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Glee's Kadam: In Defense of Adam...

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/09/2013 11:34 pm
Glee's Kadam: In Defense of Adam...

Clare Sidoti

Staff Writer

I have to say from the start that I never imagined those words would be coming from me. I’m a die-hard Klainer: I fangirled when they got together, I cried and got through a bottle of wine when they broke up and I sighed through their Valentine’s Day hook up, so believe me I want our boys back together and believe that they will be eventually. However, I do have to say that I honestly feel that Adam is good for both Kurt and for Klaine.

Like a lot of fans I was wary about the introduction of Adam as a new love interest for Kurt. Yes we had Sebastian and Chandler in season 3, but they were never really any kind of threat to our boys. Chandler was like Kurt on drugs and too similar for anything to really happen beyond the innocent texts and it was obvious that he was just a plot construct to get Klaine talking about Blaine’s fears for the next year once Kurt had left Lima and headed to New York and to bring about a bit of “drama”. And Sebastian, he was just too predatory and overwhelming that while flattered, Blaine never looked interested in him at all. Plus in both those cases, Klaine was solid, together and in the same time and place. However, when Adam is introduced, Klaine is no more, Kurt is living it up in New York while Blaine is wallowing in Lima and following the revelation of Blaine’s cheating, Kurt is trying to move on. In short, Adam is the first serious threat to a Klaine endgame.

So watching “Sadie Hawkins” and the first appearance of Adam, I was apprehensive. First glance, I thought he was a bit creepy knowing so much about Kurt and always just being there. I also thought he was trying way too hard to get Kurt’s attention. However, over time (and subsequent viewings of episodes), he has started to grow on me. I do still have some issues with his character, which I’ll address later, but I really think that he and Kurt should be given a fair go.

Before you start throwing things at me, I’m not talking about a long-term relationship or even necessarily one where Kurt falls in love with him. I’m talking about a fling, something that lasts maybe a few months. Kurt needs to grow up, mature and see a bit of the world before he and Blaine can get back together (Blaine does too for that matter). Kurt comes from a small middle-America town where he’s had to censor who he is for the majority of his life. Yes, he’s out and proud, but he still has to be careful in every day life and always be aware of his surroundings. As much as it annoys me, I think it’s this reason that we never got much Klaine-affection scenes at McKinley – it just wasn’t safe for them. Kurt has really only had four possible love interest options while in Lima: Blaine (who obviously he was in a relationship with), Dave Karofsky (his bully and sorry to those Kurtofsky fans, but there’s something that is just wrong and Stockholm Syndrome –ish of that pairing), Chandler (he’s just way too intense and similar to Kurt in so many ways that it wouldn’t have worked) and Sebastian (again they are too alike in some ways to work and Kurt was love and romance and he’d never get that from Sebastian). So really the only possible match for Kurt was Blaine. However, now he’s in New York, a whole new world is opened up to him and he gets to met so many different people, from different walks of life and experiences, and he needs to take advantage of this and grow as a person. He needs to try different things and experience other people so he, and Blaine, knows that he didn’t just settle for Blaine because he was the only option, but because he was the only option for him because Blaine is his missing puzzle piece. And Darren Criss agrees. In a recent interview with E! Online, Darren said that “they have some learning to do on their own” and that the time apart will add “to who they will be together whenever they get back together”.

Kurt has always had self-image issues. Not in terms of hating how he looks, thinking he’s fat, ugly etc, but issues with seeing himself as sexually desirable and attractive. In season 2’s “Sexy”, he tells Blaine that he has “as much sexual appeal… as a baby penguin”, in season 3’s “The First Time”, he tries to be Blaine’s “gay-bar superstar” and starts texting Chandler in “Dance with Somebody” because he “like[s] the way he makes me feel. I mean, when was the last time that you complimented me or told me how special I was”. To find out that the love of your life cheated on you having only been gone for a month or so would have been an enormous blow to his self-esteem and self worth. Adam can show Kurt that he is desirable. That out of all the gay guys in New York, he finds him attractive, sexy and wants to be with him. Adam can help Kurt become comfortable in his body again.

Blaine had his “a-ha” moment for their relationship after he started questioning the relationship and turned to Eli C. That experience proved to him that he and Kurt were meant to be together. Now Kurt has not had that moment (no I do not count them meeting on the Dalton staircase as that moment as that was lust not love). He really needs to have that moment and I think it’s Adam that can provide that for him. By experiencing something outside of “Klaine”, Kurt can see that that is what he really wants and what he needs. Now that may seem mean and that Kurt is just using Adam. However, he’s in college, it’s meant to be a time to experiment and find yourself. You can have fun and it is not as if Kurt would go into the relationship with this in mind. The writers might, but not Kurt, the character.

Things about Adam’s character that annoy me:

1.    He’s not from Essex. I have recently lived in Essex for a year and that accent and that boy is not an Essex boy. His personality, accent and general being is much more from Surrey – sorry Essex boys.


2.   He’s too soft. He’s about three years older than Kurt but Kurt is the stronger character (at least in “Girls (and Boys) on Film”). I feel at this stage in his life, Kurt needs to be the weaker half of a relationship. As soon as Blaine had his first “a-ha” moment regarding Kurt with Blackbird, he has let himself be lead by Kurt… and not just in the physical aspects of their relationship. He went to Kurt’s Junior Prom though he didn’t want to, he changed schools so Kurt could have a “magical senior year”, among other examples. I would have liked to have seen Adam as someone who came in and swept Kurt off his feet, taught him about being in an adult relationship and puts him back together so he’s stronger, more confident and ready to fully commit to Blaine when the time is right. In his interview with, Oliver Kieran-Jones remarks that his part in “Sadie Hawkins” was rewritten and that in the first version, “they were originally more obvious that he fancied him”. Instead, and really this is only going off that last scene from this week’s episode, we have someone who appears to need Kurt more than Kurt needs him and is almost begging Kurt to be noticed. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the Adam as he was originally written.

In the long run, I can see Kadam developing into a great friendship where they support and are there for each other but realise they work better as friends rather than lovers. And I think the writers have set the seeds for that already. Adam wants Kurt to be happy and really likes him and I think Oliver summed up the situation brilliantly in his interview: 

"No one is ever perfect.  The thing about Adam — and Blaine in turn — maybe Blaine was right for him then and Adam is right for him now, or maybe Adam is right for him for 3 months and then Blaine will be right forever. Or maybe they will outgrow each other and Adam and Kurt will be forever. But actually I don’t actually think you can tell that until you see how the relationship blossoms."

What fans need to remember is that Ryan Murphy has basically told us that Klaine is endgame so we need to put our trust, as hard as that is, in him and to not jump to conclusions and watch and see what happens. Kadam could prove to be vital and extremely beneficial for the Klaine relationship. Just think how great the moment will be when Kurt realises that Blaine is the one for him after everything – the pay-off will make this hardship so worth it.

But most importantly, remember that as invested as people are in these people’s lives, they are just fictional characters and that the actors that portray them have no real say or influence on what their characters do. They are just doing their job to the best of their ability and it’s fine to dislike a character and what they may or may not do, but to attack someone for just doing their job is just not cool. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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