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American Idol Movie Night: Who Makes Top 10?

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

03/23/2015 4:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
American Idol Movie Night: Who Makes Top 10? | American Idol
Media Courtesy of American Idol Net
As you can tell from the promotional photo above, we're missing one. Finalist Maddie Walker explained last week that she was dealing with an "illness" that wasn't fully explained, which is why she missed the photo shoot. Saivon mentioned on Twitter it was a ruptured appendix, but mentor Scott Borchetta quickly shot that down. Would she be able to perform tonight? The top 11 finalists all gathered and waited patiently as to whether or not they would hear their name called for the Top 10. Unfortunately, one individual had to go home. The 10 that would be lucky enough to move though would be belting out the hits from the movies, so what were we in store for? The Idol hopefuls were mentored this week by the legendary Nile Rodgers, while NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon handed Ryan Seacrest the envelope with the results for tonight. Here we go! 1. Adanna Duru - "Love You I Do" (from Dreamgirls) Could Adanna hold a candle to Jennifer Hudson? Well, not completely, but this was damn good!!! Adanna brought our her inner diva and the song really fit her. Have to commend Adanna for how she handled the song choice. Keith praised the performance while Jennifer enjoyed the vocal but not the emotion. Harry thought it was a good job, but also felt she needed to make herself more comfortable on stage. 2. Daniel Seavey - "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine (from Begin Again) Still very shocked that he's there, but I need to be real: This vocal was good. It was by no means amazing, and I did appreciate Daniel's decision to change up the melody because it was clear the falsetto wasn't going to work. Jennifer and Harry called out the performance for being his weakest, but Keith applauded him for his take on the song. I am still remaining firm that Daniel should have been sent home by now, and until he delivers an outstanding vocal, I won't be changing that. 3. Rayvon Owen - "Stayin' Alive" (from Saturday Night Fever) Not being a fan of Rayvon's falsetto, the video package announcing his song choice made me VERY nervous. However, he just proved me wrong!!!! Rayvon's performance made me completely forget about the previous two, and the arrangement really worked. He owned the stage, and completely disagree with Mr. Connick Jr. and his critique. Keith echoed Harry's comments which shocked me, and Jennifer did as well. I truly felt this was one of Rayvon's best performances to date. 4. Nick Fradiani - "Danger Zone" (from Top Gun) Our last rocker standing finally came alive on stage when he left the guitar on the sidelines. Keith and Jennifer applauded his performance and said he was coming out of his shell, but it still needed to happen more. Harry however, thought he sounded good but the song choice was completely wrong. Yours truly really felt he brought a different game tonight and it showed. No shock he made it through and I'm still expecting great things from him. 5. Joey Cook - "Mad World" (from Donnie Darko) ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Joey Cook wowed us all last week with her take on "Fancy", and this week she continued to show her artistry with a beautiful rendition of "Mad World". The judges all loved it, while it was hands down the best performance of the night so far. Incredible from start to finish. Anyone else get Lana Del Rey vibes from this? 6. Tyanna Jones - "Circle of Life" (from The Lion King) BIG song for Tyanna..... Ugh. Okay, so I have been a huge fan of Tyanna's right from the beginning, but the second she started singing it was off. Right out the gate, Tyanna was flat (at least what I heard) and she never recovered. The judges all called her out on her pitch issues (which was being generous). This may hurt Tyanna next week. Time to put the brakes on the competition, as our Idol matriarch took the stage!! Jennifer Lopez performed "Feel The Light" from the new animated film "Home" and looked absolutely exquisite in the process!! The singer/dancer/actress/judge captivated in a stunning white gown and fantastic vocals. 7. Quentin Alexander - "You're The One That I Want" (from Grease) Um...... Quite the song choice!! WOW. That's really all I've got after that, because I truly don't know what else to say. The arrangement was completely different, however he completely made it his own. The interpretation was a bold choice and while Keith enjoyed it, Jennifer felt it was too much of a departure from the original, while Harry took him to task on "not worrying about the pitch". One thing undeniable for me though, was I thought he sounded fantastic. Not sure what Harry was listening to..... 8. Maddie Walker - "Let's Hear It For The Boy" (from Footloose) Maddie overcame her illness, however didn't make the mentor meeting and was cut short on rehearsal time. Unfortunately, it really showed in the performance as her vocal was all over the place. Maddie never really connected with the track and she could be in some serious trouble next week. Jennifer didn't think it was a knockout but enjoyed it as did Keith. Once again, Harry took her to task as he said he didn't like it at all. Only 2 spots left..... And as a special treat for every, "Footloose" man himself Kenny Loggins took the stage to perform his classic hit! 9. Clark Beckham - "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 (from Cheaper by The Dozen) Random song choice. It didn't matter though, because HOLY CRAP WOW this vocal was outstanding!!! Clark's never been one to not impress, but he worked overtime for this one and it paid off. This was one of the best performances of the night by a mile. There was only one spot left, and we're down to Jax and Qaasim. Who would take that final spot, leaving the other to sing for the judges' vote? Jax!!! That now meant that Qaasim would be singing for the save! 10. Jax - "Grow Old With You" (from The Wedding Singer) Another random song alert, but Jax definitely brought the vocals that prove she should be there. She captured the song perfectly and I really did enjoy it. But seriously, who ever thought we would hear an Adam Sandler song on Idol / HA! It was all down to Qaasim though as he needed to sing for the judges save. Qaasim busted out "Come Together by The Beatles from "Across the Universe". The amount of energy that pours out of this man when he performs is just ridiculous, even with the vocal being all over the place. His personality is CRAZY and I love him to death. I do however believe there are stellar performers on the show that could be at risk of going home at some point, so Qaasim needs to go home. And..... They saved him. ........................... I don't really have any words to describe the feeling, except: WHAT!? What did you guys think of the Top 10 reveal and the judges' decision to save Qaasim?

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