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FInd Out Which Liar Is The "Crash and Burn Girl" On This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/25/2013 2:34 am
FInd Out Which Liar Is The


Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Welcome back, Liars! As promised earlier today, I have this week’s episode recap all ready for you. Our girls are in way too deep at this point of the season, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better for them. As the season moves forward, more questions than answers are being tossed our way. Looks like the season finale will be a crazy one at the rate this is going. As always, spoilers lie ahead so if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, keep it moving. Let’s get cracking!

This week’s major plot points:

  1. Hanna’s world is shattered. Mom is still in jail, and Hanna is not coping well. She finally breaks down when Spencer tells it doesn’t look good for her mom. Hanna tries to convince her mom to plead guilty but her mom is not having it. Poor Hanna!
  2. Toby and Caleb team up to find out who A/Red Coat is. They manage to track down the plane that she used but get nowhere at first since the desk clerk at the airfield seems to be hiding something from them. Toby shares the lighter with Caleb, and they find initials on it, NW and figure out it’s Nigel West, the desk clerk. They confront him, and he names Cece Drake before running away. Caleb manages to take his phone and hack it, getting a bunch of numbers in return. All signs seem to be leading to Cece Drake at this point. Finally!
  3. Aria’s troubles grow worse as Mike gets accused by the principal for vandalizing Connor’s car. Byron flips out, and Aria really thinks Mike did it. Fitz steps in to help, which the principal tries to shoot down but eventually sees the light. Aria and Fitz have an awkward exchange at the end of the episode as she goes to thank him. The love is clearly still there…
  4. Emily worsens her situation by skipping out on the doctor’s appointment and stealing the key to Wilden’s apartment. The girls join her and find nothing at first. Then they stumble upon a packaged sent to Wilden from A with the following note: ” Can’t wait to see you at our little barbeque. Kisses - A.” Em’s mom gets suspended because of the missing key, which A knows about as she sends Emily the following message: “You crashed Wilden’s. Now I’ll make it all come down. Kisses - A.” Apparently she means business as later on that evening, a car crashes into Em’s house, nearly killing her mom! 
  5. As for the hooded figure, she apparently talks to Nigel beforehand (at least I assume) and then ends the episode by purchasing home repair supplies for Emily. Is it just me or has A gone off the deep end this season?

Quote of the night: After Aria finds his stash of pornos, Emily asks her, “Wilden’s a film buff? Classics?’ Aria’s response: “Only if you consider Lord of the G-Strings a classic.”

Until next week, my fellow liars. Bitches, beware! 




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