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"I'm No Angel" On This Week's Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 9:14 am
PopWrapped | Television

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Looks like Zeke has managed to screw himself out of any love the fans may have had for him in just one episode. With one ultimatum, Zeke managed to make every fan hate him in the span of just one hour, nice going douche bag. Don’t worry, I’ll get to what exactly he did to piss off every fan in creation later. But now, I’m gonna go back to the beginning of the episode. Castiel made one hell of a trip on foot to get to the Men Of Letters bunker and he’s referring to himself as Clarence. For those of you who do remember, Meg called Castiel this because Sam had pointed out that it’s the name of the angel from It’s A Wonderful Life. Being human is proving to be more than difficult for Cas, as he lives in a shelter, picks up garbage to earn money and eats toothpaste because he’s still learning just how to be a human. Sadly, Cas is not even close to being as safe as he could be. The angels are organizing themselves a massive hunt to find him. Zeke picked up on what the angels were up to thanks to angel radio and warns Dean about what’s going on. The switch from Sam to Zeke is impressively fast, I can’t imagine how much prep work goes into Jared Padalecki’s portrayal of both characters. Dean lies and says he assumes that the angels are organizing a group to take out Cas. Dean manages to convince Sam that they need to go find Cas and bring him back to the bunker before the angels get to him first. Now that Cas has spent every penny he had to get some sexy looking tattoos, the angels can’t track him anymore, smooth move Cas! Unfortunately, now that Cas has blown his wad (insert obvious joke here, LOL) he finds himself starving and broke. He then gets a life lesson from a local woman in a church. Am I the only one laughing about the irony in that? Cas is seen digging in the garbage for food when a woman named April Kelly shows up, because she’s so sweet and innocent! If you can’t tell, I was being very sarcastic. She gives Cas her peanut butter and jelly sandwich and takes him home like some lost little puppy. Back at April’s, she’s kind and patches up his arm, and in a shocking twist, she has sex with him!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Dean got his wish for Cas to not die a virgin. I’ve seen A LOT of things throughout this series, and very few moments have stunned me into complete silence, this is one of those moments. I loved how Cas asked her if what she did was correct, and I’ll be sure to laugh about it for as long as humanly possible. It was also VERY interesting to see just how much stamina Cas has, wanting to go for second round. As you might have guessed, April is clearly not what she seems. Stupid skanky whore steals Cas’ angel knife and uses it not only to cut fruit, but to hold him hostage. So much for having a memorable first time. Turns out, April is a reaper hired to track down Cas. You may be wondering how exactly this chick April was able to track down our favorite angel. Allow me to backtrack for a moment. Naomi, whom I try to forget about because I hated her, had a protege named Bartholomew, who is hell bent on gaining the position that Naomi once had. He’s using Bobby Boyle, a reverend who likes to preach via the internet, to get him to use podcasts to send a message telling people it’s okay to have an angel take over your body, because the angels need proper vessels and all. Bart even uses God as part of his argument, when we all know that God is in New Jersey playing skeeball. The humans aren’t as capable of housing the angels, causing some of them to explode. One of the reaper hunters, Maurice, starts tracking the Winchester’s hoping they will lead him to Cas. Our boys know they are being followed, and they take him out. Dean and Bart are both getting sick and tired of the angels completely sucking at trying to find Cas, so Dean tries to get Zeke to appear in order to have him find Cas, which doesn’t work. Zeke does scan for the reapers who are hunting Cas, leading the boys to April’s place where they find Cas. Dean and Sam go bursting into the apartment, Winchester style, and then the fighting begins. Sam gets knocked on his ass, while Dean uses the angel blade to stab April, but not before she kills Cas! CAS CAN’T BE DEAD!!!!! Lucky for us fans, Zeke pops back in and actually saves Cas. This confused me considering that every true Supernatural fan in the world hates him with the fire of a thousand suns now. Dean lied once again telling Sam and Cas that he made a deal with April to heal Cas, in order to cover up Zeke getting in the middle. Dean admits that “Yes, I lie, I do that”, more than Sam and Cas are aware of it seems. Cas enjoys the Mexican food back at the bunker, and talks about having sex with April. Best line from this episode had to be when Dean asked if Cas had protection, and Cas said, “I had my angel blade.” The boys’ expression when Cas told them he cashed in his v-card was really funny too. The most shocking moments of tonight’s episode took place at the end when Zeke decides to show up again and tells Dean that Cas can’t stay in the bunker or Zeke will be forced to vacate Sam’s body all because Zeke and every other angel on the planet blame Cas for all that crap that Metatron did. If Zeke bails, Sam drops dead. All of this leaves Dean to have his own version of Sophie's Choice and is forced to kick poor Cas out on the street, ending the episode. I can’t help but feel so bad for Cas, considering he walked ALL THE WAY THERE FOR GOD’S SAKE, only to have Zeke get some major bug up his ass. Next week on Supernatural: They’re off to see the wizard! That’s right, sexy tech chick Charlie (played by Felicia Day) is back and is helping the Winchester’s take on the wicked witch! Until then, do as Dean does and stay classy!


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