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Glee Season Four, A Repeat Of Season One?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2013 10:13 pm
Glee Season Four, A Repeat Of Season One?

Nicole MacDowell
Staff Writer


I’ll be the first to say that season four is probably the worst season of Glee so far. I still love the show, but at least all the other seasons had storylines they followed. Season one was Quinn’s pregnancy. Season two was all about bullying and season three was about graduating and planning for the future.

Then we get to season four. What happened? We have random storylines going in every direction. People break up one episode and then a few weeks later they are hooking up in a hotel room. Saint Rachel is supposedly pregnant and some Gleeks say it’s Finn’s and others say it’s Brody’s. The New Directions are acting almost the same way they were in season one.

Which brings me to my point: Is season four going to be a repeat of Season one?

The signs are all the same. Pregnancy, lying within the club and even the timing of the episodes. So, are we going to see an updated pilot season, or is Ryan Murphy going to pull a fast one on us? Let’s observe the facts.


In season one, Quinn was pregnant. She got pregnant about 1/3 of the way into the season and she was the popular girl. Now, Rachel is pregnant and she has Brody, who has been portrayed as the hottest piece of man at NYADA.


Quinn, Santana and Brittany joined New Directions because Sue wanted to pull the club apart from within. They made up rumors about people and tried to destroy the New Directions. Now we have Kitty who is doing the same thing. She convinced Marley to vomit after eating to stay skinny, which cost the club Sectionals. She also tried to keep Marley from dating Jake. She is the mini-Quinn.


Regionals was the last episode of season 1, and they didn’t win because Quinn went into labor, preventing them from going to Nationals. In season three, Regionals was the 16th episode. We are now going into episode 17, with no sign of Regionals. The fact that Regionals will be happening so late in the season makes me wonder if the New Directions will be going to Nationals at all.

With so many parallels to Season one, it’s hard to think that season four will be any different. But this is Glee after all, and Ryan Murphy loves playing mind games with us. I think it’s heading backwards to season one, but I also feel like its on a very thin line of going either way.

No matter what happens, Gleeks will stick with the show and support it, even if we don’t agree with some things within the show. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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