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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Hatred' Fuels Hardened Hearts This Week on Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/20/2014 12:41 am
PopWrapped | Television
'Hatred' Fuels Hardened Hearts This Week on Revenge
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

Emily Thorne is still camping out in the lion’s den – Grayson Manor. The stunning estate of Grayson Manor has gone from upscale home, to a battlefield. Needless to say, in this war, everyone is fighting dirty. While most of us probably thought Revenge would pale in comparison to Baywatch, Nolan and Thor Patrick’s interesting display last week, once again we have been proven wrong.  This episode kicks off with Emily waking up with some blood on her hands. Foreshadowing? We have no idea. What we do know is that Emily took out her stitches while she was asleep. Thankfully Niko is there to fix her up – not. Speaking of Niko, her and Aiden are together – even thought Aiden doesn’t seem all to into it. We are pretty sure that that’s because of the whole, he’s in love with Emily thing. Oh, and lets not forget the whole, he killed her father who she is currently avenging…. thing. While Aiden deals with his own mess, Emily tries to take hers into her own hands. Conrad is moving out, omitting one Grayson to deal with. Ems is still trying to win Daniel back, but seems to be failing miserably considering the younger Grayson is currently playing host to his full-time mistress Sarah. In efforts to get Sarah out of the picture, Emily tries the scare tactic. When it doesn’t work, she kicks it up a notch. This may also be a result of Nolan revealing the whole Aiden and Niko are together thing. So many “things” going on in this episode, it’s hard to keep up. Unfortunately, most of these “things” just seem to make life that much more difficult for Emily. Nolan is also getting the short end of the stick considering Aiden and Niko have taken over his home. We are officially putting forth our vote for Nolan to have a better, ahem, houseguest? After all, after his miserable line of love interests, he deserves it. Speaking of Patrick, he really has a lot of “things” going on. Being the sweetie he is, Nolan shared with Patrick that his father Jimmy was looking for him. Patrick did apologize to Nolan after all. We know. Sorry? Really? Don’t get us started. Anyways, about Patrick’s father - Victoria never mentioned him. Of course, this becomes the heart of a heated argument between the two. Not Mommy’s perfect little boy anymore now are we? This bad blood between the mother/son duo is quickly settled after a brush in with her molester has Victoria breaking down and as a result explaining everything to Patrick. Honestly, this reminder of Victoria’s awful upbringing and quite frankly difficult life all together has us feeling like we understand how she became the way she did. After all, she’s not all bad all the time. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Daniel. Emily arranges a surprise visit with Sarah’s mom who disowns her daughter when she refuses to leave Daniel. Sarah realizes Emily will stop at nothing until she eliminates her, so she leaves before Emily can really hurt her. In a fit of rage for making Sarah leave him, Daniel throws Emily onto a bed. Daniel Grayson the domestic abuser. Has a ring to it. Anyways, he doesn’t stop before he lets her know that sterilizing her was the best thing he ever did for the world. Did we mention Daniel is the most evil character on this show this season? Even though he curdles our blood, kudos to Joshua Bowman for really showing off his acting chops as Evil-Daniel. In better news, Aiden is almost successful in sending Niko off to follow who she thinks killed her father. When she realizes Aiden is not going with her, she realizes he loves Emily. This all seems fine and dandy until she finds her fathers murder weapon in Nolan’s home. Um who does she suspect was her father’s killer? Nolan or Aiden? Crazy enough, this may not be the most worrisome thing to happen this week on Revenge. Throughout the episode Emily appears to have lapses of memory loss, showing up somewhere and having no recollection of how she got there. Just when it’s five minutes until the episode’s end and we are ready to expect credits, Emily shows up in Conrad’s bed. That’s right, Emily and Conrad. While it was not verbally confirmed they slept together, it is strongly insinuated. This may be even more of a problem than we would expect, considering the first Mrs. Grayson seems to be returning to the Hamptons. We can't wait for Victoria to have another run in with Conrad's first wife. May the claws come out! Good news from this episode? Margaux and Jack are buying a place together, which is good for the Voulez editor who is allowing Conrad to buy out Daniel’s portion of the magazine following a libel issue. Wait until Emily finds out. Is everyone happy but her? What happens next? We will know in a month. Anxious yet? Of course you are.


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