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Five Actors That Should Guest On Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/01/2013 6:24 am
Five Actors That Should Guest On Glee

Bec Heim
Staff Writer

Well since Glee is still on hiatus until March 7th (don’t forget it comes back at 9:30 instead of 9!), there is definitely a sense of boredom in the air. There are so many unanswered questions!

And somewhere after “So is Rachel really pregnant?!” but before “When is Joe going to get a legitimate solo?”; there is a question that comes around every season: “Who is going to guest star now?!”

Glee is by association has an EGOT of guest stars. We have Emmy winners, Oscar winner, Grammy winners and Tony winners within the revolving door of awesome guest appearances on the show. I mean this season alone we’ve had Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson! Glee still attracts some amazing talent to guest the halls of McKinley or NYADA. 

So in preparation for Glee’s return from hiatus let us take a look of five amazing actors/singers that should guest star on Glee!

5) Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum has been in everything this year. Well not everything but you’ve seen him around a lot. However, one of the most well known aspects of his talent is his dancing skill! I mean hello he was in Step Up and well we all saw the promos for Magic Mike right? Hell the Oscars! His dancing with Charlize Theron was just absolutely gorgeous! He has some major talent in that oh so yummy package. Plus, he has an awesome sense of humor that would be right at home on the show! So if somehow Glee was able to book him what would he play? Hm. I would love to see him as Kurt’s dance teacher at NYADA but unlike Cassie July, he’s not totally jaded. OR! Again as a dance teacher in Lima, who volunteers his time to help teach New Directions some sick new moves?

4) Rebel Wilson:

She made Pitch Perfect for me! She has spot on comedic timing and a great singing voice to boot. She also auditioned for Glee and they turned her away! What were they thinking? Plus she’s already worked with Chris Colfer before in Struck by Lightning! We just need to rectify the mistake of her not appearing on the show. Now, who should she play? I would love to see as a NYADA student: a new member of the Adam’s Apples who Kurt befriends. Or maybe a snarky new friend of one Miss Santana Lopez because she has a great sense of comedic timing that would match Naya Rivera’s.

3) Justin Timberlake:

He’s Justin Timberlake! Do I really need to explain more? He is the Prince of Pop. He is a multi-talented guy! He sings. He dances. He acts. He’s actually an extremely funny guy! You have heard the music with him and The Lonely Island right? That’s hilarious. So what role should he play? He should play Will Schuester’s estranged younger brother. Dude they have the same hair. They even look a little bit alike. Plus, we could get a somewhat decent plotline for one of the adult characters for a change.

2) Hugh Jackman:

Again he’s Hugh Jackman. He’s goddamn Wolverine. More than that he is a trained singer and dancer. He’s practically a staple at the Tonys! His one-man show was sold out and not because he’s uber famous. No, he is an uber talented stage performer as well! He was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Les Miserables and he gave that role his all. This is probably a long shot but dude you have to hope for a little bit right? Now, whom should he play? Well he can play himself, Carmen did mention knowing him in “Choke.” However, that would not be as much fun. So I would say rival show choir director who is not a total asshat. I mean, most rival show choir people are just rubbing their hands together and cackling evilly in the background. I say, have a director who is passionate and loves music and wants his kids to succeed. But, who can also sing and dance like whoa.

1) Anne Hathaway:

Again another person who was in talks to appear on Glee and it fell through! Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway has to be on Glee now guys. She won an Academy Award for her singing! That’s is all everyone remembered. I cried during the previews. Not only that, Anne has done the teen route before; Princess Diaries or Ella Enchanted ring a bell? She is funny, quirky and an amazingly talented actress! I don’t even have to pick out her role. She knew what she wanted to play AND sing for the show. She wants to play Kurt’s aunt on his mother’s side. That would be an extremely interesting story to explore. All we know about Kurt’s mom is that she’s dead. Plus they are going through a family crisis in the Hudmel household (I mean HELLO, Burt still has cancer right?). That’s it. Hell, even Jane Lynch agrees with me. So yeah if by some chance one of the casting directors of Glee is reading this. BRING. ANNE. HATHAWAY. ON. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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