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Get "A-l-i-v-e" For The "Pretty Little Liars" Season Four Premiere!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/12/2013 6:34 am

Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

Hello out there, all you Liars! The wait for season four is finally over! I know, I know, I too have been anxiously awaiting the return of our gang from Rosewood. So many questions were left burning in our minds with the bang that was the season three finale of Pretty Little Liars! Will this season be able to top that? Let’s see what our favorite Liars have been up since we last saw them. Time to dive right in!


The episode starts immediately where we last saw our Liars as they were about the open up the trunk of Wilden’s car that Hanna and Aria ditched in the lake. While everyone was thinking it was a body, it turned out to a dead pig stuffed in there (eww, no wonder it reeked!). Mona bails on the group as they opened the trunk, and Aria immediately thinks that Mona set them up again. Turns out, Mona had jumped in the car to try to save Hanna’s mom from trouble (remember, she was involved in a hit and run and there’s a video of her playing on a loop in the car). Mona successfully retrieves the video, and the Liars bail before anyone sees them.

The girls run off to Spencer’s house, where all the Liars gang up on Mona and play third degree, with Mona having spill secrets. Mona apparently had nothing to do with getting the car out of the lake, doesn’t remember Cece’s visits to her at Radley because of her meds and knows that Shawna and Jenna are afraid of Melissa. She also shared that Lucas gave Emily that infamous massage (jaw drops), Toby was recruited when he got that out of town gig, and that she didn’t push Ian off the bell tower (well, there goes my theory out the window).

The Liars awake the next day to find that Mona has left them, which causes them to panic. Freaking out was a bit premature though as Mona comes back with coffee and scones to butter up the Liars (she apparently has copies of their car keys and knows what they order). The Liars railroad her and demand she give up the chip containing the video showing Hanna’s mom running over Wilden but Mona refuses. She maintains that they have an equal enemy (Red Coat), and that they all need to work together to find out who she is. The Liars want Mona to give up everything she has on them, to which she replies “Mi Casa es su Casa” (cueing one of Hanna’s funny retorts “In English, please”), meaning they have been invited to her lair (can’t wait to find out!).

As the Liars make their way to Mona’s lair, they run into a bunch of cop cars at the scene of the abandoned car. They all think that it’s a bit much for a dead pig but then they see a body covered up in the street, which is revealed to be Wilden (wait, what?!). Looks like our Liars have been framed once again by the elusive A!

Back at the scene of the fire, Toby is still messing with the compass lighter while the firefighters are sifting through the debris. Toby catches a glimpse of a burned up red coat before taking off from the place (interesting…). Meanwhile, the Liars are at Mona’s lair checking out Mona’s evidence against them. They all agree that Red Coat has set them up and only saved them from the fire to keep toying with them. Mona owns up to being on the Halloween train and dressing up like Caleb but shows them that it was Wilden and Melissa that put Aria in the box to be killed via video. Before she can show them more, her computer gets hacked, and all her files get deleted (damn that Red Coat!).

The Liars and Mona then hear a little girl’s voice outside her lair and venture out to see who it is. It turns out to be a bunch of little girls playing with dolls named after the Liars. They ask where they got the dolls from, to which the little ones respond with “Alison”. The plot thickens…

The next day, Hanna and Emily are in Em’s room when Hanna gets a call from Mona about moving her lair somewhere until they can find a way to get rid of it. Emily thinks Mona is still playing them as she kept her gloves on while they were messing with the dumped car, meaning the Liars’ fingerprints are all over the car. Hanna intends on keeping Mona close as a means to get the video away from her. Emily’s mom then pops up to announce that Mrs. DiLaurentis was moving back to Rosewood. This catches the girls off guard as they all thought she hated Rosewood (wonder what she is up to?).

Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby go back to the lodge to check the ruins for the red coat Toby spotted. They are unable to find it but keep searching for clues about Red Coat. Spencer thinks it’s Alison, and that she’s ready to come home now. Toby isn’t quite so sure but is unable to comment further as Spencer notices that they are not alone. They both dash after the extra person but miss finding out who it was.

Emily spots by Alison’s old home to find Mrs. DiLaurentis settling in. The woman gives off majorly creepy vibes when she asks Emily to help her bring things to Alison’s old room. It turns out that Mrs. Di has kept all of Ali’s old things and looks like she is going to turn the room into a shrine of sorts.

Hanna gets all this information from Emily as she follows Mona out to an old farm somewhere to hide the Lair. Hanna still thinks Alison is alive, which is why Mrs. Di has returned but Emily is not that sure. Hanna isn’t sure that the hiding place is safe enough but Mona thinks it is as she reminisces about their friendship now that they are all in this together (that’s what she thinks…).

Back at Aria land, she runs into Fitz at the coffee house, leaving her feeling totally awkward (who wouldn’t be with their ex hanging around?). Fitz drops a whopper on her as he tells her that he got offered a permanent position at Rosewood High as teacher. So much for not seeing each other as Aria leaves the coffee house feeling torn up.

Spencer and Toby read up about Wilden’s murder. Turns out the guy was shot multiple times (Yikes!). He was also killed in a different spot than where he was found and killed during the time the girls were trapped in the fire at the lodge. Guess they won’t be using that as an alibi! Toby does get a message from A with a pic of Mrs. Di, which he lies to Spencer about (wonder what that’s all about).

