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Girls Recap: Video Games

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Like father, like daughter. This week’s episode of Girls gets an A for character development. I’ll be honest, much like I wrote Marnie off, I did the same with Jessa. She is wild, unpredictable and full of horrible advice. Within seconds of meeting her father, I got it, this is all this girl knows.  

Read on for a complete run down of the episode!

Ben Mendelsohn did a wonderful job as Mr. Johansson. Aloof and mysterious, he was looking to reconnect with his daughter now that he has been unhappily settled in the country for 2 years. Rosanna Arquette matched Mendelsohn’s eccentric-ness as his girlfriend Petula. Looking to escape the woes of her failed marriage, Jessa along with Hannah, head upstate for some family time.

I wouldn’t suggest bringing Hannah along to any family functions, she just makes things 10X more awkward. That was until I met Frank. Clad in jorts and a bright red mock turtleneck  Frank is Hannah Horvath’s awkward wet dream. Over a dinner of pet rabbit, we learn that even though her father reached out he still hasn’t really made any time for Jessa while she’s there.

Looking to let off steam, the girls are joined by Tyler, a hunky-yet-striving-to-be-ambiguous friend of Frank’s. The four set off for a night filled with reckless driving and whip its. It all becomes too much for Hannah when Jessa covers Tyler’s eyes while he’s driving. I’ll admit my anxiety spiked and I totally felt her pain. I was sitting in bed not even near a car and I had a sense or foreboding doom. Being the drama queen she is, Hannah storms off into an abandon cemetery and I am reminded why I put up with her antics each weeks, she makes a Hocus Pocus reference before sexing up a painfully awkward 19 year old.

When the awkward and unsatisfied (well Hannah at least) couple returns Jessa is looking more sullen than ever. She discloses her sexual exploits with Frank to Jessa, expecting that she was doing the same only to find out that it wasn’t one of ‘those’ trips. Forever making everything about her, Hannah explodes at Jessa blaming her for the shame and disgrace she feels.

The next day Jessa finally opens up to father, explaining just how hard it has been with him coming and going as he pleases. She has needed him, especially when things got hard with her mother. He urges Jessa to stay and take the late train now that they have been honest with each other and she agrees, only to have him ditch them at the town’s convenience store. The girls trek it back to the house to pack up and head for the train, Hannah uses the bathroom and much like her father Jessa leaves, only she left a note.

Hannah heads to the train alone and feels it’s time to thank her parents for all that they do for her crazy ass. They think her new found appreciation is only the result of her being low on cash or needed them to bail her out of some crazy situation.

Next week Hannah’s parents pay a visit and it’s sure to be an entertaining trip to say the least.

Other interesting facts I learned this episode:

Jessa loves a full bush circa 1970’s Penthouse

According to Jessa a clove of garlic will cure a UTI (Jury is still out on that one)

Complimenting a guy on his turtleneck is a sure shot way to get into his pants (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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