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Glee's "Shooting Star" Aims High: The Shot Heard Around The World

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/12/2013 4:11 am

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Hello everyone. Welcome to this week’s Glee recap for “Shooting Star”. Before I proceed with the recap, I feel like I should address that this will be a departure from my usual recap style.

For the most part, I try to keep things on a humorous slant toward the show. The recaps I write are meant to entertain and get people laughing. Due to the subject matter of the episode “Shooting Star” (and the majority of you who have an online presence pretty much have figured it out), I will not be as joking in the recap out of respect.

Like the Karofsky suicide attempt in “On My Way”, tonight’s episode is dealing with a terrible, and sadly possible reality for teenagers today. It is a hot button issue especially on the heels of Sandy Hook and talks in Congress about gun control.

If Glee does debase it or make it stupid then believe me I will gladly rip it a new one. However, given that it has dealt with controversial and sensitive subject matter to varying degrees of success in the past… I am hopeful that the show will tackle it with due sensitivity.

However, if you do read this recap regularly, I feel like I should throw my two cents on my feelings of Glee covering this topic along with a warning that the tone of this recap (and what I’m sure other recaps are going to look like) will be a bit more morose.

So grab your tissues and hold your pillow close, let’s recap “Shooting Star”.


Last Chance Week: Brittany has declared that an asteroid is coming to Earth to kill them all. However, it was just a ladybug on her Pringles can telescope that proved her wrong. Still in a moment of humoring her and to get prep time for Regionals, Mister Schue has declared it Last Chance Week.

Catfish-Not Just Delicious When Fried Anymore: Ryder thinks he finally met his mystery girl “Katie”. However, “Katie” turns out to be Marissa, who seems really nice. However, her pic was just used to create a fake profile for “Katie”. Still Ryder wants to know who his dream girl is. So they set a meeting outside the choir room at 3:30 the next day. She never shows. However, we know it’s a girl or guy in New Directions. (My money is on Unique.) Who is it really though? No one knows.

Beiste and Will: Beiste is back and is awesome. She also takes Will’s lesson plan to heart. She thinks that they are both single right now and sets up a romantic dinner together. Their friendship is adorable when we get to see it onscreen. Shannon confesses that she kind of wants them to be more than friends. Will is actually very sweet about letting her down gently. After the incident, he sets up an online profile for her, and she gets a match from former Coach Tanaka who lives in Oregon. Beiste does not look thrilled by the idea. But we get an adorable friendship moment of them saying they love each other and hugging.

The Incident: In the most intense fifteen minutes in the history of the show, they hear two gunshots go off in the school. Beiste and Will go right off into action: sealing up the choir room and getting the kids into hiding spots. They make sure that they remain quiet just in case. We see the school totally deserted. There is this strange and almost alien feeling throughout the whole scene. There is no music. It’s all very quiet except for the ticking of a metronome. The choir room feels claustrophobic. Honestly, the actors give some of the best performances I have ever seen on the show. Kitty tearfully confesses to Marley what she did to her costumes. Sam keeps trying to break out to get to Brittany because she’s all alone out there. Marley can’t reach her mom who is hiding in the cafeteria. The panic and the tension in the room is just spine chilling and intense. We cut to Brittany in the bathroom. It is just silence, but wonderfully well acted. Especially when we cut to Tina outside, who is having a nervous breakdown because he friends are in there. Artie records final last messages just in case, which are utterly heartbreaking. Mister Schue goes to get Brittany and two other students hiding in the bathroom. They are able to sneak back to the choir room while the SWAT team comes in to check out the school. We can finally breathe again when we hear the “all clear”. Everyone in the room hugs, and we want to be a part of that hug too.

The Aftermath: Understandably, there are locker checks and metal detectors the next day at McKinley. Will says that the kids lost some of their innocence yesterday. Beiste can’t help but agree. Sue, however, tries to brush the incident off and when she can’t, she says it’s her gun. She says that it accidentally went off when she was checking it, and that she was scared to come forward. Figgins says that she is going to lose her job for this. We later find out via flashback that it was Becky who brought the gun because she was scared about going out into the real world. It accidentally fired twice. Sue still ends up getting fired. The students also try to process what happened to them. Sam gives Brittany Lady Tubbington. Tina resolves to be a better person and less of a bitch. There are just a lot of small moments as they try to process what has happened which are even better.

Random Thoughts/Moments

They put a warning about the episode! Thank God.

Hoosier daddies and Nun Touchables, oh the bad puns!

Oh how did you find out about the asteroid Brittany?

Will? Why are you feeding into this?

Ryder and Jake’s bromance is still sweet.

KKKK? Ooookay. That actually is kind of funny.

Ryder you’re going to sing a song to some poor girl who isn’t Katie, aren’t you?

