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How To Get Away With Murder: 04x07, Nobody Roots For Goliath

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
11/10/2017 10:46 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
How To Get Away With Murder: 04x07, Nobody Roots For Goliath | Nobody Roots For Goliath
Media Courtesy of abc

We are hanging on every word as draw closer to the night of the event. Will Annalise pull off her class action? Will Laurel and Michaela figure out how to take down Antares? Will Asher blow the whistle on all of this? Is that how he got involved on the night in question? We can’t wait for all the answers.

This episode opens with Oliver and Connor in bed, talking about how normal their lives are. Connor makes a suggestion that Oliver’s job is sound because he does not have to do anything illegal. Little does he know…

Annalise is currently with Isaac’s wife and she is angry because she broke confidentiality. She tells Isaac that this is going to be their last meeting. She does this without telling Isaac the truth and just tells him that she can not see him anymore. Isaac’s wife is concerned about Isaac’s well being and that Annalise is triggering Isaac to use again. Isaac’s wife, Jacqueline, will take over for Isaac and become Annalise’s councilor. 

Michaela is now trying to win over Asher, more to make sure he keeps his mouth shut, by bringing him a breakfast sandwich from a place that sells out by 6 am. This did not impress Asher and he tells her that he slept at Bonnie’s. Michaela and Laurel are now worried even more about Asher.

Connor and Annalise are in court and Connor wants to sit with her. Annalise wants to sit alone because no one roots for the Goliath. The opposing side is claiming that Annalise did not find enough plaintiffs to make this class action happen. When Annalise says she does, they say that her dependency on alcohol makes her unfit. Annalise knowing this would come up hands the judge a report of all of her random alcohol tests. This still is not good enough, and they try to get at Annalise again by handing the judge a picture of her holding a bottle of scotch. Annalise claims this proves nothing. She says someone put that in her car and she walked it to the garbage. This proves that someone was waiting to snap that picture of Annalise.

Laurel and Michaela are now going after Asher. Laurel is saying that he can get Asher for putting a nanny cam unknowingly in her apartment. Asher says that he wants the power seat that she can not do that to him because Laurel must tell Frank a piece of information or Asher will do it for him. What could this be? Cut to Frank being angry about finding out that Laurel is planning on taking down Antares. Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Frank get into an argument on what to do. Frank wants them to drop it, and Laurel will not let this happen.

Connor and Annalise are trying to figure out how to fight this photo. They have to figure out how to discredit the photo, so Annalise does not have to take the stand. Annalise goes to A.D.A Todd Denver. Denver will actually help Annalise to win an election.

Oliver is now at C&G helping Simon with a virus on his computer and he find out that Simon needs this job to support a visa or he can be deported. Michaela fills Oliver in on the fact that Asher knows everything. Tegan pulls Michaela into her office and asks her to through a party for 300 people on Friday for Antares. Could this be the event we are waiting for? 

Annalise and Connor are back in court putting their plan to work. Annalise calls Ms. Thornton, Todd Denver’s secretary, to the stand. Annalise claims Ms. Thornton took the photograph and placed a bottle in the car. Now we all know that this is not true but the Attorney General could not rebut without outing himself. After his defeat, Bonnie goes to him and says she can help him win against Annalise. 

Laurel and Frank are now discussing how Frank should help her. She is pulling the love card on her. With Frank on board, the plan is to leak the Antares files. Michaela and Oliver are fighting over how to get in the server closet. Asher is now fighting to go to the cops because he says more bad things are going to happen. Asher seems to have become a loose cannon for this group.

Annalise decides to see Jacqueline, but it does not seem like Jacqueline will be seeing her. Annalise merely signed the paperwork and is on her way out. Annalise is trying to figure out, why her? Why not any other patient that talks about suicide.

Connor is on a high from the class action and Oliver says let’s unplug tonight. Oliver wants “us” time. Could he be planning for a fallout? Michaela and Asher are at each other’s throats over this whole ordeal. Asher is angry for her lying and claims they were never meant to be together.

During the night, Isaac gets a letter delivered to him. He tried to call Annalise, but she is at Nate’s because someone snuck into her apartment and placed a bottle of vodka on her table.

Annalise and Connor are back in court and Isaac shows up. The attorney general subpoenaed him to testify. The attorney general is calling her unfit to carry this case out. The attorney general is trying to make it look like Isaac thought she would drink again, but Bonnie’s plan failed. Nate calls Bonnie out on her plan and on the fact that she went to him for counseling. The judge certifies the class action. Annalise and Connor are on a roll!

Now for the other half of the group…

Asher is telling the group that he is in, but only for Wes. Their plan stands to take down Antares on Friday. Their plan is to frame Simon for taking Tegan’s card.

To wrap it up, Michaela ruins her old wedding dress to prove her love to Asher. Michaela has Frank do a paternity test. Oliver sets up Simon for failure. Isaac agrees to see Annalise because she wants to know why he allowed her to take the case. Isaac says that he was afraid what she would do if she lost it. Annalise wants to know if she is triggering him. Isaac gave up Bonnie and Annalise gave up Jacqueline.

Connor and Oliver are in a good place and Connor proposes to Oliver and Oliver lets it all out!

Plot Twist: Oliver tells all.

And we are sent to the present. Someone is in surgery. Is it the baby? Is he dead?

Is that all we get to find out about the present in this episode? Seriously?

So many questions to be answered, maybe we will get them all next week? We can only hope. Watch How To Get Away With Murder, Thursday November 16th at 10 p.m e.s.t



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