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Harlem Shake Reaches New Heights, Unfortunately

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/02/2013 6:21 am
PopWrapped | YouTube


Eric Brake

Staff Writer

Tell me honestly, do you think that the Harlem Shake craze hitting Youtube these days can get a little out of hand? Do you think that maybe there is a risk of injury with multiple people running around, fist bumping, going crazy and acting absurd? I mean, for me, the danger factor of it is about as high as going to see a rock concert and being in the mosh pit. But, how about having a full plane full of people doing it at 35,000 feet? Yeah I think that could get a little dangerous too.

The FAA is now undertaking an investigation of a few Colorado Ultimate Frisbee team members who decided to get a plane full of passengers to perform their own version of the video craze sweeping the globe on a commercial jet. Awesome, right? They must have been on the tarmac waiting for the plane to get clearance to take off, right? Wrong. The players organized the video at 35,000 feet.


Now, the players claim to have had permission from both the flight attendants and the pilots to make the video when the seatbelt sign was turned off. Sounds logically safe enough. I mean, the plane must be pretty stable flying through the air when the seat belt sign is off, but let’s use some common sense here. Let’s say that the size of the plane they were flying on had about 150-200 people on board. Now, take 200 people and have them go nuts, dance around and “Harlem Shake” the hell out of the plane at an altitude of 35,000 feet. Yeah, that sounds pretty stupid to me also.

Plane incident aside, hasn’t this Harlem Shake craze gone far enough? There are literally thousands upon thousands of Harlem Shake videos sweeping across YouTube every day, and basically all of them are the same, with a few fun and different exceptions like the NBA’s Miami Heat’s video: 


Now that one is pretty good. However, I am also sad to report that the governments of Tunisia and Egypt are cracking down on the craze because of different controversial Harlem Shake videos that discriminate against Muslims. So, are we really dealing with a controversial craze, or controversial people? My guess is people. The Harlem Shake craze, just like every other craze to come across these days, will die out. However, stupid people will not. Sorry Colorado Frisbee players, what you guys did was pretty dumb. Sorry all of you people who created Harlem Shake videos discriminating against Muslims, what you did was completely and utterly stupid.

As long as crazes are around there will be people who do stupid things with them. All I have to say is “don’t be that guy.” (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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