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Game Of Thrones: 07x03, The Queen's Justice

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
08/02/2017 8:16 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Game Of Thrones: 07x03, The Queen's Justice | The Queen's Justice
Media Courtesy of IMDB/HBO

So many pieces are moving this week in Game of Thrones. Are you ready for "The Queen's Justice?" What used to take an entire season to happen occurred within the space of an episode. And once again we say farewell to another beloved character, but more on that later.

In Dragonstone, we finally got the long awaited meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow. The King of the North accompanied by Ser Davos walks from the beach, towards the ancient castle, and is startled by a dragon flying overhead. Melisandre watches from the cliffs above, wisely choosing to keep her distance, she brags to Varys, who joins her that she finally brought together “fire and ice." See what she did there?

The meeting in the throne room is more ice than fire, though. As the two leaders trade barbs, Daenerys expects Jon to bow, but he refuses. Instead, he argues that they need to unite to face the armies of the dead and states that he needs her and she needs him, which sounds like what a leading man in a romantic comedy might say. Tyrion tries to placate the proceeding, but to no avail.

Their talk is interrupted by a messenger, and the Queen dismisses Jon and Davos after saying that they will be provided food and board. The two leave as Daenerys consults with her advisors about the sinking of the Greyjoy fleet. Only two or three ships escaped. Her allies are said to have been captured.

She asks if anyone escaped, we know one did. Theon is rescued by a one of their vessel he is derided by the crew though for cowardice.

In King’s Landing, Euron presents Ellaria and Tyene Sand to Cersei, Yara is there too, but she of course will be worthless to the Queen since she did not have a hand in the poisoning of Myrcella.

We have to give it to Euron in this. He really milked his entrance and was like a rockstar. Cersei meanwhile promises him that he will get what he wants, when the war is won. Later the Queen had the Sands brought to the dungeon she taunts Ellaria. And grants her punishment, she kisses Tyene bestowing on her the same poisonous kiss Ellaria gave Myrcella.

Weirdly, I was on team Cersei for this one. The Sands are pretty annoying really, and they have blundered in their actions too many times.

Cersei chooses to let Ellaria live so that she could watch her daughter slowly die.

All that torturing seemed to fire up Cersei’s loins as she proceeds to her chamber and pleasured Jaimie with her mouth-yes the same lips fresh from planting poison to a young girl.

Later the next morning, Cersei meets with a representative of the Iron Bank. He of course wants their money, but the Queen tells him, stay a forth night because soon she will pay her family’s debt in full.

Back at Dragonstone, Tyrion is still playing mediator between the two monarchs. He listens to Jon Snow and asks him what it is that he wants then presents this issue to his Queen. She is perplexed by the demand which is dragonglass, also known as obsidian, that is in the island. She asks Tyrion of his opinion on the army of the dead. The imp says he believes Jon, and advices Daenerys to grant it, for the sake of a potential ally for something she has but does not need or want.

She then later meets Jon and tells him that his request for the mineral is granted.

Back in the North, Sansa seems to be handling command well. Baelish then advices her to be aware of everything at the same time, and fight battles everywhere always.

It is a strangely coincidental advice as a messenger walks in and tells Sansa that someone has arrived at the gates. It is Bran a being who can see all things at once. Finally the wizard has arrived in Winterfell.

Later at the godswood in the castle, Bran tells Sansa that he can’t be a lord because he is the three-eyed raven. Sansa presses him to explain what that means. He then reveals somewhat the extent of his abilities, that he can see all. And this is where it gets really creepy, he tells Sansa that he saw what happened on her wedding night with Ramsay. Seriously? Little brother just told his sister he watched her get raped.

At the Citadel, Ser Jorah is healed of his greyscale thanks to Sam. He does not reveal what happened but then Sam does confess what he did to the Archmaester.

The learned man congratulates him, but offers no reward saying that not throwing him out of the Citadel is his reward.

Back at Dragonstone, Daenerys plans on using her dragons to hunt down and burn Euron’s fleet. But her advisors tells her that it is still too dangerous since it will take only one arrow to kill her, even if she has all three of her dragons.

Tyrion then talks about his plan for the ongoing attack on Casterly Rock. The Unsullied were to use the sewers which Tyrion was in charge of in his youth to sneak into the castle. At Casterly Rock though, things take a dark turn. Greyworm wonders why there are so few guards at the parapets just as he spots Euron’s fleet burning his ships. Euron is good and his fleet is unnaturally fast.

It seems that the Lannister army was pulled out of their ancestral castle to mount an attack against Highgarden, the seat of House Tyrell.  It is led by Jaimie and they are aligned with House Tarly.

The castle falls and Lady Olenna is captured in her chamber. With the wealth of the Tyrell’s, Cersei could pay her debts. Jaimie is courteous to the aged matriarch who despite facing imminent death still sports her sharp tongue.

Jaimie grants her a bottle of poison to be mixed with her wine. She drinks it all and delivers one final rebuke. Olenna tells Jaimie her part in King Joffrey’s death. “Tell Cersei,” she says “I want her to know it was me."

And with that we bid farewell to the Queen of Thorns and the end of House Tyrell. 

Cersei seems to be winning and outmaneuvering her enemies on all sides. Will a Northern and Targaryen alliance be enough to outflank her? When Daenerys arrived she had the largest army with three dragons, and now her forces are greatly reduced and her strongest allies dead or captured.

Maybe Jon Snow is right in telling her that she needs him.


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