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How To Get Away With Murder: 04x12, Ask Him About Stella

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
02/09/2018 6:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
How To Get Away With Murder: 04x12, Ask Him About Stella | How To Get Away With Murder 04x12 Stella
Media Courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless

When we last left off, we found out that Wes had been in contact with Laurel's mother. Also Mr. Castillo is trying to frame Isaac for murder so that he can not testify for Laurel. Also, that Mr. Castillo has custody of Laurel's baby. 

When this episode starts, Isaac is clearly extremely upset and goes to a food truck and asks for food, but wrapped in foil. What is in the foil, but pills. Will Isaac use again? Is this before Annalise walks by at the end of the last episode? Don't do it Isaac, don't relapse! Unfortunately, he does. 

We have our answer, who shows up but Annalise. So yes, this did happen at the end of the last episode. Isaac is passed out or just extremely high. He is having flash backs to his daughters death. How is this going to play out? 

Bonnie and Frank are worried about their safety and what to do about Laurel's mom. 

Laurel is back with the gang. They are all working on the class action. Annalise calls them and where is Annalise. Outside of Isaac's office. She is angry that he did not call her back. She says she wants to fix everything and that everyone in the court room knew the evidence was falsified. Isaac then admits that he was high last night, and that he hates himself for it. We are all feeling for Isaac, but this can't be good. 

Isaac and Annalise get breakfast together and talk about their drug use. They both open up about how they started their addiction. Isaac is saying that he was using for 10 years and was no longer talking to his family. He also talks about how he met his wife and that she was the reason he stopped using. 

Bonnie is at her office and is trying to get information from the attorney on Isaac's case. She is playing that she is just trying to get back at Annalise and he falls for it. He hands over the case, hook, line, sinker. 

The group is back in the apartment trying to figure out Annalise's opening statement. Frank calls Oliver and wants to figure out how to hack someone's phone. But Laurel steals the phone and begs him to stop what he is doing. But, will he though? 

Annalise and Nate visit his father. They tell him that he will be the first case. He says that he stole just to get food for his family. He says that he came home from prison and had a bill from the prison for his attorney. Basically, his story is a spiral effect from the first time he was put in jail. He also talks about how he killed that man in prison and that the other guy threw the first punch. 

And just like that, they are in the court room. Even though Oliver wrote a compelling opening statement, Annalise throws it away. Before she even has a chance to make a statement the case is threatened to be taken away and given to a different court so that Annalise can not be a part of it. She has to submit a written document to make her case, but we know someone is pulling strings. But, who is it? Who has something to gain? 

Annalise and Isaac meet again for breakfast, but Jacqueline is calling him. He says that Stella passed away three years ago to the day. 

The other attorney in Bonnie's office wants a way to charge Isaac, but she won't give him one. He is still trying to cash in on his drink date. 

Nate and his father are talking and his father thinks that he is being played. He is taking it personally and is thinking that no one is to be trusted. He won't even trust his own son. 

The group is now fighting over whose name is going to go on the brief, when Laurel gets a call that he gets to visit her baby. She is all excited and goes to book her mom a flight. Frank calls Bonnie and Bonnie wants Frank to warn her, but he doesn't want to do it until after she meets the baby. 

Frank goes to Laurel and pleads his guilt about how it is his fault the baby came early and that he wants to be at the visitation. Laurel agrees. 

Bonnie goes to Annalise with the information on Isaac's case. Annalise puts together the fact that the drugs Stella took belonged to Isaac. Could Mr. Castillo be right? 

Isaac starts to tell Annalise the whole story. Stella had just moved home and Isaac thought that he hid his pills well enough. He claims that he had been sober for years but that is not the case. He doesn't know if Stella tried to commit suicide of not, but he is responsible in some way. He also sent her suicidal text to her mother, as a cover up. 

Frank and Laurel are at the hospital with Laurel's mom. Turns out Frank could be mistaken and that Laurel's mom isn't working with her father, but rather was in contact with him to give Laurel the right to see him. She decides to name the baby Christopher, after Wes. 

Isaac texts Annalise from their breakfast hang out. He is there alone while Annalise deals with her class action. She decided to call Nate. They have had Annalise waiting for over an hour. 

Bonnie has blown her cover and the other attorney is charging Isaac with "death by delivery." We know Annalise won't let that rest. Bonnie very upset about what she has done, but has an epiphany. She goes and blackmails Denver with the audio she has. She says drop the case on Isaac or she leaks it. We think he is going to consider that. 

Finally Annalise goes into the panel. On her way out, she finds Nate. She lost the case. He won't let her apologize because she tried her best. But, Bonnie pops up and we are guessing fills her in on everything else we have learned. 

Annalise goes and tells Isaac the great news. The two of them have a little moment. Isaac leans in and Annalise realizes that he is using again. 

Everything is seeming too good right now, we don't get the next episode until March. Something has to happen! 

Annalise is angry and Isaac yells at her that they are no good for each other. He then blames her for his relapse. Annalise gets so angry that she calls his ex-wife and tells her to ask him about Stella. 

Nate goes to the jail and tells his father that they lost the case. His father still won't come around, but Nate tries to get him to. Nate tells him that he will be back to visit him again, case or no case. 

The whole group is back together all upset about loosing the case. Laurel storms off and still wants to do something about the case. Connor says that he is going to go back to law school and get reengaged to Oliver. Bonnie calls Frank and asks him to move back in because she is afraid. Frank goes to Laurel's mother and asks how she knows Wes. Michaela storms into Annalise's apartment and claims the only way to get their case back is to go to the real supreme court, but they need someone with connections to help. 

Who is the guest lecturer that they are going to ask for help? 


WOW! We knew there had to be something big, but Olivia Pope? And now we have to wait until March? This show just has a way of sucking you in every time!!! I don't know if we can wait until March 1st at 10:00 p.m EST. Can you? 


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