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'Grief is a Five Letter Word'- "Twisted" Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/24/2013 12:41 am
'Grief is a Five Letter Word'-


Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

The episode opens at Regina’s funeral service. The whole town of Green Grove minus the Desai family is there. Lacey is giving a speech about Regina. After the speech, Jo approaches Lacey and tries to convince Lacey to tell her father, Chief Masterson, that she had been with Danny all night to help prove his innocence. She denies Jo’s request and heads off to meet her friends.

Outside the service, we meet Phoebe, a stuck up girl who is using the death of Regina to get her fifteen minutes of fame. Lacey and her friends are talking behind her about how she hated Regina and how she’s just over-dramatic before leaving.

Across town in the diner, Rico, Jo and Danny are talking about proving Danny’s innocence. Danny tells Rico that he doesn’t have to help if he doesn’t want to and Rico admits that he trusts Danny. They realize that the text message from Regina is a “red herring”, or a clue intended to distract or mislead an investigation.

At the Masterson house, Karen Desai and Tess Masterson sit down to talk. The talk is tense, and Karen reveals that the real reason she wants to talk is to get information as to why Tess’ husband, Chief Masterson, pulled Danny out in front of the whole school. Tess tells her that she doesn’t discuss ongoing cases with her husband and Karen leaves, disgruntled.

At school the next day, Danny and Jo are talking when Archie walks past and makes a rude comment to Danny about going to prison. Danny comes back with a witty remark about them being roommates and Archie shoves him into the wall. Archie swings again and Danny punches him once before they both end up fighting on the floor. They are pulled apart and taken out.

Later, both boys have been given their punishments. Archie must go to the grief session being held at school while Danny must see a school psychologist. Lacey tells Archie he’s lucky to have not been expelled and declines his invitation to the grief session, prompting him to leave angrily, proclaiming that she thinks she’s perfect. In the building, Danny and Jo get into an argument and Jo tells him that while she wants her family to stop hating him, he may just be the delinquent her father says he is.

After school, Danny goes to an old fort that he, Lacey and Jo used to go to when they were young and needed to escape reality. He finds Lacey there and they talk. He tells her that he didn’t tell the police that she had been with him at night and he also tells her that he never left to Regina’s house. Lacey tells him that she’s not sure if her believes him and leaves.

Danny goes to Jo’s house to apologize for fighting with Archie in school and admits that it was extremely stupid of him to do that. Jo’s mom returns home from work and Danny invites her, Jo and Rico to his house for a friendly pasta dinner that night.

Meanwhile, Karen goes to the police station and tells Chief Masterson that Danny had been with Lacey all night when Regina had been murdered. He shows her the necklace picture and she also claims that she had never seen it before.

That night, Karen and Danny are preparing dinner when Rico and all three Mastersons show up. Danny asks Jo why her father is there and she responds by saying that she had no idea he was going to come and apologizes for it. Danny notices that there is a picture of his Aunt Tarra wearing the necklace that both he and his mother claimed they had never seen before. He removes it before Chief Masterson sees it.

Chief Masterson, however, goes snooping around Danny’s bedroom for any evidence but is caught. When Danny asks why he’s there, the Chief says that he was intrigued by a photo of Danny, Jo and Lacey when they were eleven. Danny tells him that dinner is ready and they leave the room.

At the grief session, people are sharing their feelings about Regina when Lacey has an outburst. She calls the whole session crap and calls out everybody based on what they said about Regina. She really attacks Phoebe, claiming that she was doing it for attention and didn’t really know Regina. Phoebe storms out and Lacey sits down, ashamed of what she did.

Back at the Desai household, dinner is going somewhat smoothly until the parents begin arguing about Danny being a murderer and how he’s considered dangerous. Tess says something about something being unreasonable from five years ago and Jo asks what they’re talking about. Karen then tells Jo that she (Karen) wanted her (Jo) to be a character witness at Danny’s testimony. She tells Jo that her parents turned down the request, stating that she was only eleven and that they were protecting her. Chief Masterson gets angry and declares that her testimony would have made no difference.

The dinner ends and Jo and Danny sit outside on the old swings to talk. Danny tells Jo about seeing Lacey at the fort and how weird it was. They make small talk about figuring out how to prove Danny’s innocence and Jo tells him that she’ll do anything to help him clear his name and find out who really killed Regina.

Back at Green Grove High, the grief session ends and Lacey and Phoebe talk about Regina and how they both had bad final moments with her. They bond in a way over Regina’s memory and a very thin bond is formed between them.

Later, Jo returns home and speaks with her father about what was said and acknowledges that she understands they were only trying to protect her. She also tells him that she won’t stay away from Danny because she believes in him. She leaves and her father goes into the kitchen with Tess. She tells her husband that she noticed the picture with Tarra in it when they got there but noticed it was gone when they left.

At the fort, Danny has lit a fire in the fire pit and is burning all the old pictures of his aunt with the red eye necklace. He watches them burn before placing the necklace on a rock. He tries to destroy it, but stops himself before he can. The episode ends with Danny staring at the necklace as the photos burn beside it.

Memorable Line


Danny: “Your parents left you alone with a psychopathic murderer? Wow.”

Jo: “Try not to kill me, it would make me look really bad in front of my parents.”


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