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Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x05, Corey And Raela

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

02/21/2016 8:10 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fit To Fat To Fit: 01x05, Corey And Raela | fit to fat to fit
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Right off the bat I am really digging on the weight loss expert we are following on this week's episode of Fit to Fat to Fit. Corey is a five year fitness trainer from Atlanta who apparently likes incorporate “real world” materials into his exercise routine. After a short montage of Corey stuffing himself silly (it is the main draw after all) we get to see him exercising at what looks to be a graffiti filled highway underpass. He explains that “exercise is his passion” and that he “likes to see his clients in pain.” Not necessarily someone that I would normally support when warning they like seeing pain; however, his demeanor is determined and extremely self-assured. Long story short—he isn't rubbing me the wrong way.

We soon get to meet Raela, a 31 year old woman who is just looking to change her life for the better on Fit to Fat to Fit. She starts off the episode at 237 lbs. and 5’5”, and I realize that I am essentially going to be watching a show about myself. (Did it get kind of uncomfortable in here all of a sudden?) Raela admits that she loves “junk” and not food. Ice cream, candy, sweets, fried items, you name it, and she wants to eat it. Again, this is hitting a little too close to home. Mentally, I may just have a lot riding on what happens with her this week.

Corey works his way over to Raela’s place (at what looks to be an obscene hour of the morning) to meet his new client. They’re cutely shy with each other but they soon get to the nitty gritty over why Raela chooses to eat like she does. It turns out that she lost her father when she was six years old, and that diabetes was something that members of both sides of her family have always had to deal with. She admits that “food made me comfortable.”Corey immediately jumps on this information and uses it as motivation for Raela. It’s obvious that she has a very emotional personality and that he is going to use that to his advantage as much as he possibly can.

Corey reveals his plans to gain sixty pounds, and Raela is horrified. As is usual with Fit to Fat to Fit, when the announcement comes it’s plain to see that she is really going to have to commit to this project--since she now knows that her trainer will be putting his health on the line for her.  I think that this is my favorite part of each episode.  There is no fat person in the world that would wish that someone would choose to be fat just to help them out.  As usual, stuff just got real.  They agree to meet four months down the road for the tough stuff and Corey takes off to the nearest doughnut shop.

For almost half of the episode we are treated to Corey gorging himself as if all junk food on the planet was going to disappear the next day. First it’s doughnuts, then pizza, then a double cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, quesadillas, buffalo wings and fries again. He’s starting at a trim 205 pounds and hopes to gain 55 pounds in four months. The overall goal is to hit 260 pounds. Past episodes have tried to milk this portion of the show for all it’s worth, but there’s no real drama as Corey puts on the weight without any problems.

He states that the weight gain is like he’s a bodybuilder “and this is just part of my sport.” At first he likes how loose he feels, since he can now just hang with friends without any restrictions on food or drink, but then he soon begins to get lethargic, moody and generally irritable. We are treated to an awkward interaction between Corey and his business partner (that seems a bit over the top and forced) but ultimately I get it—he’s in a perpetual pissy mood because of his weight gain. I get it dude. I do.

Coery gains weight like it is what he is meant to do with his life.  After two months he is up 32 whopping pounds and by the 16th week he has reached his weight gain goal. Hooray? He states that he is truly “over it all” and that he is living in hell. He says that he has a deeper appreciation of his old lifestyle and can’t wait to have his last bite of greasy fattening food (which is fried catfish, by the way).

Raela is back in the picture after four months and she is stunned by Corey’s transformation. She admits that she couldn’t stop looking at his stomach for the first five minutes. It is revealed that Raela’s goal is to lose 85 pounds in four months. Say what?! I instantly know that this goal will not be met and I’m kind of sad about it.  Corey takes Raela to a park where he immediately puts her through her paces. Remember, he likes to see people in pain—this should be interesting.

The workout is hot and painful for Raela and she hits her breaking point. Walking away from Corey (and his excessive clapping and chanting) she decides that she’s had enough. She admits to the camera that she finds him intense and loud and that she’s taken to thinking of him as a beast or a pit bull. Corey won’t leave her alone and after basically ignoring him and taking a moment she is able to pull herself back up to finish her workout. You go, girl! Corey’s voiceover lets us know that if “you fall in love with fighting I guarantee you’ll never lose another battle.” I love it. I think I need a t-shirt, like, stat.

After three weeks Raela has lost 20 pounds and Corey has lost 19. Can I just take a minute to rejoice that the woman is losing more than the man for once? I find that Raela is extremely inspiring and that she’s really going to do her best to reach her goal; which is great because it turns out that she’s been working out with Corey five times a week (two at the gym and three over Skype) and that she works out on her own five days out of the week. I’m tired just watching her--she’s a killer.

Raela soon hits a plateau and loses only three pounds over three weeks. Corey is concerned that her sparkle and vitality are missing and he’s wondering what’s going on. She’s just tired, man. Just tired.  Can’t she just be tired? Oh, and a little mad that it sucks when she goes above and beyond what she ever thought she could do and still being told that it’s not enough. It’s like a “slap in the face.” They have a heart to heart in Raela’s apartment and they agree to get back to work.

Soon, the four months are over and Corey’s looking mighty sharp. Of course he took off the 55 pounds he gained for the show and an extra five on top of that. He’s a guy that’s never going back to being fat—for sure. He drives to a restaurant where several of Raela’s friends are waiting and lets them know how very hard she worked (which would have been a great moment if I wasn’t distracted by the predatory gleam in some of the women’s eyes). I felt a little bit of alarm for Corey here. He needs to stop being so darned cute.

Raela steps in wearing killer red heels, smoking red lipstick and a figure hugging dress that shows off all of her hard work. She’s happier with herself, loves that she was able to give a great effort and can see all of the buildings around her now that she holds her head up high. Awww. She thanks Corey for everything he’s done and it is a really sweet moment.

Later, they meet up together in the parking lot of his gym and have a final weight in. As I suspected, she didn’t hit her 85 pound weight loss goal, but she did ultimately lose 54 pounds and that is nothing to sneeze at!At the end of the day it is revealed that she and Corey ended at exactly the same weight—199.9! If that's not special enough, the episode fittingly ends with Raela pushing Corey in a car. Boom!

And that is a wrap on this week's episode of Fit to Fat to Fit. What do you think about the show thus far? Let us know below!


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