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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Tensions Build Up To The Final Board Meeting In This Week's 'Grey's Anatomy'

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/10/2014 2:48 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Tensions Build Up To The Final Board Meeting In This Week's 'Grey's Anatomy' | Grey's Anatomy
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I cannot believe we are already at episode three of Grey's Anatomy! Tonight's episode, "Got to Be Real" is back to focusing on all of our favorite characters, a shift from last week's Maggie-centric episode. Meredith and Alex Speaking of last week, Alex is in the shower with Meredith standing outside telling him about the bomb that Maggie dropped last week. After a bit of nakedness and some awkwardness, Alex finally gets what Meredith has been trying to tell him...Maggie is her sister. Following the shower scene...ahem...Alex truly steps into the role as Meredith's "person" by standing by her while she drinks her tequila. Alex suggests that Mer talks to Richard to see what he knows about Maggie. Later, Mer, trashed on tequila, listens to Alex's presentation to the board, but the conversation quickly turns to Meredith and Derek's relationship. Alex suggests that they do something about it...#newperson His great idea is to hack into Maggie's personnel files to get her date of birth and other information. They find it and Mer tells Alex that, if this were true, Ellis would have been pregnant with Maggie at the same time she had a suicide attempt. The details are hazy for Mer, but she does know they were in Boston at the time. Alex starts looking at historic records and finds that Ellis was pregnant when Maggie would have been born. Mer ends up calling Richard to talk to him about the Maggie thing. The first thing she asks is "When did you know?" He tells her he did not know until the night Maggie came to the hospital. Mer puts the pieces together, that Richard is Maggie's father and that he knew about this for a week. Richard tells her he is having a very difficult time telling Maggie the truth. Richard continues by telling Mer that Ellis took her to Boston and he had no choice in her deciding to leave Seattle. Mer encourages him to tell Maggie the truth. Later, at the hospital, Mer and Richard see Maggie. Richard approaches her and starts to tell her, but she has already figured it out. She is angry that he did not tell her before. Callie, Owen and Arizona Owen brings Callie to a VA hospital in hopes that she will want to work on a project there with veterans, but she insists she is spread too thin with the possible new baby and Arizona taking on the fellowship with Geena Davis...err, Dr. Herman. Meanwhile, Arizona and Dr. Herman are discussing a case, with Dr. Herman seeming to expect quite a bit from Arizona. #Seriousness At the VA hospital, Owen and Callie meet with vets about getting robotic limbs. Owen wants Callie on the project; she is definitely not sure at this point. She discusses the issue with Arizona who has her own complaints about Dr. Herman. Arizona is pretty busy, which isn't good as they have a meeting about surrogacy that very night. Owen and Callie are already working on fitting a vet with a new leg. Unfortunately, he is not eligible. Owen is extremely upset and seems to be ordering Callie to perform a miracle. They get in a HUGE's bad. So bad, in fact, that Jackson finds Callie after the fight to ask her to get along with Owen. They start talking and Jackson tells her that he can re-route the nerves in the man's leg in order to make it work. It comes out later that Owen was so upset because he needs something to be good in his life after Cristina left. Later, during the nerve surgery, Callie tells Jackson that she would like him to be a part of this robot leg project. While all of this is going on with Callie, Arizona is struggling to keep up with Dr. Herman's demands. At the surrogacy center, Arizona and Callie get into an argument about surrogacy. We don't see the decision, but Callie breaks down at the hospital and Owen is there to comfort her. Shepherd and Shepherd The Shepherd Siblings are not immune to a sibling squabble tonight either, with Derek possibly overstepping his bounds. The sibling squabbles continue as Derek and Amelia both are working on a patient with a head injury. Poor April is stuck in the middle. A third fight between the Shepherd Siblings occur when they start talking about who is really running the neuro department. Derek tells Amelia straight up that his resume will kick her resume's ass. Amelia runs off, April comes in with more info about the case they have and Derek tells April to book an ER, he is doing the surgery...even though this is Amelia's patient. Derek is doing the surgery, Amelia finds out and comes into the OR confronting him. The man is brain dead and they cannot reverse that. Following this surgery, the Shepherd Siblings once again get heated, but this time, Derek tells her that he feels caught in a corner and this is as high as he will ever get in his career and he feels like Mer forced him to stay. #trouble When Mer shows up later, Derek finds out she is drunk and she played hookie. He is angry. Bailey and the Seat Bailey meets Edwards who reveals that Alex and Meredith were talking this morning about the open seat on the board, but Bailey doesn't care. She is cool, confident and collected in true Bailey fashion. Throughout the episode, Edwards keeps encouraging her to think about how she is going to present herself to the board. At the final board meeting, Callie and Arizona sit in silence, as do Derek and Meredith. Following the vote, Bailey gets the seat. Alex walks away. Whoa.  Intense. What did you guys think of this one?  So far, it was my favorite. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!

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