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How To Get Away With Murder: 04x04, Was She Ever Good At Her Job?

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
10/21/2017 12:00 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
How To Get Away With Murder: 04x04, Was She Ever Good At Her Job? | Was She Ever Good At Her Job?
Media Courtesy of ABC

Our whole team has been divided and is now trying to fordge their own paths. Only, we know better -- all roads always lead back to Annalise.

We know that McKayla is working at the firm Laurel believes is protecting her father, and that her father is the reason that Wes is dead..We also know that Bonnie is working for the DA’s office under A.D.A Todd Denver, who is also linked to Wes’s murder. Wes being the center of Annalise’s world: all roads lead back.

The show opens up and it looks like Annalise is building a case against the state. She is trying to see if there are other neglected cases like the one from the last episode. Annalise realizes that she needs money and she is trying to get Hargrove to hire her on her case to get some extra money. Her bank statement shows about $2,000. 

In an unrealated plot line, Oliver gets in touch with Connor’s father’s boyfriend and sets up to meet them in a coffee shop. After talking to them, he decides to bring them back to their apartment, and an unprepared Connor is their waiting for them. Connor decided to have a little party to have his father and step-father meet his friends. His dad makes a toast in which he says how proud he is and that he looks up to Connor even if he is not in law school. This toast takes a turn when outside Connor’s father says that Oliver is not the guy for him. That Connor needs to find someone else that matches his strength and is not a crutch to lean on. We could see this causing trouble in paradise down the line.

Annalise is hired to work with Hargrove, but plot twist, her lawyer works at Caplan and Gold, the same firm that McKayla works at. Bonnie is asking Denver to look into old cases to make sure no other problems turn up of over prosecution. Bonnie asks for a team, but one is denied. Meanwhile, Laurel is asking McKayla to search the Caplan and Gold network, but McKayla says she can’t because every search she makes is documented. Laurel also points out that Asher has a nice backside and admits that this pregnancy is making her a little crazy.

At Caplan and Gold, McKayla is asked by her boss Tegan Price to watch her take on a custody battle. When McKayla realizes that it is Hargrove's case, she tries to back out and then is hit in the face with Hargrove and Annalise. McKayla tries to tell Annalise to back off, but Annalise does not take any of McKayla’s sass. 

McKayla is now acting like Annalise and is making the other interns at her job find the smoke and gun that is going to get Hargrove her kids. McKayla thinks that Hargrove’s husband is having an affair and runs up to tell Tegan and Annalise. Meanwhile, Hargrove’s husband is trying to get a video of her drunk submitted to evidence. Annalise is supposed to send it to someone, but accidently sends it to the wrong man. In fact, she sent it to a man on the board of the school. She did this because she got flustered and rushed into her therapy session. Things do not look good for Hargrove.

Meanwhile, Annalise goes home and is greeted by Frank who is offering her the suitcase money. A very upset Annalise yells at Frank because it is the money he got to have her baby killed. This money keeps resurfacing a lot. Could their be a parallel to what happens to Laurel’s baby? Well there is a rekindling of sorts as Laurel tries to relieve her pregnancy feelings and has a short car session with Frank.  

Laurel, what are you doing?

In the final showdown between Hargrove and her husband it is reveiled that he was not having an affair and that he had been talking to their finance councilor, and he had been stealing money from Hargrove. They get him to settle with split custody and only a 1 million dollar settlement. Annalise wins again and now gets a profit to pursue her case against the state. Upon her win, Tegan makes a play at Annalise and suggests that she can put a word in for Annalise. McKayla gets pissed off and says that Annalise does not deserve a job there because it is her's now. Annalise fires back with a blunt truth, that McKayla just looks for a mother every where she goes because she never had a real one.

That was a little rough Annalise.

Annalise confides in Nate and tells him that he does plan to take down the entire system for Wes.  Meanwhile, Laurel is working as an intern for Bonnie.  Denver does not like this because he is suspicious of Laurel.  Laurel finds a piece of evidence that says that her dad is paying Denver to cover up the murder.  Bonnie thinks that Annalise wants to be cheif public defender.  Nate warns her to back off.  Cut to Annalise's psychologist has a new patient named Julie.  Turns out to be Bonnie.  

In our flash foward to real time, we see Bonnie showing up the Caplan and Gold on the same night as Laurel's accident.  She asks for the witness and it turns out to be Oliver. 

Wow! Not much to go on, but a lot of information has been thrown our way. Why is Bonnie going under cover? Why is Oliver at Caplan and Gold?  Did Laurel's accident happen there? We are on our toes for next week's episode on ABC, Thursday October 26th at 10/9c!


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