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Celebrities PopWrapped | Celebrities

Harry Potter Characters And Their Celebrity Doppelgangers

Allison Schonter | PopWrapped Author

Allison Schonter

03/08/2017 9:13 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Harry Potter Characters And Their Celebrity Doppelgangers | Harry Potter
Media Courtesy of Warner Bros.

We hear about celebrity doppelgangers all of the time, of celebrities that look like other celebrities, but what about celebrities that have an uncanny resemblance to characters in movies and TV shows? It’s happened to all of us. We’re looking through a magazine and see a picture of our favorite character from our favorite movie, only it isn’t that character and it isn’t a picture from that movie. It’s a completely different celebrity. Trade in the normal clothes and throw in a wand, robe, and a striped scarf, and these celebrities could easily pass as characters from Harry Potter. It makes us wonder if they showed up late to Platform 9 ¾ and missed the Hogwarts Express or if there is some kind of strange magic taking place.

Rubeus Hagrid and Jorge Garcia

Harry Potter Warner Bros./Zimbio

Did the plane on LOST drop Hagrid on a deserted island?! The answer is no. But there is no denying that Jorge Garcia, who played the fun and loving Hurley on the ABC show has an uncanny resemblance to Hagrid.

Professor Sybill Trelawney and Lady Gaga

Harry Potter Warner Bros./Empics Entertainment

The resemblance between these two doesn’t end with the hair – both Professor Trelawney and Lady Gaga are a bit kooky in the best way possible.

Luna Lovegood and Emily Kinney

Harry Potter Warner Bros./Emily inney

This one had us doing a double take.  Beth Greene in Harry Potter? Luna Lovegood in The Walking Dead? Nope, they’re completely different actresses with a resemblance so striking that they could pass as twins! Too bad Emily Kinney’s character Beth didn’t have Luna Lovegood’s magic…maybe her fate on The Walking Dead would have been a bit different.

Severus Snape and Trent Reznor

Harry Potter Warner Bros./Pinterest

Maybe in a different universe Severus Snape is a member of an all-boy rock band, because his celebrity doppelganger, Trent Reznor, is a member of Nine Inch Nails!

Draco Malfoy and Aaron Paul

Harry Potter Warner Bros./AMC

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so to say. Bad boy and bad boy. Do you think Jesse Pinkman would be sorted as a Slytherin?

Harry Potter and Elijah Wood

Harry Potter Warner Bros./TV Guide

Elijah Wood is so much of a doppelganger to Harry Potter that he even portrays another well-known fictional character. Frodo Baggins, meet Harry Potter, Harry Potter, meet Frodo Baggins.

Dolores Umbridge and Miss Hattie

Harry Potter Warner Bros./Universal Images

Okay, so Miss Hattie from Despicable Me isn’t technically a celebrity or a real person, but look at that resemblance to Miss Umbridge! We can’t help but wonder if the personality traits of Miss Hattie were based off of her Harry Potter doppelganger.

Ron Weasely and Ed Sheeran

Harry Potter Moviepilot/The Independent

Can you tell them apart? Ron Weasely and Ed Sheeran look so much alike that Ed Sheeran cast Rupert Grint in his music video for “Lego House.”

So what do you think? Do these Harry Potter characters look like these celebrities? Can you tell them apart? Is there a Harry Potter character and their celebrity doppelganger that you think we’ve missed?


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