Hey! Brad’s back.

This girl isn’t Katie is she? I kind of feel really bad for her and Ryder.

Band people looking awkward. I don’t think they ever got a close-up.

I think the shooting of the episode. It’s very claustrophobic which fits in with the theme of the episode.

Awww. Beiste!

Will and Bieste watch Disney and The Godfather together? I want to see more of their amazing friendship.

Wait. Where did she cook the pasta?

Really? Will and Emma have broken up officially? I thought they were okay.

Oh. Poor Beiste she’s embarrassed about that. My sympathies to her.

I like how the Ryder and “Katie” scene was shot with the profiles.

The astronomy club is Brett’s community service? How?

Becky and Brittany are so sweet together.

Here it comes.

That was the most powerfully intense thing I ever witnessed on the show. I’m shaking right now. And I just let out a huge breath that I was holding.

No one is allowed to complain about Will ever again.


The reaction post-incident felt very true to life with the metal dectors and the like.

Okay. I laughed at the Kitty snark. I needed to laugh.

Hi Ken Tanaka. Beiste and Will love is adorable.

Aw. Lord Tubbington is getting a Lady.

Oh Sue. Oh Becky.

Sue is coming back. She is definitely coming back.


Your Song” sung by Ryder Lynn: Blake Jenner’s voice actually sounded really good here. Rock is really his wheelhouse. Or maybe he just does Elton John. I prefer this vastly over to “I Only Have Eyes For You” from Sadie Hawkins. The whole scene feels awkward and at the same time genuine. But yeah when we learn that “Katie” is really Marissa you feel for Blake. However, he totally nailed that song with his amazing vocals.


More Than Words” sung by Brittany Pierce and Sam Evans with New Directions: Uh…I don’t really remember this number. Which is really bad to say, but I think you guys can forgive me. It was kind of weird that Brittany sang to Lord Tubbington and roped New Directions into doing it. However, it was also a really sweet gesture. I remember that everyone sounded okay, but the song was just kind of forgotten with what happened following it. Good, but not the best thing the show has ever put out.


Say” sung by New Directions: Glee is really bringing us some great ending numbers this season guys. I have loved all of them. But I think this is going to be the standout song from tonight’s episode. It was very quiet, gentle and intimate. After the claustrophobic nature from the incident, this number had a lot of open air and space that I felt was a good juxtaposition from the tenseness. It also made me bawl like a baby. Plus what followed it, more of the little messages Artie shot, people saying what they needed to say was just…I can’t even.


My Opinion (Because this glee-cap needs it)

Don’t expect this every week guys. However, since this episode is going to be one of the more controversial episodes of Glee. I feel like I should share my opinion for whatever it’s worth.

I liked it. I actually thought this was one of the best episodes of Glee that I have ever seen. This was what “On My Way” should have been with the Karofsky suicide attempt plot. It should have had a whole episode dedicated to it. This is how Quinn’s texting and driving or Beiste’s domestic violence should have been handled instead of just shoved in there haphazardly.

This episode was well written, AMAZINGLY directed, and the cast blew everything out of the water. I was crying during it like hard core. I was shaking. Sometimes, Glee isn’t the best written show on television. It’s flawed and those flaws drive us insane. It drives me insane because, well as an English major I like consistent stories. However, I will always stand by the fact that Glee isn’t really about writing or anything like that. It’s about those emotional rollercoasters you go on as a teenager. It reaches into your feelings place and makes you react instead of think. It’s not a cerebral show. It’s an emotional show, which is what I love about it.

I don’t think during Glee. I react. Then after the show I go back and analyze those reactions. This one made me react. My eyes are puffy from crying. My hands shook for awhile afterwards. I was invested. I was on the edge of my seat. It had me hooked and I liked that about this episode. It gave the real attention to those moments and the aftermath of the incident. It felt realistic. At least to me it did. It got all of the silliness out of the way and just focused on what needed to be focused on. If they used that focus last season than well season three would have probably been a lot better.

The only issue I have with it was that Becky was the one who shot the gun. It was an accident. However, it just didn’t feel like it was in Becky’s character. Also, some friends are mad that it was the girl with Downs Syndrome who accidentally fired the gun. That didn’t factor in for me because Becky is a character who happens to have Downs Syndrome. She’s always had her own motivations and actions. Her bringing a gun to school…it just didn’t feel right to me about her as a character. However, I do understand that there are not a lot of well established teen supporting characters at McKinley like Becky. Still…I feel conflicted on that part.

However, I feel like this who episode was really really good. I don’t feel like it was disrespectful in anyway. I wasn’t offended by it. They put up a warning to the audience before the episode aired. The tone shift stayed for the rest of the episode. I can’t fault it. It grabbed me in my feelings place, and it’s not letting go at all.

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