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Glee: "The Break Up" - A Gleecap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/05/2012 6:00 am



Glee 4.04 The Break- Up

Well everyone, it’s over with. Some of us made it through the most anticipated episode of the fourth season thus far and some of us probably didn’t. I have to be a hundred percent honest and say that I don’t know if I am alive or dead.

This week’s episode was entitled “The Break Up” and it basically went down a little something like this:

Jake and Marley are cute and still hot on each other and apparently can relate on a level involving them both being poor. Brittany and Blaine see the two being cute and discuss how they should still be in that “everyday is Valentine’s Day” phase but can’t because their partners are far away at college or living the life in NYC.

As we will remember, Finn Hudson showed up to see Rachel and thought it would be a good idea to surprise her after four months, probably assuming she was just staring at the door waiting for him to show up and not making out with a hottie on the floor but alas, he was wrong. While Finn is looking rather fit after his time away at boot camp, where he was semi-honorably discharged for shooting himself in the leg and backpacking through Georgia on that injured leg, he came back crying about being a Lima loser.

Rachel tries to once again help Finn find his real dream that he STILL hasn’t discovered and also tells him that she isn’t going to let him go again. Dream big, Finn! DREAM BIG!

Meanwhile, Santana is back in Lima doing her laundry and visiting Brittany. While she is talking about how she doesn’t understand how Porcelain got that job at Vogue, Brittany reminds her that she can still head off to NYC because of that money that her mom gave her. Santana tells Brittany that she likes college and likes the idea of being able to come home and do laundry and because it’s only a few hours away from her. Basically Brittany is the best girlfriend in the entire world.

Brittany has also joined an after school club dedicated to the book series “Left Behind.” They have late night meetings at Breadstix about the rapture and invites a very concerned Santana to one.

*Insert Brittana mouse kiss.*

Kurt decides it would be a good time to call Blaine in the middle of the school day while he’s in the middle of work. Needless to say the call didn’t end that happy when Blaine’s “I love you” was met with the sweet, sweet sound of a dial tone. Ouch.

Finn goes to dance class with Rachel. I guess that’s allowed. Then he and Blaine break out “Barely Breathing” by Duncan Sheik. 90’s love. During this scene, we see that Blaine is getting his Facebook chat on with some fella named Eli C. Uh oh… Trouble in paradise — also known as New York City.

Back in NYC, Blaine surprises Kurt at the apartment to find Finn there with Rachel. All of them go out to a karaoke bar FANTASTICALLY named “Callbacks.” Rachel wants to sing “Give Your Heart A Break” with Finn but he basically just throws Rachel into Brody’s arms. Brody and Rachel sing the duet together while Finn sulks in his seat.

After that amazing performance, Blaine gets up to sing a slower…emotional..facial expression filled version of “Teenage Dream” to Kurt. It was…intense. Let’s just leave it at that.

Callbacks cools off and the couples all leave and get their chat on. However it turns into a real crap show because Finn asks Rachel what is going on with her and Brody and she says that they’ve only kissed but he was the one to tell her to be free and basically be happy. Finn feels stupid about ever saying that to her.

Meanwhile, Blaine tells Kurt that he was with someone who didn’t mean anything and that it was just a hookup. He did it because he was alone and needed him but Kurt wasn’t there. Kurt retorts by saying he’s also been alone but he wouldn’t ever cheat. Then they all sing “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt while chasing each other around.

The next morning, Finn gets up and leaves the apartment without saying so much as one word to Rachel. Sweet.

Kitty calls Marley “boobless,” and a slew of other things, and I’m sorry but I laughed.

Kitty is inviting EVERYONE to this “Left Behind” club meeting at Breadstix to discuss the end of time that is quickly approaching, according to her. This club is hilarious and absolutely ridiculous and I find it amazing that Breadstix was packed with people.

At the Rapture meeting, Kitty tricks Tina’s assistant, Dottie into going into the bathroom where they all leave and stage a fake rapture that is also ridiculous and funny. That humor quickly goes away when Marley and Santana are upset by what Kitty is doing. Marley tells Jake how it is about how she thinks he sucks for liking Kitty. Santana tries to get Britt to leave the meeting because she thinks these people aren’t good for her but Brittany refuses to leave Dottie because “being left behind sucks.”

Then Brittany says this to Santana and we all wept: “You left me behind and it hurt.” Then sees Dottie sobbing uncontrollably on the floor and says “That’s exactly what it felt like.”

Finn comes back to McKinley to be THAT guy. Ya know, the graduated one skulking around the school. The one that Kitty is probably going to make fun of.

The new school musical is decided by Finn Hudson who out of nowhere says “You should do Grease.” Decision made, Finn Hudson. Four for you, Finn Hudson. 

Will gets accepted onto the Blue Ribbon Panel to Improve Arts Education. Gotta find a way to shorten that name, you guys. He talks to Emma about leaving for a few months to go with him to Washington but she doesn’t want to because she loves her job so much. Will thinks he isn’t asking for much at all for her to leave her job for a few months and watch him do what he wants to do in NYC but she sure shows him. Four for you Emma for not sitting back and taking crap from Schue anymore!

Blaine sends flowers to Kurt. Kurt throws the note that says “Please forgive me” away in the trash. #shrug #hecheated

Then… came the scene that made me sob like a little freaking’ girl. I’d love to tell you about it but 1) my words would never do it justice and 2) it’s just something I can’t even talk about right now. Dramatic, yes. But also true.

(insert like…20 minutes of sobbing and recovery time here)

Jake was talking to Marley and Marley was talking about how crappy Kitty is but Jake doesn’t want to break up with her because when he’s beside her, no one makes fun of him. That probably made Marley feel really good.

Then in a mere matter of seconds, Kitty approaches, makes fun of Marley and then Jakes dumps Kitty. So..I’m not really sure where to go with that. Marley is really precious though.

The episode ends with Finchel on stage having a huge argument where Rachel basically tells Finn that she is a strong ass woman and tells him that she just can’t do this anymore, not now, and that they are done. Ouch. Finn still doesn’t know what to do with his life. Then Klaine, Wemma and Brittana all singing Coldplay’s “The Scientist” with flashbacks inserted into the song to maximize emotions and crying.

Whew! Talk about a gleemotional rollercoaster! It’s probably best that we have a hiatus now because I just cannot take much more right now between everything that happened and just the possibilities of everything that COULD happen!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the first four seasons thus far, or as much as you could since you probably cried the whole time during the last one.

Thanks to our friends at @TroutyMouthBlog for the great Gleecap!
************************************************************************************************ (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!) 

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