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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Callie And Arizona 'Bend And Break' On This Week's Grey's Anatomy

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/25/2014 8:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Callie And Arizona 'Bend And Break' On This Week's Grey's Anatomy | Grey's Anatomy
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Another week, another Grey's Anatomy episode. This week's "Bend & Break" emphasizes Callie and Arizona mostly, giving us a break from the Meredith-centric scripts of this season. It all begins with a metaphor about the point of no return, which is often death for our beloved doctors. There's a deeper meaning, though. We all know Callie and Arizona's relationship is full of issues now that they want another baby and they're super busy at work. While in marriage counseling, a break is suggested and Arizona wants in, despite Callie's doubts. Thirty days, same house, different bedrooms, no talking, no sex - at all. Next thing we see them at work, both trying to get things done. Arizona gives Alex Karev some assistance in pediatrics, while her fellowship commitments keep her busy. Things don't quite end up sweet, when she asks for a shift change for Sofia - their daughter, in order to practice and improve at fetal surgery. Even though Callie doesn't like that, she does what she has to do, with some understanding coming from (you guessed it right) Meredith. You can tell Callie's pretty mad when she finds Arizona laughing around with Kepner in the kitchen, while making models for her to study on. By the tenth day of their break, Dr. Robbins is given props for her progress by Dr. Herman and gets the lead on their next case on the one hand, but on the other, Callie is having trouble with the post-op cure of a patient. Despite the numerous tests, the cause of her pain can't be found. Mer is once again there for her, taking her to the bar for some talking, along with shots. Back at home, Arizona's fallen asleep while studying and Callie only means to watch her for a bit. Despite the counseling rules, the two end up kissing, but that's all that happens. A few talks during another couple of  counseling meetings bring in a flashback to the first day of the break, when Alex kicked Ms. Robbins out of ped's. Sixteenth day here we come, with new pals Callie and Meredith discussing their love lives in surgery. Best thing is, they're calling sex "cheeseburgers". After the case doesn't end up as expected and the two have a lot on their plates, they once again end up grabbing something to eat at the bar, with their now casual shots served. Out of nowhere, Torres gets inspired by pickles and finds a solution to properly cure their patient. As the drinking goes on, Arizona thinks Callie's not home 'cause she's cheating on her, so they break the rules again by talking to one another. Good thing is, there's some jealousy and caring in there, which makes Callie feel good and realize the break is working. Fast forward to day 29, just one single day before the break finally comes to an end. Callie and Mer get to perform the pickle-inspired surgery and save the day for that patient. Meanwhile, the lady with post-op pains comes back after she tried to kill herself and Callie feels super guilty. Thankfully, Derek finds the cause and the two of them get to put an end to the poor patient's pain with a risky operation. Arizona finally gets to lead in her major fetal surgery in a couple of days. While practicing hard at home, Callie seduces her with a massage and they end up in bed a day early. Final day it is! Even though Arizona's big operation was scheduled for the day after that, it was brought forward due to complications. Sure, last night's sex was great, but it caused her to make a fool of herself in the OR and made Dr. Herman mad at her. She's given a final warning for her fellowship, whereas both Callie's cases end up with thriving results and Karev's too. The 30-day break is officially over and both ladies attend a final session of marriage counseling. Where do they go from there? You'll have to find out in next week's episode!

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