the average illegal downloader is that essentially, the party is over. Using an audio watermark that blocks playback (available only via Blu-ray enabled players), the software determines whether media has been obtained lawfully or recorded illegally in the form of hidden theatre capture or DVD/Blu-ray ripping.

But wait, there’s more! As if to add insult to injury, once determined that the playback is indeed unlawful in nature the software automatically redirects the watcher to a digital retailer in which to purchase said title legally. In a recent demo presented by the software’s creators, Verance Corporation, an audience watched as a pirated copy of Skyfall (recorded in a theatre) promptly stopped during an exciting scene and offered a chance to purchase the movie from either Amazon or iTunes.

As another bonus to the legal side, it could be a highly profitable venture being that Cinavia is estimated to block up to 157,000,000 illegal viewings this year alone. Coupled with device exclusive digital store opportunities (Apple offering links to iTunes, Sony using Amazon, etc.) the money will be flowing in.

Now, if only I could find a way to get the money flowing in for myself to afford all the movies I’m going to have to buy…


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