Back at school, Aria pines away for Fitz as Emily debates on how much to tell Paige about what’s going on. Aria gets busted for looking at Fitz by the principal as he is now keeping an eye on both of them.

Hanna, on the other hand, seeks out Mona for a vent session, and the two agree to go shopping after school for comfort fun. As Mona leaves, Hanna looks like she’s up to something. Hmmm….

Aria, not too long after that, gets summoned down to the Vice Principal’s office. Wonder what she did? The VP proceeds to tell her that she lied to him and throws pictures of her and Fitz having sex at her. Aria tries to argue when the VP gets a call from the police saying that they have arrested Fitz since it is against the law for a teacher to have sex with a minor (been wondering about that for years since this show started). Aria freaks out and leaves the office to catch Fitz in cuffs (my poor heart breaks for them). Kinda crazy that they would do that after all this time!

Just kidding! Turns out Aria was dreaming while she was waiting to find out why she had been summoned (what a relief). The principal just needed to give her papers for her mom to sign as she was under the weather. Aria then takes this opportunity to send Fitz a text to tell him that she wants to see other people (wise decision).

Paige returns to Rosewood, and she and Emily catch up on what’s been going on. Paige has been offered a full ride to Stanford University, which she is absolutely thrilled about. Emily looks a little put off until Paige tells her that she wants Em to come with her so they can both get away from Rosewood and A (as if that would work). Emily immediately lights up and both the girls profess their love for one another. Emily decides to join Paige at Stanford provided she can get in. Gotta say that I love this ‘ship! So sweet!

Hanna and Mona return to Hanna’s house, in the meantime, after shopping. Hanna tries to keep playing the friend card with Mona, but Mona’s no fool. She knows what Hanna’s been doing all day and gives her the chip containing the damaging video of her mom. Hanna wonders why Mona is giving it to her just like that, to which Mona replies with that she really loved Hanna once, and that she was really her friend too.

Emily, on the other hand, is saying goodbye to Paige when Jenna slithers up to talk to her (gosh, she’s repulsive!). Emily tries to walk away from her when Jenna tells her that she and Wilden were friends once upon a time. She gives Emily a message to give to Toby if something should happen to her. Emily notices a burn on Jenna’s hand, but Jenna deflects the questioning about it by telling Emily to tell Toby that she never meant to hurt him. No good can come from that, I think….

Spencer, in the meantime, is at home pondering things when she notices Mrs. Di staring at her from Alison’s bedroom (told ya she was creepy!). Spencer then receives a message from A, with a pic of Wilden and the message reading: “Closed caskets keep secrets. His is open and exposes yours.” That doesn’t sound too promising…

The day of Wilden’s funeral finally arrives as all the Liars gather ‘round to see what A is up to. They all think that A has put something in Wilden’s casket that will bring them down. A mysterious person shows up to the funeral in a black veil, which distracts the Liars for a bit but they eventually formulate a plan to get whatever it is out of the casket.

Spencer is the first to find the casket or so she thinks as Mona pops up to where the casket is, apparently having received the same message as Spencer. They both hear a phone ringing from inside the casket and find it. Spencer looks through the ids and notices a bunch of blocked calls and one labeled “Kisses”. She calls “Kisses” and is shocked when Hanna answers the call. Spencer wonders why Hanna picked up the phone when Hanna asks why Spencer is calling from her mother’s phone! (Jaw drops again!)

Hanna appropriately freaks out but remembers that she spoke to her mom that morning. Hanna gets worried that her mom is new target for A when Mona assures her that they aren’t going to let A do anything to her mom. Mrs. Di pops up again, telling the girls that they looked wonderful and gives Hanna a backhanded compliment about keeping her weight off and that Alison would be so proud of her (nice to see where Alison got her bitchiness from). She asks the girls to sit next to her during the funeral (awkward). Especially when they don’t let Mona sit next to them….

The mysterious veiled person comes in and hides in the back, leaving the girls wondering who she is. Toby, meanwhile, is driving to towards the lair to bring it to A as she tells him via message that she knows what happened to his mom. We are then taken to a flashback with Alison and Toby in Toby’s house…

Toby and Alison are hanging out in Toby’s room, about to kiss, when Toby’s mom comes in all disoriented. Toby looks worried as Alison makes a crack about her. Toby gets upset with Alison and asks her to leave, with her calling him a loser in return.

We then return the present time where Toby is actually driving the RV lair and looking upset. He stops driving and ditches the RV, walking away from it.

The funeral ends and the girls get approached by a state police detective. He’s there to investigate Wilden’s murder and wonders why the girls are there if they didn’t like him. He walks away when the girls get a message from A: “The truth won’t set you free. I’ll bury you with it, bitches. Kisses –A”. Mona gets it too, and then they are treated to a video of the night they found the car, showing that A was there and saw the whole thing. Guess Mona is a liar now!

As the episode ends, we are shown that the veiled woman is part of the A team or A herself as she lifts the veil and shows that she is wearing a mask that has been burned (guess she was at the fire). The veiled woman then adds a Mona doll to the collection, meaning that Mona is now officially one of the Liars and an A target!

What a great start to season 4! More burning questions! What are the Liars going to do now? What is A up to? What’s going with Toby again? Guess we’ll find out next week! Until then, stay out of trouble, Liars!




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