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Glee: It's Not Me, It's You...

Jamie Harsip

Staff Writer

Dear “Glee”,

I’m sorry but I want to see other people. I mean exclusively. I want us to exclusively see other people. We’ve been drifting apart for a while, you know that. This has been a long time coming. Years, in fact.

We first started drifting at the beginning of season 2. It began with “Grilled Cheesus”. You really, really offended me with that one. Granted, you had offended me many times before, but this was kind of the straw that broke the camels back. As an atheist, I was offended. As a person with Christian friends, I was offended. As a human being, I was offended. But I digress. The point is, our relationship crumbled.

And it would have stayed that way if not for Darren Criss. Yes, it’s true, Darren brought us back together. I was finished with you, but then I heard that you had acquired Team StarKid’s very own Harry Potter, and what could I do but fall back into your arms? It would only be for a couple of episodes, right? Oh, how mistaken I was. As we all know now, you managed to hang onto Darren, making him a series regular. Touche, Glee. Touche. You had me hooked for the rest of season 2. And I don’t regret that, you know. Season two was…a wonderful year for us. It truly was. We had blazers, we had acapella, we had boys kissing, and it was wonderful.

And then there was season 3. I think by this point we had become too comfortable with each other, you know? I would watch you and you would give me the odd cute Klaine moment here and there. We got comfortable, and we got lazy. Occasionally you would give me some beautiful surprises, like “The First Time” and “Michael”, but for the most part we had lost our spark. I just didn’t see it then, and I’m so sorry. Perhaps if we had tried to fix things then, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

And now…season 4. Honestly, “Glee”, I’ve been worrying about you. Is it drugs? Is it Ryan Murphy having two other shows and pre-production of a film to worry about? Is it Fox? It doesn’t matter. The point is, you changed. You made Blaine cheat and in doing that you took something from me. You took my faith in fictional love. You took my childish sense of wonder. You took my Klaine, “Glee”, and then you never gave it back. When you did that you made me see what I had been doing, the relationship I’d been carrying on with you. I hadn’t been in love with you for years, “Glee”. It was Klaine for me, it was just Klaine. I should have ended it there. I should have spared you the way I spared “Gossip Girl” when Dan and Serena broke up.

When Dan and Serena broke up I watched for a couple more episodes, to see if they would bounce back. When it became clear that they wouldn’t, I decided to quit “Gossip Girl” until they got back together. I didn’t like anything else about the show, they were my OTP, so I just quit cold turkey. And I was fine. As we all know they didn’t get back together until the series finale, so I just never watched again. It was what was best for both of us, “Glee”, and I should have seen that it would have been the same with you.

Instead, I kept going. I kept my insane hope up that you would give me my Klaine back, that you would bring back the spark that made this relationship work, but you haven’t. And it doesn’t look like you’re going to, at least not this season. I realize now that I’ve been in denial, hoping and believing that, okay, just one more episode and they’ll be fine. One more. One more. But after last night…I have been disillusioned. It won’t happen any time soon. It can’t happen any time soon. Blaine, my sweet little cupcake, decided to “secretly” serenade Sam with “Against All Odds”, which is a damn beautiful love song. And then, in order to save face, he lied and said it was about Kurt. Since when did Blaine’s little crush warrant such strong emotions? Since when did Kurt become the cheap little cover story? I was caught so far off guard. This is the guy who was telling Sam a couple of months ago that Kurt was his soulmate. How could you do this to me, Glee? I don’t know. I guess you’ve been doing this all along. I guess I should have expected this. I guess I’ve had my Klaine goggles on for so long that I just didn’t see it, I didn’t see the chemistry slowly fade. But now I do.

But the fact is, I’m done playing games. Maybe one day we can get back together, when you finally see what you took for granted, but today is not that day. Now, you may think it’s silly of me to dump you over Klaine, but the fact is they are the only thing I like about you. I don’t like the old characters, I don’t like the new characters, I like Klaine. And if you can’t give me that, why should I stay? Maybe one day you can. And maybe, unlike “Gossip Girl”, you can give me what I need before you expire.

I’ll never forget you, “Glee”. You’ve given me so many hours of bad covers that constitute guilty pleasures, and hate-watching material. I thank you for that. Unfortunately, for now, I have to say goodbye to you. And you’ll be fine, you know. You have an amazing support system, and so many people who love you unconditionally. 

See you around,

Instagram: PopWrapped


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