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From Cloud Storage to Online Casinos: We Bet You're Not Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Device

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/20/2018 5:01 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
From Cloud Storage to Online Casinos: We Bet You're Not Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Device | Online Casino

When Motorola became the first company to mass produce the first mobile handset all the way back in 1973, customers could have been forgiven for thinking they'd purchased some sort of house-brick as opposed to a sophisticated mobile device. As we're all aware, mobile phones have come a long way since those dark days and the latest models are now essentially portable supercomputers with virtually unlimited capabilities. With the latest handsets often costing in excess of $500, it's important to feel like you're getting your money's worth by unlocking your phone's full potential. So, are you getting the most out of your mobile device?

Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

One of the areas in which mobile phones have really upped their game in recent years is the quality of their digital cameras. As a result, a fair amount of users are choosing phones based on the megapixel rating of the device's camera and using it instead of their own digital camera. However, higher resolution pictures take up more storage and we've all had the dreaded "storage full" messages when trying to save the latest meme or video we've seen while scrolling through Facebook. Luckily, there are a number of cloud storage services such as iCloud and Google Photos where you can back up your content and free up valuable storage space on your device, so running out of room is a thing of the past.


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Mobile Casino Gaming Is Better Than Ever

Many users are still avoiding playing games on their mobile phone because they think they're too clunky or inconvenient but this simply isn't the case anymore. A number of sites now support mobile gaming, especially online casinos such as Royal Panda and with a list of Royal Panda Casino's features laid out in various online reviews, it's easy to find a progressive slot or casual game which is suited to your taste. What's more, most online casino apps now offer promotions and welcome bonuses for first-time players and, with over 220 games designed especially for touchscreen devices on iOS and Android, the mobile gaming experience has never been smoother and more enjoyable.

Broaden Your App Horizon

OK. So most of us use social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter on our phones and some of us even branch out further when it comes to things like dating and music. However, app stores are unspoilt treasure troves which are home to a number of entertaining and useful apps which are designed to make our lives a whole lot better. Take Zomato for instance, which presents you with a list of suitable restaurants within your area, based on your budget and your food preferences. Or how about Splitwise? An app which allows to to handily keep track of your financial ingoings and outgoings while providing reminds with regards to who you owe money to and various different deadlines.

It's All There - You Just Have To Use

It Whether you need to download the latest apps to unlock the full potential of your mobile phone or simply fancy playing the latest online casino games, your phone is well capable of handling it. With a plethora of apps floating around the internet just waiting to be downloaded, the mobile world really is your oyster.


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