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'Girls' Recap: Together


Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Season finales are sometimes like men, they come to quick and you’re left feeling empty inside. Well at least the season finale of Girls did.


Hannah is rapidly declining and has been in the same t-shirt for what feels like at least 3 episodes. She still has yet to find a pair of pants FYI. Taking a page out of my book she heads to the internet for some Google Diagnosing (Disclaimer: Googling symptoms is a very bad idea. They almost always tell you it’s some rare disease that will result in death). A wake-up call (literally) from her editor results in more stress when he threatens to sue her for the advance they gave her since she has yet to show any viable work.

I’m still amazed that none of her friends have called to check in, oh wait, that’s because Charlie is too busy going downtown with Marnie, priorities. While Marnie is enjoying her sexy time, our lovable friend Sosh is not feeling Ray. She has issues with his lack of motivation and it turns off. We then get yet another sexy-time clip. This time it’s Adam and Natalia and he’s back to playing it safe and keeping his dirty side at bay. Something tells me there is trouble a-brewing for some of these couples.

While everyone was getting their rocks off, Hannah has hit rock bottom. Calling her father in hopes of obtaining her advance money back, she is rejected. Her farther finally tells her what we all know, she’s a manipulator. She denies that fact and we see that Hannah’s humor has been hiding a scared and troubled girl underneath. Watching Hannah this season has really started to hurt my heart. I think it’s because on some level I can relate, but this isn’t about me now is it?

Flash forward to Marnie causing a scene at a restaurant when she accuses Charlie of just using her for some casual sex. Marnie has just become so damn likeable this season. She actually admits that she’s a mess and that she cares for Charlie. But in a quick second I’m back to hating Marnie. Charlie takes her back in the sappiest but cutest way. Her life is in shambles but she gets this amazing guy she casually tossed to the side last season?! Come on…

Determined to get his shit together to please his woman, Ray sets out to quit his coffee shop gig. He wants his PHD in Latin Studies. That’s the way to woo her Ray! Instead, he then takes a job managing the new Grumpy’s in Brooklyn Heights. He’s going to be the man in charge, head honcho. How can Sosh not love that?

Marnie finally goes to check on Hannah (I mean she’s locked Charlie down so she can let him out of her site for a bit). Hannah decides to hide and Marnie sees her open laptop screens. There is a single line typed out “A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance…” I honestly couldn’t tell if Marnie was touched or pissed by the comment, but she just took off. Not smart Marnie. Hannah decides to pull a Britney circa 2007 grabbing inspiration from a magazine. She takes to the mirror scissors in hand, when it proves to be too hard she called Laird (remember her the guy who sold her coke who she eventually slept with?).

Hannah then says something that I find to be brilliant, “You know when you’re young and you drop a glass and your dad says get out of the way so you can be safe while he can cleans it up? Well now no one really cares if I clean it up myself. No one really cares if I get cut with glass. If I break something no one says let me take care of that.” Laird responds that he has cut himself cleaning up the glass and then Hannah, after this brilliant realization of adulthood, insinuates that Laird can just have her way with him. Laird does not take kindly to this and tells Hannah just what he thinks. She’s self-involved, and she is rotten on the inside. He did have feelings for her but it just was too scary to pursue. Hannah is left alone yet again.

Also soon to be alone, is Ray. Soshanna sits him down to break it off with him. She tells him if he goes to therapy they can work at their relationship but it’s really his motivation that needs to be put in check. Correction: Soshanna busy hands and guilt needs to be put in check. But when asked if there was another man (A tall blonde perhaps) Sosh is quick to deny, stating that she doesn’t even like blondes… Doesn’t Ray know her? But still she wasn’t lying that doorman wasn’t tall or blonde… But her biggest beef under it all is that Ray hates everything but her. She can’t handle his black soul now but if he changes they can find love later on. Ray doesn’t take kindly and pins the need for change on her. She has some ugly cries and I do feel for her a tiny bit, but then I remember she got frisky with another man..

Still alone, Hannah has is starting to reach out. She tries Jessa who we haven’t heard from since stranding Hannah. You can feel the anger and frustration in her voice as she voices her concern for Jessa’s whereabouts but then changes the subject back to herself. Desperate for someone, she facetime’s Adam. He’s in a fit of rage knocking some wood down, best part is he can’t figure out how to work his iPhone.

I will admit that I was never a huge Adam fan but these last 3 minutes of the episode really changed my opinion of him for me. His genuine care and concern for Hannah is outstanding, Hannah opens up and Adam starts to run to get to her. He needs to help her with her ‘OCDC shit’. Meanwhile we see Soshanna making out with a tall blonde boy in a bar, and Marnie and Charlie looking oh so happy.

Breaking down the door Adam gets to Hannah and she is reluctant to let him see her but he does and she says “You’re here” and he replies with “Well I was always here” and then he picks her up and just holds her. And I felt like all was right in the world.

There are so many questions I have and ideas brewing in my head. Which to me is the best ending to a season. It makes me want to tune in for season 3 to see if I was right. Will Adam actually save Hannah or will she be too proud? Is Marnie just back with Charlie because the rest of her life has gone to shit?! Will Ray finally be motivated, or better yet, where the fuck is Jessa?!

It’s been a pleasure recapping Girls with you all and I hope to see you all back for season 3. Let us know your thoughts on last night’s finale! I’d love to hear em! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!) 

Instagram: PopWrapped


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