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Fandom / Current Events PopWrapped | Fandom

Human Ken Doll Reveals His Inspiration and Bashes The Human Barbie

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/18/2014 1:06 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Human Ken Doll Reveals His Inspiration and Bashes The Human Barbie
Media Courtesy of E! Online

Roshani Jain

Staff Writer


So for those of you who didn’t know, there now is a “human” counterpart to the Ken doll. The term human is used loosely in this case because Justin Jedlica has had '149 cosmetic procedures,' '19 actual full-on surgeries' and has spent over $170,00. Now if you were going to spend this much money, you would want the result to be exactly what you wanted right? Thankfully for Justin Jedlica, let's just say that 'Human Ken' is much more anatomically correct, which means that yes, he has a penis. This fact was confirmed by the recent pictures that spread across the Internet. In the photos Jedlica is wearing a tight swimsuit, revealing a bulge. But that’s not it; he has been quoted many times saying that “I wish it [my penis] was dragging on the ground like anime." Jedlica has also said that Ken isn’t the main inspiration for his surgeries, in his Daily Beast interview he said that his main inspiration comes from the Japanese anime Manga, and further elaborated, “I don’t even know if I look like a Ken Doll, but if other people want to say I do, it’s flattering,. As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like.” Well at least even in real life Ken isn’t modest. He has also says that since he was a kid, he has always idolized that trendy, over stylized, Michael Jackson look therefore he wanted to emulate that. Now if we are talking about human Ken, we have to talk about his potential love interest, human Barbie. But in this case, there isn't so much love as much as an “arch nemesis." In fact, Jedlica is a happily married gay man. That’s right, Jedlica has many times stated that human Barbie (Valeria Lukyanova) is his arch nemesis and while he is dedicated to his look, she is an illusionist, a mere drag queen (OUCH!) What do you think about getting this many surgeries so to emulate a doll (or drawn animation style)? Do you think it makes sense to change your face, just because you idolize a celebrity who did?

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