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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 12x20, Trigger Happy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/23/2016 7:12 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x20, Trigger Happy | Trigger Happy
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hi Grey's Anatomy fam! After last week's insanely dramatic episodes, I am ready for something a little more low-key in this week's episode, "Trigger Happy." Will Shonda deliver? Probably not. This IS Grey's Anatomy, after all. Unfortunately, I see some bad things coming in the future for Callie and Arizona when I look into my crystal ball. What's going on? Check it out, below:

Callie and Arizona

The exes meet in a coffee shop, and Callie drops the news that she has picked out some schools for Sophia in New York. This blind-sides Arizona, and she tells Callie that she should go and be happy, but she's not taking Sophia. Callie says they are here to talk about this, and they should talk. They continue to do so as they get to work, and Callie offers the school brochures, just so Arizona can take a look, but Arizona refuses to take them and walks away. Arizona later talks to Richard about the situation, and he advises her to try to work it out without lawyers, as he has seen what can happen after watching April and Jackson.

Callie tells Bailey that she is leaving the hospital for New York, that she has a couple of job offers, and that she plans on taking Sophia. Bailey, however, tells her she is crazy. Callie is a chief, Penny is a resident, and she doesn't understand why Callie would give up on her career to "chase tail across the country." Callie gets angry, however, and tells Bailey she doesn't need her judgment; Arizona has that covered.

Callie, later, comes to Arizona and says she is sorry that she has been so pushy, and she doesn't mean to cause any problems. Arizona interrupts her, however, and says the Barton School -- one of the schools Callie was trying to get Sophia into -- called Arizona about her application. Arizona then tells Callie she can talk to her lawyer about this from now on.


Edwards is still getting sexts from her rock star, Kyle, and gets a text that he wants to meet her for dinner, but she's not really into doing it.

She is still working with Mer, and Sheila, their patient, tells them about her boyfriend, James, who she has never met in person. He is coming to the hospital for her surgery, which will remove a benign tumor.

As Sheila is prepped and ready for surgery, and she gets a text that her boyfriend is in the hospital, and he brought her irises, which she loves. However, an older, chubby, bald man walks in with the flowers and introduces himself as James. Obviously, Sheila has been catfished. She gets angry and starts screaming at him to get out.

As they roll Sheila to surgery, her anger is apparent, but she is cut off by the appearance of Kyle, who wants to see Edwards. Edwards is a bit harsh with Kyle, but he just gives her a smirk as the elevator doors close.

After Sheila's surgery, James meets Mer and Edwards in the hall to ask about Sheila. They tell him that she doesn't want to see him and what he did was wrong. He said he knows, but he loves her, and when he found out she was dying, he had to see her ... except Edwards reveals the tumor was benign, and the odds that it would kill her were extremely low ... James barges into Sheila's room, and it is obvious that they have lied to each other.

Mer send Edwards off on her date, and Kyle takes her to a recording studio to show her where he feels truly like himself. Of course, they start getting it on.

April, Alex, Jo, Owen, and Amelia

Two frantic women, Patricia and Danielle, rush into the hospital. They have received calls that one of their boys may have been shot; however, they do not know whose son it is, as they were both playing together. It turns out Brandon, Patricia's son, was shot, and Peter, Danielle's 8-year-old son, arrives in a police car.

Brandon's spinal cord was severed by the bullet, and he may be paralyzed. At this moment, the babysitter comes into the hospital, and Patricia asks if they caught the person who shot Brandon. Shocked, the babysitter says "No. The boys found your gun."

Danielle didn't even know Patricia had a gun, and Peter asks if he killed his friend. The gun was locked up, but the boys still were able to get it. While in surgery, the docs, including Owen, who does not have a gun, and Jo, who does have a gun, start talking about the pros and cons of gun ownership.

Maggie, later, confronts the babysitter about why she wasn't doing her job and watching the boys. Riggs steps in and calls her away, however, as the babysitter gets visibly upset. Maggie realizes that she is being a bit harsh on the girl, apologizes, and asks if her mom coming for her. It turns out, though, that she gets really worried when watching Mer's kids, and she knows the same thing could have happened to her. She later reveals to Mer that she doesn't know what she would do if something happened to one of the kids.

Amelia, Owen, and crew rush Brandon to surgery and find that his spinal cord is still intact but surgery could cause paralysis. There is also a brace option, but that, too, could cause paralysis. She talks to his parents about their options, and they opt for the surgery. Danielle, meanwhile, asks if Brandon is going to live, and she is visibly angry that her son could be labeled a murderer due to Patricia's gun.

Brandon starts losing his heartbeat in surgery, and the docs have to shock him to regain it. However, Amelia is not done fixing the spinal cord, and she says, if they shock him, he will move, and he will certainly never walk again. She begs for time, but the heart beat gets more erratic, and they have no choice but to shock him.

After surgery, Alex and Amelia meet with Brandon's parents, and tell them that it is unlikely that he will walk again, but he will go through physical and occupational therapy. Amelia goes to Peter and tells him that Brandon didn't die. He is upset that his friend won't walk, but Amelia talks to him and tells him it was only an accident.

Later that night, Alex and Jo have a discussion about her gun, and she explains that it always made her feel safe, but, after tonight and seeing Brandon, she doesn't want it anymore.

Jackson and Ben

In the continuing saga of Ben, he tells Jackson that he is going to try to get work at the hospital as an anesthesiologist, as that is what he did before entering the residency program. Ben tells Bailey, and she says no. He tells her that she is only in charge of surgery, not anesthesiology, so she doesn't have a say in it. She tells him that he is right, he can do it, but, if he does, he better find a new place to sleep.

He does it anyway.

April and Jackson

Oh, and April has a prenatal appointment, and Jackson awkwardly asks if she will let him know what the doctor said as soon as she is done. That night, however, she asks him to come with her, and he accepts.

Yes, this episode of Grey's Anatomy was a bit more tame, but, knowing Shonda, she is just getting us ready for a showdown between Arizona and Callie -- and that's exactly what seems to be going on next week. Will you join me?


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