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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Flash: 03x14, Attack On Central City

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

03/09/2017 6:47 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Flash: 03x14, Attack On Central City | Central City
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Speedsters! Strap in! Things are about to get crazy for our friends in Central City! If you missed last week, here's a quick refresher: Barry and Co. traveled to Earth-2's Gorilla City to save our old pal Harry (oh, how we've missed him) from the clutches of Grodd. However, upon arriving, they learned that it had all been a trap so that Grodd could rise to power and attack Central City with his army of telepathic gorillas. Crazy stuff, right? Thankfully, the team was able to escape Gorilla City unharmed, with Harry in tow. Now, lets dive in, shall we?

"Attack on Central City"

We open in Barry and Iris's apartment, where Barry is feeling the romance and showing it. There's lots of adorable West-Allen banter before the couple heads down to S.T.A.R. labs, where H.R. seems to be feeling the spirit as well. Of course, Harry is not amused with H.R. and his strong personality and lack of genius and doesn't hide the fact.

In the cortex, the team marvels over H.R.'s decorations for what he calls "Friends Day" (the Earth-19 version of Valentine's Day). After their victory in Gorilla City, H.R. thinks they should celebrate, and the team decides to go with it. Cue more lovey-dovey West-Allen moments.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Wally decide to tell Harry about Jesse's decision to move to Central City on Earth-1. Though they're anticipating a bad reaction from Harry, he actually takes the news quite well, telling Jesse that her happiness matters above all else. Naturally, Jesse is suspicious of his (lack of) reaction.

Central City CW

Back in the Cortex, Cisco questions Caitlin about Julian and complains about his lack of romance. Caitlin tells him that his dream girl is right around the corner, and, right on cue, Gypsy bursts through a breach. Unfortunately, instead of kissing Cisco, she attacks, and Harry manages to shoot her before she can kill Barry.

With Gypsy safely in the pipeline, Cisco and Barry question her. She claims not to know how she got to Earth-1 from Earth-2, and they realize that Grodd took control of her after she tracked a breacher to Gorilla City. Sadly, this means that Grodd has found his way to Earth-1, bringing with him an army of Gorilla soldiers.

The team works to track Grodd and his soldiers with little success, which stresses out Barry. Harry suggests that they use Cisco to vibe the future so that they can beat Grodd to the punch. Using Wally as an assistant, Harry works to expand Cisco's visions so they can get a wider view of future. Iris asks Joe to rally the CCPD and Caitlin suggests that they ask Gypsy for help.

Despite Cisco's cockiness, Gypsy refuses to help. He tells her that she can help them to get payback on Grodd, and she's tempted but ultimately decides to put her own safety above all else. She tells him that she saw horrible things in Grodd's head -- his plans for the city -- and that she can't be apart of their fight. Disappointed, Cisco lets her go but not without a comment on how into him she is. Oh, Cisco!

While they work on boosting Cisco's vibe gear, Harry implies to Wally that he's sick and doesn't have much time to live, which gives Wally second thoughts about Jesse's move. Once the equipment is done, Cisco vibes an intersection in the city, and the team heads off to intercept the gorillas.

Central City CW

But, of course, Grodd is one step ahead and takes over Joe's mind, threatening to shoot him and telling Barry about his plans to destroy the city. Joe pulls the trigger, but, thankfully, Barry manages to push him out of the bullet's path. Barry realizes that the intersection was a distraction. Elsewhere, Grodd attacks a military vehicle, taking its passenger hostage.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Harry suggests that they use what little glimpses Joe remembers from Grodd's mind to determine what his next move might be. Meanwhile, Barry decides that the only way to stop Grodd might be to kill him. Of course, Iris is strongly against this plan. She tells him that saving her life isn't worth losing his humanity and urges him not to do it.

In the pipeline, Wally tells Jesse about Harry being sick. Jesse, to her credit, sees right through it and confronts Harry about his lie. He finally admits that he's not sick, and Jesse says that she's moving to Earth-1 whether he likes it or not. After that awkward moment, the team accesses Joe's memory, and he draws a picture of the mystery military man that Grodd kidnapped. With Grodd in control, the kidnapped general infiltrates a nuclear weapons plant.

Back at the lab, Barry continues to stress over his decision to kill Grodd. Harry calls him an idiot and tells him not to kill Grodd. He says that if Barry gives into the darkness, it'll make it easier to continue compromising his morals. He says that there's always another way. Cisco calls them to the cortex where they reveal that General McNally, who is now under Grodd's control, is in charge of nuclear missiles. Before they can process this information, an alarm sounds, alerting them to an active missile.

Central City CW

Barry heads of to the base, where he must try every possible combination of five digits to find the correct kill code. With only seconds to spare, Barry manages to find the correct code and stop the missile. Angry that his plan has been thwarted, Grodd orders his army to attack Central City.

The team tracks Grodd's troops to just outside the city, and it's not hard to see how outnumbered they are. Joe reluctantly concedes that, if Barry kills Grodd, it might stop the uprising, but, thanks to Harry's lecture, Barry decides to find another way. The three speedsters head off to confront the gorillas while Cisco heads to Earth-19 to try and convince Gypsy to help with their plan. After a little Cisco persuasion, Gypsy agrees to help.

Back in Central City, the fight begins between the speedsters and the gorillas, with Barry taking on Grodd. Just when it seems like the gorillas have the upper hand, Cisco and Gypsy show up with Solovar, who is angry after Grodd's betrayal. Solovar challenges Grodd, and the two fight, with Solovar coming out on top. Barry urges Solovar not to kill Grodd, and the gorillas head back to Gorilla City.

Central City CW

With Grodd safely locked away with A.R.G.U.S., Harry heads back to Earth-2, leaving Jesse behind in Central City to be with Wally. Gypsy also heads back home but not before sneak-attack kissing Cisco, who declares that he's going to marry that woman. Iris asks Barry if he wants to see what stopping the attack changed in the future, but he says he's done with that.

Iris arrives back at the apartment to find Barry with flowers and candles. He tells her that he wants to make the future instead of avoiding it and proposes to her, complete with his great grandmother's ring. But, of course, we don't get an answer.

Finally, we find Jesse and Wally looking very cozy at the West house. Jesse sends Wally out to get Big Belly Burger, but, before he can return, Savitar appears, and we're forced to wonder what will happen next week.

Final Thoughts

This was a really great episode! It's always fun to watch Barry struggle with morality when it gets in the way of justice -- not to mention watching Harry interact with H.R. was absolutely hilarious (although Harry could have been a tad nicer).

On a sadder note, I can't shake the sneaking suspicion that the West siblings are going to be a tad apprehensive next episode (you know, if Savitar doesn't mortally wound Wally). When Jesse mentioned the two of them moving in together, Wally didn't seem exactly thrilled. Likewise, something in Iris's face made me wonder if the fans will get the yes we're all hoping for. Either way, West-Allen has to be endgame. Right?

Until next time, Speedsters, tweet us your responses and catch up on The Flash with Season 2 on DVD or Blu-ray!


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