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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Flash has Things He Can't Outrun On This Week's Episode

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
10/24/2014 4:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Flash has Things He Can't Outrun On This Week's Episode | The Flash
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"We were all struck by that lightning"  is how we ended last weeks episode of the flash. This weeks episode of  The Flash is entitled "Things You Can't Outrun." We start the episode seeing Barry well... running but not to get any metahumans but to meet Iris for a movie. All seemed to be going well for the two of them until Iris gets a phone call from Eddie before Barry could say anything he is called by Cisco and Caitlin telling him that there is a car chase in progress and that he needs to stop it.  He zips away and saves the day and gets back just before Iris gets off the phone with her boyfriend. In another part of the town we see the Darbarian Crime family. They are sitting down to dinner as a family meeting commences. Before we know it there is a mysterious gas that comes into the room and kills everyone in site. When Barry and Detective West go and investigate the scene no one can figure out how the gas came into the room seeing as there was evidence of Cans being left or anyone leaving the room. Barry believes that this could be the act of another Metahuman and lets the S.T.A.R Labs team know about his discovery. Back at S.T.A.R labs Barry and the team tries to figure out things about their new Metahuman friend. In the mist of everything Dr. Wells mentions that there could only be one way to contain these types of Metahumans as a form of prison... The particle accelerator, when mentioned both Caitlin and Cisco freeze and lets Dr. Wells know that it has been quarantined ever since the explosion 9 months ago. That's when we see Caitlin worried and there we move into a flashback. This 9 month flashback takes us back to the night the team at S.T.A.R Labs turned on the particle accelerator, this is also when we get to meet Ronnie (Guest star Robbie Amell) Caitlin's fiancee. We see the two talking about what could possibly be about their honeymoon plans. The last thing we see on this is something going wrong with the particle accelerator. We are brought back to the present as Barry sees that the mention of the particle accelerator is bothering Caitlin. Meanwhile Joe watches a video of an interrogation of Henry Allen and when asked why his blood  was on the murder weapon. He explained because he was a Doctor he was trying to stabilize his wife.  Eddie comes over to surprise Iris but instead he is heading back to the crime scene with her father. Eddie wants to tell Joe about him and Iris but she is too scared to what he might think. That makes the relationship a bit bumping with the two of them that ends with Eddie telling Iris, that she is killing them possible break off? To get Caitlin's mind off of the particle accelerator Barry brings her to the police department. After whipping together paperwork for his captain,  Barry attempts to get to know Caitlin better by asking more about Ronnie. She tells Barry that Ronnie was the structural engineer on the particle accelerator project. She then tells Barry that she blames herself for his death because he wasn't suppose to be there that night.  Back to the case at hand the two of them find two DNA strands in the gas sample is in fact a metahuman who can become a gas.  Right as the two of them find out the poilce scanner goes off saying that there was an incident that is going on in the mall. Barry being Barry heads off to trouble regardless of Caitlin's concern for him. Barry bites more off than he can chew when he tries and fight the Mist (Courtesy of Cisco) Who turns into gas every time Barry takes a swing at him. Barry inhales some of the gas and heads back to S.T.A.R Labs the gas makes Barry feel very hard to breath Caitlin sedates him and he begins to heal. Once he feels better he goes to tell Joe the new leaded information. Back at his lab Barry and Joe have a nice tender moment. Barry tells Joe that he just isn't fast enough. Joe helps Barry with another hard lesson, somethings you just can't fight and that there will be always people and things you just can't save.
Back at S.T.A.R Labs the team finds out more about who the Metahuman is. Kyle Nimbus, a death row inmate that was executed by a poisonous gas the night of the explosion. Turns out  Ninbus was a hitman for the Darbinyans and sentence to death. The lead they get is Detective West which is Nimbus' next target.  In a panic Barry calls the office to find Joe. Eddie tells him that he went to go see Barry's father. We pan to Henry and Joe having a rough conversation together when the Nimbus gas appears.  As Joe is attacked The Flash finally appears. For a quick moment we see Barry take a look at his father possibly trying to think of how to break him out?. As he does all his father can see is a blur.  He gives Joe the antidote that Caitlin made for him and runs after The Mist.
Barry falls short for not being able to actually attack Nimbus as he turns gas everytime he strikes. Dr. Wells lets Barry know that has he has to do is outrun him and he is golden. So what does he do, he runs and lets be honest him not being able to get fatigued has its advantages. It works The Mist gets weak and The Flash saves the day again. Once down The Flash and his team imprisons him in the particle accelerator.
We near the end of this weeks episode with seeing Joe in the hospital, you notice that Barry is sleeping in a chair as he wakes up. The two have a good quick conversation as Iris and Eddie come in. Barry leaves the two of them to talk to Joe.  Little did Iris and Eddie know Joe had already knew the two were dating proving to them that he's a real detective.  Although he knows about the two of them he isn't happy about it but as long as Iris is happy he is happy for her.
We then return to Iron Heights for a little father/son moment once more where Barry makes us cry while the two of them reminisce about Barry's mother.  We then get a voiceover from him running around as he says that in Honor of his mother he will keep on running.  Now we are three episodes into the season do you really think the episode would just end like that. We see one last flashback: on the night of the explosion we see Wells go into his "Secret room" and pulls up a screen where he see's Barry from his Lab. He then watches as Barry is transformed we end the episode with him saying. "See you soon, Barry"
There you have it another episode in the books. What was your favorite scene from this weeks The Flash.. Comment Below!

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