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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Glee: 06×08 The Surprise Wedding

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/22/2015 11:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Glee: 06×08 The Surprise Wedding | Glee
Media Courtesy of Fox
Hey Gleeks!  First, I want to give a HUUUUGE shout out to my awesome colleague Abbie Sedgeman for covering Glee last week! She did an amazing job! Don't worry, I caught up on what happened during "Transitioning," so I am all ready to get into this week's episode, "A Wedding." I admit...I have been waiting for this day for YEARS! Do Brittany and Santana go through with it? Find out by checking out my recap, below: Wedding Planning Brittana, their moms and Artie, the wedding planner, scope out a barn in Northern Indiana for the wedding, because gay marriage is illegal in Ohio (LET'S CHANGE THIS!!!), Brittany was born in this same barn, of course. Brittany is having some jitters, which is causing a bit of an issue with the other alums, namely Kurt and Tina. Unfortunately, Martina Navratilova cannot officiate as Brittany had hoped, but Kurt volunteers his day, Burt Hummel! The seating chart also needs to be done and Brittany has to use her math skills to seat everyone. Rachel doesn't want to sit with Sam because Carole and Burt will be there and she doesn't want them to think about Finn. Santana also notices that Sue is invited, but she doesn't want her there. Speaking of inviting people to the wedding, Kurt drops the bomb to Walter that he is going to the wedding with Blaine. Kurt hasn't asked Blaine, but runs to his apartment, tells him he loves him and Blaine kisses him. In other invitation news, Tina announces that she is going to ask Mike to marry her, and she doesn't want any chances to pass her by. Artie and Puck are a bit unsure of this, but Blaine thinks it's romantic.  She eventually wins Puck over, but Artie is noticeably a bit annoyed. Wedding Dress Shopping Brittany and Santana are also shopping for wedding dresses with Rachel, Mercedes and Tina, but it is very important to both of them that the other does not see "the dress." Unfortunately, Santana sees Brittany's dress and she freaks out. Santana and Sue At some point, these two need to talk...and they do. Sue knows Santana doesn't want Sue there, and Santana tells her if she shows up, she will be forcibly removed. The Wedding The guests mingle before the ceremony and Mike and Tina share a moment. Klaine chats with Burt and Carole, and they can't help talking about the possibility of their own wedding. (YES!!!) Brittany is still freaking out about luck, though Mercedes, Rachel and Tina are trying to keep her calm. She sends them out to find some good luck charms, and Santana walks in. Brittany gets angry, and Santana fights back, but has some wise advice, and suddenly, their luck changes. Unfortunately, at that moment, Sue walks in the door...but she is bearing gifts...Santana's abuela. It turns out that Sue used some reverse psychology to convince Abuela that this marriage is OK. Though she doesn't agree with the decision, she believes in family ( I need those tissues). Sue leaves, but immediately sets her sights on Klaine. She tells them there is an emergency and takes them to a room with two tuxes with Kurt and Blaine's heads on them. Brittany is there and she has set up a wedding for them, too. So, the wedding happens and Klaine and Brittana are forever together. Burt does an amazing job and has so many good things to say about love and marriage. The Reception Brittany's dad, Pierce Pierce, gives an awkward speech, then they get the party started. #OTP While everyone is partying, Mike and Tina are in a room, together. Tina proposes...Mike says he loves her, but he can't marry her. He tells her that there are a million guys out there who will be lucky to have her. She seems fine with just a dance. (Does anyone else think that's weird?) Back to the party, the moms take the stage with the Troubletones (I kind of forgot about them!) As the party winds down, Klaine and Brittana take the stage and sing for all of the couples. Tina and Mike have their dance, and Rachel and Sam dance, too, with the approval of Carole and Burt. After the Wedding After the wedding, Artie sets up a little snack and meeting for him and Tina. They have a great talk about relationships and Artie ends up proposing that if they are not married by 30, they will marry each other. They pop some champagne and toast their plans. Meanwhile, Klaine and Brittana meet with Sue in the auditorium. She has one last gift for them. She gives each of them a honeymoon. Klaine is headed to Provincetown and Brittana to the Bahamas.



"At Last" by Etta James - Sung by Artie and Mercedes -If anyone can pull off this amazing song it's Mercedes, and she does. "Hey Ya!" by Outkast - Sung by Artie, New Directions and Alumni - Typical "Glee-ing" of a popular song. It's OK. "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters - Sung by The Moms and Troubletone alums - Love it. All of the Glee mom's take the stage and it's so adorable. "Our Day Will Come" by Rudy and the Romantics - Sung by Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Brittany - I get what they were doing here, but it didn't quite make it to me.

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